SKIL 3821-01 12-Inch 15 Amp Compound Miter Saw Review

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Sometimes it is hard to find the right tool for the job. Some types of equipment are too heavy; others will fall apart for no reason while other are just not powerful enough. If you are looking for the best miter saw that would do none of these things then the SKIL 3821-01 12-Inch Quick Mount Compound Miter Saw with Laser might be an ideal choice. This saw will take care of all sawing needs in an easy, accurate, clean manner.



 Table Length (in.) 18  Table Width (in.)  6
Product Depth (in.) 27.25 Product Height (in.) 18.25
Product Width (in.)  19.25
  • Features at glance

  • Laser cutline guide system.
  • 15 amp motor with the ability to produce 4500 rpm.
  • Table extensions.
  • Comes with integrated carrying handles and a dust bag.
  • Backed by one year warranty.

High-quality motor

The SKIL 3821-01 12-Inch Quick Mount Compound Miter Saw with Laser is a simple compound miter saw that is powered by a 15amp motor, which has the ability to produce up to 4500rpms. This means that the device will give you enough power to cut through most ordinary materials with precision.

You will also love the fact that you can adjust the speed of the motor. This will allow you to reduce the blade speed to cut through soft materials precisely and increase the speed to cut through harder materials faster. This saw is best suited to cut through lumber although you can use it to cut pipes and plastics.

Laser cutline system

Another special feature that comes with SKIL 3821-01 12-Inch Quick Mount Compound Miter Saw with Laser is the laser cutline guide system. This feature ensures that you have a preview of where the saw is going to cut through. This will allow you to make the necessary adjustments so that you can get the exact cuts as well as the angles you want.

This feature is crucial for both advanced users as well as novice users. Even if you have minimal skills in doing DIY project, you do not have to struggle when making angled cuts. This feature will also allow the experienced users to make precise cuts faster.

Comes with 9 positive stops

The SKIL 3821-01 12-Inch Quick Mount Compound Miter Saw with Laser detent plate is equipped with nine positive stops which give you with the stability you need when cutting through wood and other materials.

This will allow you to adjust the saw easily to get precise cuts quickly. Additionally, the nine positive stop will allow you to make common miter angle quickly.

These stops are provided at 0, 22.5, 31.6 and 45 inches both on the left and the right side. The miter angle will allow you to set the blade from 0-47 degrees.

Table extensions

The SKIL 3821-01 12-Inch Quick Mount Compound Miter Saw with Laser also features table extensions that will allow you to have enough space especially when working on longer and larger workpieces. You can also take advantage of the quick mount system that is designed to make it easy to install on the SKIL miter saw stands.

Another reason why most individuals prefer this model to other miter saws on the market is its affordable price. This machine is going to provide you with everything you need to accommodate your cutting needs.

Unique features

The SKIL 3821-01 12-Inch Quick Mount Compound Miter Saw with Laser comes with a number of unique features that are hard to find on other product at the same price range. First, this model comes with an effective dust bag that will allow collecting the dust. This means you will leave the working place clean as you found it.

Weighing a total of 51.6 pounds, this miter saw may be difficult to transport without a tool cabinet. To help you in moving it from one place to the other, this model comes with a tool box that has integrated carrying handles that allow you to transport it from one place to the other.

If you are searching for the best miter saw, you probably want to know the major difference of Miter Saw Single vs Double Bevel. One of the main differences is that with the dual bevel compound is that unlike the single bevel miter saw you do not have to flip the workpiece to make bevel cuts on the both sides.

This makes it a great tool for inexperienced homeowners and professional users who would like to make work easier.


  • Comes with user-friendly features making it easy to use.
  • Inexpensive model.
  • Comes with a laser guide that helps you to make accurate cuts.
  • Features a dust bag that helps to collect the dust.
    High-quality motor.
  • Comes with 9 positive stops that enhance its stability.
    The clamp is a great feature.


  • Simplified design means it lacks advanced features such as LCD screen design.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)




Can this be mounted on existing wooden workbench?

Yes it can be mounted to a wooden bench – it is much more versatile on a sturdy portable stand.

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