11 Best Sawhorse Reviews of 2023 (SawReviewed)

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Sawing lumbers, or woods is never an easy task as to how it appears to be. You will need the proper tools and equipment to have a successful outcome. Luckily, you will have an extra hand while doing your job by using some modern aids.

To come up with an exceptional product, you have to maintain a good posture while working on it. And aside from that, you need to use the best sawhorse to produce an ultimate wood piece.

In this review, you are going to discover a wide range of carefully selected sawhorses for your woodworking needs. Read and learn more!

Sawhorse for Woodworking: WORX WX065 Clamping Sawhorses with Bar Clamps

Best Tough Built Sawhorse: Toughbuilt Sawhorse Adjustable Support Arms

Best Sawhorse for the Money: Metabo HPT Folding Sawhorses - 115445M

Best Adjustable Sawhorse: Steelman Adjustable Height Work Table Folding Sawhorses

Best Heavy-duty Sawhorse: Bora Portamate Speedhorse Sawhorse

Best Lightweight Sawhorse: TOMAX Portable Folding Sawhorse

Best Sawhorse for DIY: Stanley STST60626 Adjustable Sawhorse Twin Pack

Best Folding Sawhorse: Dewalt DWST11155 Metal Folding Sawhorse

Best Sawhorse for Cutting Logs: Olympia Tools Forest Master Ultimate Sawhorse

Best Sawhorse for Lightweight Logs: Logosol Smart-Holder Sawhorse

Top 11 Best Sawhorse Reviews

Check these finest sawhorses for your woodworking activities. Determine which of them will exactly fit such necessities without breaking your expectations.

Best Picks

Product Name

Capacity (lbs)


Best Sawhorse for Woodworking


Rugged, molded ABS, and the clamps are ABS and steel

Best Tough Built Sawhorse


High-grade steel

Best for Home Use



Best Sawhorse for the Money



Best Adjustable Sawhorse


Durable Steel Construction

Best Heavy-duty Sawhorse



Best Lightweight Sawhorse


Double steel construction

Best Sawhorse for DIY



Best Folding Sawhorse



Best Sawhorse for Cutting Logs

Not clear


Best Sawhorse for Lightweight Logs

Not clear


WORX Clamping Sawhorse Pair with Bar Clamps – WX065

This sawhorse comes in pairs. The unit has a remarkable sturdiness, even with its lightweight built. It holds materials in large pounds when used together.

More so, such a sawhorse pair has removable bar clamps for vertical and horizontal attachment. That helps in any of your project preferences and position.

The two bars provide quality for varying projects. These allow a secured workpiece at any target angle and direction.

Worx has foldable legs for easy storage and transfers from one place to another. You will also experience a versatile and expedient performance from this model. It also features cord hooks plus a shelf, which is essential for your tools and materials storing.


  • Lightweight thus highly portable
  • Very easy to keep and transport because of the foldable legs
  • The thermoplastic design makes it rust-resistant
  • Comes with detachable or removable clamps for versatility


  • May not be robust enough for extremely heavy woods

As you can see, this product is very easy and simple to use. It makes your work more convenient and manageable without compromising quality.

Toughbuilt Sawhorse Adjustable Support Arms

Toughbuilt is definitely a highly dynamic sawhorse with incomparable durability. It eases your back strain from heavy-duty jobs while maintaining the right posture. With its adjustable heights, you will find a significant difference while finishing your task.

This can handle a massive weight of up to more than two thousand pounds. You will not need to worry because it can withstand long term conditions. The combination of powder and zinc coating makes it overcome other factors of wear and tear.

Furthermore, the adjustable legs make the unit possess versatility and sturdiness at any surface. You will get a professional experience since it offers you many benefits in certain phases of your woodwork.


  • Purely made from steel
  • Excellent overall materials and built
  • Exceptionally portable
  • With three levels of adjustable legs


  • The legs need proper positioning for smooth and sturdy performance

Getting this sawhorse will be one of the best deals in your woodworking experience. It requires less positioning or set-up time that helps you save time and effort. With the knowledge you have, this product will help you complete another remarkable wood piece from your hand.

AmazonBasics Folding Sawhorse - 900 Pound Capacity

AmazonBasics sawhorse has provided quality and valuable performance to its users. The remarkable built and density of the product fits your professional need.

Aside from it, the lightweight material is a good choice if you are required to use a portable tool for easy transport. Convenience and ease are at hand as you can take out the product straight from its box. You can separate its legs as you use the sawhorse, and you can hold it flat when storing it.

It has enough load capacity that provides a reasonable weight for woodworks. The item is ideal for your home and regular professional jobs.

This folding sawhorse lets you finish your task without neglecting safety. When you lock the sawhorse, it will prevent itself from unnecessary slip because of its rubber feet.

More so, it also has fold-out stoppers on the ends for avoiding movements while you work. It is also transportable and recommended for outdoor tasks.


  • Lightweight and portable
  • Has enough load or hold capacity for regular works
  • Easy to use and handle
  • Prevents unnecessary slipping and movements


  • May not hold extremely large and heavy wood pieces

This sawhorse is highly endorsed for outdoor wood jobs. It is also perfect for the DIY enthusiast or even professional individuals.

Metabo HPT Folding Sawhorses - 115445M

If you want a great weight capacity, this folding sawhorse pair is what you need to get. It delivers versatile quality and value to your projects. This also ensures precise cut and support while you are carrying out your job.

Additionally, you can raise it to further facilitate and manage your sheets for a plentiful scope of projects. The foldable and portable sawhorse is fully assembled, so you will not waste time in constructing and connecting the product. It also lets you transport to other sites easily.

Through the shelf and cord, you can have a neat workspace and storage. The item also avoids hazardous events, which is a good thing for securing your place and yourself while doing your work.


  • Safe and easy to use
  • Lightweight and has adjustable legs for manageable transport
  • Durable enough to last long
  • Has maximum holding capacity


  • User needs to be familiar with the tool first for secured woodworking

The sawhorse has durability and lightweight quality to last longer. It is best used for professional or even amateur works provided knowledge is applied. This works just right for any of your wood piece designs.

Steelman Adjustable Height Work Table Folding Sawhorses

This set of folding sawhorses is made from steel. The product is durable and also has galvanized legs for support. Protocol sawhorse resists rust and corrosive effects.

You will find it easy to fold, which makes you carry or take it at any place. Moreover, the carrying handle gives an ideal transport to your worksite.

Furthermore, you will be amazed as to how it handles more than two thousand pounds of load. The supporting arms make the unit hold the wood in a stable position.

Using this sawhorse provides so much ease, and it enhances your skills, plus the wood crafting will be much enjoyable. Sturdy support is expected as you boost your creativity and constructing ability.


  • Has adjustable design
  • Resists rust and corrosion
  • Carries and supports a maximum weight of the load
  • Holds and supports heavy weight
  • Has galvanized legs for extensive support
  • Durable to last extended use


  • Needs good positioning for sturdier workspace

Impressive sawhorses like these provide features that will generate productivity and quality. With its adjustable and long-lasting features, you can make a difference in your wood crafts.

Bora Portamate Speedhorse Sawhorse

Bora sawhorse has a lot of functional qualities that will leave you in awe. You can set up this model in just less than two seconds. The foldable legs are smooth, so you just have to fold them, and you are good to go. You will be surprised that it guarantees durability within maximum assembling speed.

The massive load capacity makes it an instant hit. The Speedhorse can carry almost two thousand pounds of weight. You can screw the wood on the drilled top, and then you can transform the sawhorse into your work table.


  • Has a quick setup feature
  • Boasts an extreme weight load or hold capacity
  • Durable and withstands long term abuse
  • Can be assembled into your makeshift woodwork table


  • Users need to be familiar with the tool to have productive outputs

This little wonder has done an excellent job as a work-stand. If you have that budget for a high-quality sawhorse, then getting this one needs to be your primary goal.

TOMAX Portable Folding Sawhorse

Tomax sawhorse holds up to more than 400 pounds of weight. It is extremely durable with its heavy-duty and advanced steel construction. The steel coatings will meet your standards while working on your bench.

With regard to the height demands, its adjustable levels allow you to have flexible working procedures. So, whatever wood design you aim, it can meet the essential requirements of your task.

The folding sawhorse is also lightweight and foldable. Therefore, you can transport and store it in any place you desire. Aside from these, the rubber mat prevents any slip occurrence while crafting. You will have stable and strong support in your space.


  • Comes with easy-attach sawing mounts
  • Has rubber mats to avoid slip
  • Durably constructed
  • Adjustable height feature
  • Foldable and lightweight design


  • Recommended for medium-duty woodworking

This item has all that it takes to make an incredible woodcraft – durability, flexibility, and portability. All you have to do is obtain one and see the impact for yourself.

Stanley STST60626 Adjustable Sawhorse Twin Pack

This twin sawhorse sports a thousand-pound weight capacity. You will love how its adjustable height feature fits your standards. Whatever height it is, you can get excellent performance from it.

More so, you can adjust its width depending on your needs. On the other hand, the weight or load capacity will also adjust if you do it. For instance, an eight hundred pounds weight will only be possible when you go for the full width.

Through these kinds of adjustments, you always have the option to work on varying sizes of materials. Every unit comes with a tray for opening critical work tools on use. The item is sturdy enough for your woodworking requirements.


  • Has sturdy or stable trays for holding work tools
  • Comes with adjustable legs to achieve target height
  • Offers adjustable length and width for accommodating any size of workpieces
  • Provides excellent performance for crucial woodworking loads


  • Ideal for moderate or medium-duty projects

This twin sawhorse can offer you the best experience when you put the right effort and preference on it. Try to explore a broad spectrum of wood through this product.

DeWalt DWST11155 Folding Metal Sawhorse

DeWalt folding sawhorse provides the best in terms of durability. It also promises portability to help you with your transporting issues.

The item also features a robust metal design and construction. When you pair the two of these horses, you can easily support up to two thousand pounds of weight.

This sawhorse folds quickly and has a flip-up handle for easy transfer at any site. Aside from these, the side screws help the pair to be attached and carried at the same time.

There is a non-slip rubber pad on its top and legs to give extra stability. More so, there is an additional V-groove on it for holding lumbers or pipes in place.


  • Upper metal allows clamping through trigger clamps
  • Has non-slip rubber pads on top and legs
  • Robust metal design and construction for extreme durability
  • Quick folding and flip handle
  • V-groove ruler for lumber and pipes
  • Comes with side screws that allow the pair to be carried at the same time


  • Needs tool familiarity for first time users

This metal sawhorse will bring another horizon to your woodwork. Find out how they really do exceptional things by purchasing one.

Olympia Tools Forest Master Ultimate Sawhorse

The Olympia Ultimate sawhorse offers a built-in height positioning that allows the wood to get the perfect cut. Through this product, it prevents unwanted back strain for a better experience. It holds the wood in a stable direction while you continue your job.

Additionally, the easy loading lets your logs to be carried and removed without the need to adjust another clamping device. The automatic adjustments of the teeth bring out a much-secured grip.

This item is also built to last. The durability of the product will assist you in your home or industrial projects. With its professional-rated quality, you can quickly fix and create something out of it.


  • Built-in height positioning
  • Automatic adjustments of wood pieces
  • Secure log holding while in rotation or movement
  • Produces precise wood cuts


  • Careful use is advised, especially for tightening of bolts and latches

With an innovative design, this product will fit your construction, home repair, and mechanical woodworking necessities. Its one-man operation advantage can help you perform your task to the best of your ability.

Logosol Smart-Holder Sawhorse

Through this smart-holder sawhorse, you can easily facilitate your woodwork. The automatic and secured structure grip keeps your wood at its place.

As a lightweight model, this sawhorse is bound to give you satisfying results. You can even use this item right after you open its box. This can cut either small or huge logs that will be great for any of your woodwork preferences.

You can also quickly raise your wood from the ground while cutting. It holds logs firmly and permits safe wood cutting.

Another thing, the holder folds flatly in just a few seconds and takes less space. It is easy to store and assemble. You can use it conveniently and safely as you produce more crafts.


  • Easy storage and assembly
  • Safe and secured to use
  • Stable with its steel materials and construction
  • Has a remarkable weight carrying capacity


  • Users need enough knowledge for productivity

You will definitely have an authentic wood activity if you get a product like this. Because of this sawhorse, your wood skill will develop as you do more projects.

What to Look for Before Buying?

The definition of best sawhorse may differ from person to person according to their needs.

Using a tool that does not meet your requirements is such a pain in the neck. For that reason, you have to consider certain factors before buying your sawhorse. Check this buying guide to have more information as to how you should select this important item.


When buying your sawhorse or other woodwork tools, you should ensure not only the quality and capacity but also the durability. A durable sawhorse is exceptionally vital. It should serve you not only for some time but also for several years. That adds value to your investments.

The material used in the product will tell you how durable your sawhorse is. Metal products deliver more durability. Wood is also durable and a lot more inexpensive. However, it can only hold lighter jobs.

Weight or Load Capacity

Weight capacity does not mean the weight of your sawhorse. It has something to do with the load that your sawhorse can handle. You can choose from a range of three hundred to more than two thousand pounds. Professionals consider getting sawhorses that can carry heavier loads.


You should ask your supplier if the sawhorse needs assembling or not. Some products come with different parts and require you to assemble it for yourself while others are fully assembled as you put them out of their boxes.


Home and industrial works require movements from one place to another. For that reason, it is suggested to select a sawhorse that is portable enough to be carried wherever you go.

On a positive note, most of the sawhorses on the market have lightweight features for easy transporting. For heavy-duty models, try purchasing units that have multiple parts that you can dismantle and set up as soon as you need them.


The sawhorse size will also let you know if it could carry heavy loads or heavy-duty tasks. On the other hand, if it is too big, you may find some issues regarding your workspace. It may lead to storage problems aside from limited mobility.

Also, a small sawhorse has limitations in terms of tackling project demands. That is why you can choose an average-sized sawhorse that will work with your woodwork necessities.

Versatility and Flexibility

Always check the versatility and flexibility of your target sawhorse product before buying one. It must support your workpiece for the right measure, joints, and paint.


As mentioned above, a sawhorse is a life-time asset. So, your choice must give you the right value. Do not go beyond your limits. Just make sure you will buy the one you exactly need without risking your budget.

Sawhorse Vs. Workbench

A sawhorse is a sturdy or stable frame that is made of either plastic, wood, or metal. This helps in providing support for cutting materials through a circular saw, hand, jigsaw, or other tools.

Carpenters typically use sawhorses in construction. But you can also find home workers using this item for their projects. They also serve as steady work surfaces for huge pieces of plywood.

On another side, a workbench has flat tops that contain tools or materials that avoid it from fall-off. This is usually lined with holes placed at common intervals. The holes grip the bench and hold the clamps for securing workpieces.

A workbench is not just a tabletop. It is where all of your woodworking tools lie upon. Most procedures are done and performed on the benchtop. These include your plans, lay-outs, cut-outs, shaping, assembling as well as finishing.

Final Words

There you have it. The best sawhorse products in this review will give you more room for woodwork improvement. Aren’t you excited to grab what suits your need? Then, don’t wait for another second and purchase one to complete your long-awaited projects!


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