Top 10 Best Jigsaw in 2023 | Professional Models Compared

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When most of us hear the word Jigsaw, the first thing that comes into our minds is the Jigsaw Puzzles. Am sure most of you have ever tried to fit the pieces in the jigsaw puzzles.

Although some of us found it easy fitting the pieces, most of us got frustrated quickly and would move to other activities and leave the stubborn pieces for another time.

Hey, relax I’m not here to remind you of the stubborn jigsaw puzzles, so stop cursing me. Today we are going to discuss something helpful for enthusiastic DIYers. Instead of discussing the jigsaw as a puzzle, we are going to look at it as an important woodworking tool.

Best Jigsaw Reviews

A detailed Comparison with buying guide and reviews

Best Options

Product Name



Best Jigsaw for the Money

Black and Decker BDEJS300C Jigsaw

Up to 3000

4.5 amp

Best Professional Jigsaw

Bosch JS470E 120-Volt 7.0-Amp Handle Jigsaw

Up to 3100

7 amp

Best Cordless Jigsaw

Bosch Bare-Tool JSH180B 18-Volt Jigsaw

Up to 2700

18 Volt

Best Corded Jigsaw

WEN 33606 6.6-Amp Variable Speed Orbital Jig Saw


6.6 amp

Best Overall

DEWALT DCS331B 20V Jigsaw

Up to 3000

20 Volt

Best in Barrel Grip

Festool 561593 Carvex PS 420 EBQ Jigsaw

Up to 3800

120 Volt

Best Jigsaw for Beginners

Milwaukee 2445-20 M12 Jig Saw


12 Volt

Best for Woodworking

Makita XVJ03Z 18-Volt LXT Lithium-Ion Jigsaw

0 - 2600

18 Volt

Best for Home Use

Ryobi P523 Cordless 18V One Plus Lithium

1100 - 3000

18 Volt

Best Jigsaw (Orbital)


0 - 3200

120 Volt

1. Black and Decker BDEJS300C Jigsaw

Best budget jigsaw

Amperage: 4.5 amps | Bevel Capacity: 45 | Orbital Action Positions: 4 | Cord Length: 5 ft. | Cordless/ Corded: Corded | Length of Stroke: 3/4-inch | Strokes per Minute: 3000 SPM | Bevel cuts: up to 45° | Keyless/ Keyed Blade Change: Keyless | Adjustable Shoe: Yes | Warranty: Limited Two-Year Warranty

This is an excellent choice for individuals who are looking for the best power tool to help them in making precise cuts easily.

The model comes with advanced features that slow for smart sawing with minimal mistakes and better planning.

To allow you to make multiple varying cut sizes, this model comes with a smart select feature that enables you to change the cut settings.

4.5 Amp 3,000 SPM Variable speeds

This ensures that you will have more options when cutting different materials.

Another great feature that comes with this model is the new and improved wire guard straight-line channel that enhances the visibility of the cut line.

Additionally, the base plate lifts easily allowing you to make bevel cuts effortlessly.


  • Sturdy construction
  • Reliable and easy to set up
  • Adjustable speed
  • Allows for bevel cuts
  • Has a dust blower


  • Corded model, limiting flexibility

2. Bosch JS470E 7.0-Amp Jigsaw

Best professional jigsaw / Best corded jigsaw

Amperage: 7 amps | Orbital Action Positions: 4 | Cord Length: 10 ft. | Variable Speed: Yes | Cordless/ Corded: Corded | Length of Stroke: 1 inch | Strokes per Minute: 3100 SPM | Bevel cuts: up to 45° | Applications (Materials): Metal, Wood | Keyless/ Keyed Blade Change: Keyless | Dust Blower: Yes | Adjustable Shoe: Yes | Warranty: 1-Year Warranty

This jigsaw is manufactured by one of the well-known Brand. The Bosch JS470E guarantees of reliability and ease of use. One of the features that make it unique is the safe and quick blade change system that does not require any tools to use alongside it.

The model comes with other advanced features such as the orbital action settings that allow you to either go tough on more tough material or go easy on the softer materials.

7 Amps Four Orbital Action

The model is also loaded with advanced features such as non-marring overshoe, anti splinter insert as well as a die cast foot.

When it comes to the performance, a 7-amp motor that provides more than enough power to saw through the hardest materials backs it. Besides this model features four orbital action settings that offer you with the versatility that is needed when shifting from one mode to the other.


  • Very Powerful
  • Has a secure clamp system
  • Adjustable speed
  • Makes precise cuts
  • Comfortable handle


  • A bit noisy

3. Bosch Bare-Tool JSH180B 18-Volt Lithium-Ion Jig Saw

Best rated cordless jigsaw

Battery Voltage: 18-volt | Orbital Action Positions: 4 | Led Light: Yes | Cordless/ Corded: Cordless | Length of Stroke: 1 inch | Strokes per Minute: 2700 SPM | Bevel Angle Range: 45° | Applications (Materials): Wood, Aluminum and other materials | Maximum Cutting Capacity: 3/8-Inch in steel and 3-1/2-Inch in wood | Keyless/ Keyed Blade Change: Keyless | Dust Blower: Yes | Adjustable Shoe: Yes | Warranty: 1-Year Warranty

If you prefer having a cordless model, you should not look further as this jigsaw comes with all the features that suit your daily needs. One of the features that set it from the competition is its lightweight design.

For those who are tired of dealing with a heavy jigsaw, this model will not disappoint. Besides being lightweight, this model is also, compact than most of the other models on the market. This means that it can get into tight spaces easily.

Some of the other advanced features that come with this model are the one handed blade ejection and insertion for enhancing convenience. 

18 Volt 30% more Light Weight

We also love the dust blower that keeps the intended cut line visible all the time. Additionally, an 18V lithium ion battery that does not only give it a longer runtime but keep the charge for long when left idle powers this model


  • Compact and lightweight design
  • Strong battery
  • Easy blade system
  • Comes with a dust blower


  • Battery operated meaning you have to recharge constantly

4. TACKLIFE Advanced 6.7 Amp Jigsaw - PJS02A

Best jigsaw for cutting curves

Amperage: 6.7 amps | Orbital Action Positions: 4 | Variable Speed Settings: 6 | Cord Length: 10 ft.| Cordless/ Corded: Corded | Length of Stroke: 7/8 inch | Strokes per Minute: 3000 SPM | Bevel Angle Range: 45° | Applications (Materials): PVC, plywood, vinyl planks, hardwood, aluminum, thin metal sheets | Maximum Cutting Capacity: 3.94" in Wood and 0.39" in Metal | Adjustable Shoe: Yes | Warranty: 1-Year Warranty

You might have rarely heard the name of the brand Tacklife. So to you might also think that this reasonably inexpensive TACKLIFE PJS02A Advanced 6.7 Amp 3000 SPM Jigsaw could be a piece of junk. But trust us, your fear will be unfound when you see the quality that you get with the TACKLIFE PJS02A jigsaw.

It comes with 3000 SPM cutting power with 6-speed settings that helps you to control the speed and to cut accurately.

With its 4 position customized orbital settings, you can cut different types of material In different motion.

TACKLIFE PJS02A also comes with a built-in laser guide that helps you cut on the line that led light illuminates. You will also appreciate the 10 feet long cord that has a velcro strap on it.

Another nice touch is that it has a high-quality wear-resistant solid aluminum base. Along with this, TACKLIFE PJS02A allows you to cut at 45° right or left bevel angle for more versatile uses. To provide the cutting stability, this best jigsaw comes with adjustment shoe.


  • Changing blade is easy as it does not require any tool
  • Its anti-skip, ergonomic handle helps to work a longer time with no fatigue
  • Come with 6 different types of blades in carrying case for added user convenience
  • Affordable price


  • Because of its size, this jigsaw consumes extra weight

5. DEWALT DCS331B 20V Jig Saw

Best professional cordless jigsaw / Best 20v DeWalt jigsaw

Battery Voltage: 20-volt | Orbital Action Positions: 4 | Motor Type: Brushed | Cordless/ Corded: Cordless | Length of Stroke: 1 inch | Strokes per Minute: 3000 SPM | Bevel Angle Range: 0°, 15°, 30° and 45° | Applications (Materials): PVC, plywood, vinly planks, hardwood, aluminum, thin metal sheets | Keyless/ Keyed Blade Change: Keyless | Adjustable Shoe: Yes | Warranty: 3-year limited warranty, 1-year free service contract

DEWALT is another popular name that is associated with durability and high performance when it comes to power tools. This model is no exceptional. It comes with an ergonomic design that makes it comfortable for an extended period.

We also love the all-metal lever action tool-less blade change system that allows you to change the blades easily.

Another great feature that makes this tool one of the best jigsaw is the variable speed feature and the LED fuel indicator that helps you to know when it is time to recharge.

20 Volt Adjustable dust blower

The model was designed with the user’s needs in mind and aims to address the needs of users who are looking for portable, lightweight and compact models that they can use in tight spaces with safety.

Besides, or convenience this model accepts the T shank blades and come with an all metal keyless shoe that features detents at zero degrees allowing for a quick and smooth bevel cutting.


  • Reduced vibration
  • Portable
  • Very versatile and accurate
  • Accepts T-shank blades


  • Does not have an LED light

6. Festool 561593 Carvex PS 420 EBQ Jigsaw

Best professional jigsaw / Best jigsaw for woodworking

Power Consumption: 400 Watts | Blade Type: Universal T-Shank | Motor Type: Brushed | Cordless/ Corded: Corded | Led light: Stroboscopic high-intensity quad LED light | Strokes per Minute: 3800 SPM | Blade Guidance: 3-point | Maximum Cutting Depth: 4-3/4 inches in wood, 3/8 inches in steel, 3/4 inches in NF metals | Keyless/ Keyed Blade Change: Keyless | Warranty: 3-year warranty with free shipping

Festool 561593 packs advanced features that are hard to find on most jigsaws on the market.

This model is powerful highly versatile and comfortable to use, making it the most appropriate for professional use.

Unlike most jigsaws available, the model features one of the most powerful motors available that has the capacity of reaching up to 3,800 strokes per minutes.

If you are searching for high performing tool to use on demanding tasks, this might be exactly what you need.

120 Volt Brushless motor technology

The jigsaw model also comes with a tool free base as well as a base insert platform that expands its capabilities. Some of the other advanced features that come with this model are the triple blade guidance that makes it possible for perpendicular cuts.

To improve the visibilities of the area you are working on, the model comes with stroboscopic high-intensity LEDs. Besides, this model comes with a brushless motor technology that does not only make the tool lighter but also offers you with more power and durability.


  • Brushless motor technology
  • Variable speed
  • LED lights
  • Tool free base


  • A bit expensive

7. Hitachi / Metabo HPT CJ160V 7.0 Amp Jig Saw

Best jigsaw for DIYer

Amperage: 7.0 Amps | No-Load Speed: 2800 SPM | Stroke Length: 1-1/32" | Tool-less Blade Change: Yes | LED Light: Yes | Orbital Action: 4-Mode | Soft Grip: Yes | Splinter guard: Yes | Base Material: Cast Aluminum | Max Cut Capacity: Wood- 6-19/64", Steel- 25/64" | Warranty: 5-Year

The Metabo HPT CJ160V was designed for individuals who are looking for high performing jigsaw that they can use for a long time working with wood.

The model comes with soft grips and ergonomic design that makes it comfortable to use even for extended periods.

We love the auto mode feature that allows you to run the tool at half power and jump to full power once the load is detected.

7 Amp 4-stage orbital action

This feature gives you with more control during the start since the vibration is reduced. This makes it the best jigsaw to select if you do not have much experience in using these tools.

The model also comes with electronic speed control that ensures a steady cut when cutting through different materials. For easy blade replacement, this product features a tool-less blade changing system.

We also have the splinter guard, which plays a major role in reducing the chances of the piece you are working on from splintering. Additionally, the tool comes with a four stage orbital action that increases its cutting efficiency.


  • Efficient dust collector
  • Has a softer start for enhanced control
  • Electronic speed control
  • Dependable performance


  • Short cord

8. Makita XVJ03Z 18-Volt LXT Lithium-Ion Jig Saw

Best jigsaw for cutting metal

Battery Voltage: 18-volt | Orbital Action Positions: 3 | Motor Type: Brushed | Cordless/ Corded: Cordless | Length of Stroke: 1 inch | Strokes per Minute: 2600 SPM | Bevel Angle Range: 0°-45° | Applications (Materials): Metal, Nylon, PVC, Plastic, Wood | Maximum Cutting Depth: 5-5/16" (wood at 90), 3/8" (steel at 90) | Battery Charge Time: 30 min | Warranty: 3-year limited warranty

This jigsaw from Makita comes with a more stable and versatile design that most of the other tools on the market. Although this model comes with a simple design, you should not undermine its performance.

The simplistic design makes it lightweight yet sturdy enough to handle the most demanding tasks you can think of.

Another reason we have included this jigsaw in our top rated jigsaw review is its variable speed motor that has the ability to deliver up to 2,600 strokes.

This might not be a big deal for the corded model, but it is for cordless jigsaws. High performing motor allows for faster and efficient cutting.

18 Volt Large 2-finger variable speed trigger

Another feature that makes this model to stand is the three orbital setting as well as the straight cutting that makes it ideal for cutting a wide range of materials.

We will also love the tool free blade change system that ensures faster blade installation and removal for increased productivity.


  • High-quality motor
  • Tool less blade change system
  • Precision machined for accurate cutting
  • Variable speed trigger
  • Great battery


  • Tool only, battery not included

9. Ryobi P523 Cordless 18V One Plus Lithium

Best cordless jigsaw for beginners

Battery Voltage: 18-volt | Variable Speed Setting: 4 | Motor Type: Brushed | Cordless/ Corded: Cordless | Length of Stroke: 1 inch | Strokes per Minute: 3000 SPM | Bevel Angle Range: 0°-45° | Applications (Materials): Wood | Keyless Blade Change: Yes | Adjustable Shoe: Yes | Construction Material: Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS) | Warranty: 3-year manufacturer's warranty

The Ryobi P523 is a great jigsaw for individuals with a limited balance. However, its low price does not mean that it does not offer you with a service you can depend on. In fact, this model performance can be compared to other models, which are twice its price.

Unlike other models, this battery powered model will provide you with as much power as those powered by electricity.

This means that you will get a performance that you can depend on when dealing with tough applications. The motor has the ability to provide you with variable speeds of between 1,100 to 3,000 rotations per minute.

18 Volt Innovative blade saver

Another innovative feature that comes with this model is the blade saver feature that helps to extend the life of the blade as it facilitates the access to unused teeth through its adjustable base.

You will also appreciate the speed match selector feature that matches the cut speed with the type of the application precisely with the orbital as well as the non-orbital settings.


  • Provides corded performance in battery-operated tool
  • Budget friendly
  • Variable speed trigger
  • High-quality construction


  • Charger and battery not included


Best budget jigsaw

Amperage: 6 amp | Variable Speed Setting: 7 | Strokes per Minute: 3200 SPM | Cord Length: 6 ft. | Motor Type: Brushed | Cordless/ Corded: Corded | Length of Stroke: .8125 inch | Bevel Angle Range: 45° | Applications (Materials): Nylon, PVC, Plastic, Wood | Keyless Blade Change: Yes | Construction Material: Composite | Warranty: 3-year limited warranty

Our list of the top best jigsaws cannot be complete without mentioning the PORTER-CABLE PCE345 6-Amp Orbital Jig Saw.

This is a heavy duty Jigsaw that come with a 6Amp motor that has the ability to handle tough projects at varied speeds up to 3,200SPM.

Similar to other high-end models in this review, this model comes with a keyless blade change that allows for a quick blade replacement for improved productivity.

We also love the four positions orbital lever that comes with this model as it offers the user with the best performance when cutting different materials.

6 Amp 7 position speed dial

With this model, you do not need to keep pressing the trigger when operating it. Due to its orbital cutting action, we can recommend this model to anyone who is looking for an effective jigsaw to help them in cutting softer materials such as plastic and wood

The tool also features a variable speed control that allows the user to adjust the speed of the jigsaw.

Another feature that you might appreciate is the lock on button that allows for continuous operation. Additionally, this model comes with a soft grip that enhances your comfort when working for extended periods.


  • Comfortable to use
  • Seven position speed dial
  • Tool-less blade chance
  • Powerful motor
  • Affordable


  • Not great for heavy duty tasks

Craftsman (Evolv) Corded Jig Saw

We can define this jigsaw as reliable, convenient, easy to use, and durable. Similar to other power tools from this manufacturer this model is constructed using high-quality materials and tested to ensure performance you can rely on.

This is a great choice for woodworkers who are looking for an inexpensive model that they can use for many years without any issues on its performance.

The model comes with a variable speed dial that allows the tour to control the speed precisely to fit the requirements of the material that you are working on.

4.5 Amps Vacuum hook up adapter

For long use, the model comes with a lock on the switch that lets you use the tool without having to push the trigger. 

This model will do a great job when minimizing hand fatigue. The model also features a 3-position orbital action lever that enhances its performance as well as a tool less blade change system


  • Affordable
  • Constant power supply
  • Variable speed dial
  • Lock o switch for long use


  • The cord is a bit short

So, what is Jigsaw in woodwork?

The jigsaw or sabre saw, is a versatile tool that helps you to cut both straight, curved, beveling, crosscut, ripping as well as other custom cuts.

 A sweet reminiscence

One of my friends wanted to impress his wife for her birthday. Having bought her fancy things, he decided that she would want to create something personal. So he decided to add a kitchen cabinet that her wife had always wanted. The problem was that he was not much of a woodworker.

Being his best friend, he called me and asked for my assistance. Although I could not point out exactly what design was in his mind, I was good in woodworking tools, so I told him to give a jigsaw a trial.

Later, he called and told me the tool had worked its magic. If you are looking for a tool to help you to make unique designs in different materials, the jigsaw is a great tool to use.

The best thing is that it is simple to use, so you do not have to be a professional to use it. Today, we are going to give you a detailed guide on how to find the best jigsaw that fits your needs.

What features does a jigsaw provide?

Jigsaws are versatile power tools that allow you to cut curves and patterns in different types of materials.

These models come with powerful motor and blades that allow you to cut into different materials including plywood, oak, PVC, concrete boards, aluminum among other materials. The best jigsaws offer you with advanced features that make it easy for the user to cut intricate patterns that suit your demands.

Jigsaw base adjustment

Another great feature that comes with these power tools is the adjustable base that tilts to cut into materials at an angle to come up with compound shapes.

Orbital action

Some of the other great features that you can find in jigsaws include the orbital action that allows for faster cuts, a blower to clear the dust at the cut point as well as blade guide system.

Types of Jigsaws

There are two main types of Jigsaws. They include the battery-powered (cordless) models and the corded models that are powered by electricity. We also have the pneumatic jigsaw that runs on compressed air.

Corded Jigsaws

These are the most common and usually, run on electricity. One feature that makes them stand out is that they are connected to the main source of electricity that supplies them with constant power.

This makes them reliable meaning that you can use them without any interruption. Since they depend on a constant power supply, they are powerful than the cordless models.

Cordless Jigsaws

The popularity of the cordless models has increased significantly in recent years. Since they do not have a cord, they are easy to move from one place to the other.

This makes them the reliable jigsaws to use especially when working in tight spaces or away from the electricity grid.

Pneumatic Jigsaws

An air pressure operates them. These are very powerful and are ideal for professionals who need a heavy duty model to use for heavy-duty cutting tasks.

The Features for Better User Experience

Selecting the best jigsaw will depend entirely on the needs of the users. Some models come with advanced features that suit specific applications, making them ideal for the certain user.

For instance, if you are looking for a compact and portable jigsaw, a cordless model is an ideal model. On the other hand, if you are searching for an easy to work model that guarantees reliability, the corded model is the jigsaw to use.

Some of the other features that make a jigsaw gives the user better performance include features such as tool free blade changes systems that make it easy to change the blade as well as a variable speed dial for cutting different materials.

Jigsaw Care and Maintenance Tips

For your best professional jigsaw to work efficiently and accurately, as it should do, you should make sure that you maintain it properly. Here are some of the common care and maintenance tips that will keep your tool running smoothly for years to come.

  • The first thing is to familiarize you with the manual. This will give you with everything you need on how to use the tool effectively without harming yourself or those who are close to you.
  • Wear protective clothing such as impact resistant eyewear, dust mask as well as steel toed boots.
  • Ensure you inspect and repair any worn-out parts before using the tool.
  • Leave your power tool to do the work and do not attempt to force it to go through stubborn material.
  • Ensure that the blade and surrounding components are well lubricated.
  • Warn other workers to stay away when operating the jigsaw.

Which Blade Do You Need?

Choosing the blade that you will need will depend on the material, you are cutting. The hardest materials such as steel and ceramic will require the toughest blade materials available such as tungsten carbide.

However, you can select blades made of high carbon steel if you are looking for inexpensive woodworking blades or high-speed steel, which are more resistant to heat than the carbon steel blades.

Additionally, if you are looking for the jigsaw that offers you with flexibility and high speed, you can go for bi-metal or tungsten carbide blades. Although these blades are a bit more expensive, they provide you with high-speed teeth that withstand repeated use in heavy-duty applications.

Final Word

Jigsaws might seem as simple tools but are quite sturdy power tools designed to handle complex tasks. Although jigsaws are not different from each other, not all of them will perform, as you would want them to.

However, for the corded model, ensure that you have picked the model with at least 4Amps. For cordless models, you should consider the Battery and ensure that it is robust enough to supply you with sufficient runtime. After all, you would not want a jigsaw that frustrates you every time you are working on a demanding project.

For you to make an informed decision on the best jigsaw to pick, go through each of reviews, compare the features, and choose the model that suits your needs. All the best!

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