Top 7 Best Air Reciprocating Saw of 2023 Reviews

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Distinguishing between air reciprocating saw and reciprocating saw is challenging because they handle almost similar tasks. But there is a slight difference that exists between them.

An air reciprocating saws is a machine that uses compressed air to aid in pushing and pulling cutting blades forth and back. A good number of these saws have a reduced vibration level of 2.8 m/s2, weigh 0.9 pounds, and have a reduced noise level of about 86 dBA.

On the other hand, just like air reciprocating saws, reciprocating saws serve almost the same task, but they produce a lot of noise of about 114 dBA, weigh up to 9.9 pounds, and their vibration level can go up to 10 m/s2.

Despite their high vibration level and noise, reciprocating saws are best for cutting thick material because their blades are somewhat sturdy and long. In contrast, air saws are preferred when cutting thin material.

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It wouldn't be fair to expressly point out one model as the best because most brands try to build a quality saw to sustain in the market competition. Those brands also try to specialize their product in a particular work area.

After researching the air reciprocating saw, we have tried to list the best saws in a specific category. Whatever, the best air reciprocating saw on the market is the one that serves your purpose accordingly. Please check out our list from below consider the features of each air saw-

Cutting Capacity: 1.6mm steel thickness | Strokes per Minute: 9000BPM | Overall Length: 9-1/4” | Net Weight: 1.76lbs (0.8kg) | Piston Stroke: 1/4” | Air Inlet Thread NPT: 1/4” | Air Hose I.D. Size: 3/8” (10mm) | Average Air Consumption: 4cfm | Air Pressure: 90-120PSI

Best for DIY Wood Cutting: VonHaus 5 Amp Compact Reciprocating Saw

Stroke: ½" (13mm) | Size(L X W X H): 21.1 X 9.4 X 5.7" | UL plug: 16.4ft cable | Voltage/Frequency: 120V~/60Hz | Power: 5A/600W | No Load Speed: 0~3500s/min | Max. Cutting Capacity: 4 - ½” (115mm)

Cuts flat and curved surfaces | Positive blade retainer and adjustable blade guide | 10,000-strokes per minute | Average Air Consumption: 8 CFM

Weight: 0.9 lb (0.4 kg) | Overall length: 6.3" (160mm) | Max Speed: 9500 rpm | Vibration: 3 m/s2 | Noise level: 88 dBA | Average air consumption 3.6 cfm

Best for Small Objects: NEIKO 30065A 1/4" Air Saber Body Saw

Free-speed: 10,000 RPM | Stroke length: 10 mm | Cutting capacity: 1.5 mm | Air consumption: 6 CFM | Air pressure: 90 PSI | Air socket inlet: 1/4" NPT

Best Air Reciprocating Saw Reviews and Comparison

Below are the best air reciprocating saws.

Product Name

Best for

Important Features

Best for Sheet Metal

  • Ideal for body shop repair muffler and exhaust work
  • Cuts all types of aluminum plastic fiberglass and sheet metal

Best for DIY Wood Cutting

  • Compact size and extra-long 16.4ft cable for unrestricted movement in tight, confined spaces

Best for Tight Spaces

  • Has a unique system that prevents accidental throttle
  • Ideal for cutting intricate shapes and light radius curves

Best for Rust Removal

  • Patent pending Low Vibration (3m/s2) and Noise Reduction (88 dBA) Mechanism
  • Great for sawing, cutting, deburring, grinding, rust removal

Best for Small Objects

  • The saw is hand-held, yet larger than a jigsaw
  • The lever throttle provides feather-touch control
  • Ideal for body shop repair, muffler and exhaust work at the home

TZTool Low Vibration Compact Reciprocating air saw (TZ118A)

This is a machine that is suitable for a variety of projects.

As per its name, TZTool Low Vibration Compact Reciprocating has a reduced vibration rate. More so, this tool can make smooth and soft cuts. The device is also featured with a 0.75 air inlet pipe, 90 Psi pressure, and takes 4 CFM air.

TZTool Low Vibration Compact Reciprocating air saw is a powerful machine delivering up to 9,000 strokes within a minute. This gives it the strength to work on aluminum, metal sheet, composites, and plastics. The tool can also cut a 1.2mm piece of material.

Furthermore, this tool is small and light weighing about 0.9 pounds to enable you to move and handle it easily at work. Don't worry about reciprocating saws with uncomfortable handles because this one has got you covered. The machine has a rubberized grip to enhance comfortability when working. This feature also reduces direct vibration impact. This is awesome!

Above all, TZTool Low Vibration Compact Reciprocating air saw comes with a two-year warranty from the company.

DIY er at a garage, please note this;

Before using this reciprocating saw, make sure you fill three drops of air tool oil into an air impact wrench.

Please don't use it for long; make sure the impact wrench is filled with air tool oil and then begin to unload until all the water and oil come out of the tool.



  • This tool is compact and lightweight for easy movement
  • Reduction vibration
  • Can deliver up to 9,00 strokes within a minute
  • Rubberized grip provides comfortability
  • Comes with two years from the manufacturer
  • Expensive
  • It is robust and reliable

Best for Sheet Metal: Astro Pneumatic Tool 930 Air Body Saber Saw

This is another fine and cold air reciprocating saw from Astro Pneumatic Company designed for vertical surfaces. This is attained by an adjustable blade guide, enabling it to work on the body shop, exhaust, and muffler renovations.

Also, this machine can cut through materials like aluminium, plastics, metals, and fiberglass. More so, the device has a reduced vibration rate.

It can cut different shapes on either curved or flat surfaces. The machine is light and small enough to penetrate in narrow spaces. The speed of this machine is 9000 strokes within a minute.

Furthermore, this machine takes an average air of 4 CFM with a 3/8 inch air hose. It comes with a one year warranty from the company, meaning that if your tool experience complications, you are allowed to return it for repairs or replacement as long as it is within the warranty period.



  • Can accommodate any blade
  • It is an air-powered tool
  • Blade guides for cutting edge renewal
  • Light and small for narrow places
  • This is a pneumatic tool
  • Not powerful for large tasks
  • You may feel sorer

Best for DIY Wood Cutting: VonHaus 5 Amp Compact Reciprocating Saw

Are you looking for an electrical reciprocating saw? VonHaus 5 Amp Compact is the answer to your situation. This tool is compact, lightweight, and comfortable, weighing about 9.9 pounds tool with 5 amp motor that can deliver up to 3000 strokes within a minute. Its lightness makes it easy to carry around limited environments.

More so, the machine is versatile and utilized for cutting through metals, plastics, aluminium, thick branches, etc. More so, VonHaus 5 Amp Compact has a gearbox made of die-cast aluminium to reduce fatigue.

Die-cast aluminium also reduces direct vibration impact and enhances the longevity of the machine.

Besides, VonHaus 5 Amp Compact has long (16.4 feet) cable for you to carry out your task without frequent powering OFF and ON of the switch. The long line is also for enabling you to maneuver in narrow spaces.

The machine has a lock speed button for locking the speed of the device when at high speed.

You should be worried about blades' spare parts because VonHaus 5 Amp Compact comes with eight steel blades. Far from other reciprocating saws, changing blades of this machine is simple.

Even if you another one, this is a compact and reliable tool to consider.



  • Comes with 8 steel blades
  • Changing of blades is easy
  • Easy to operate
  • An aluminium gearbox for comfortability
  • Designed ergonomically
  • Has long cable to reduce frequent powering ON/OFF of the machine.
  • Versatile for metal and wood cutting
  • Depends on electricity energy

Best for Tight Spaces: Ingersoll Rand 429 Heavy Duty Air Reciprocating Saw

If you are a carpenter or a contractor, you need a helper. Don't strain so much, yet Ingersoll Rand 429 saw can be helpful.

From its name, this reciprocating saw is a heavy-duty machine that can work on both flat and curved materials faster at a speed of 10,000 strokes within a minute. Furthermore, Ingersoll Rand 429 takes 8 litres of CFM within a minute.

Despite its performance, Ingersoll Rand 429 has reduced the vibration rate through a blade guide and a blade retainer. This makes Ingersoll Rand 429 the best reciprocating saw ever. More so, this machine is durable and a compact one.

More so, Ingersoll Rand 429 comes with accessories like six different sized steel blades for handling different types of materials.

It can work on plastics, composites, fiberglass, etc. having the ability to cut any shape as long as it is a stipulated radius. Why struggle with heavy tasks yet Ingersoll Rand 429can handle?



  • Six different sized steel blades to handle different types of materials
  • Blade guide
  • Comes with 2 hex wrenches to fix any problem
  • 1-year warranty
  • This is a pneumatic
  • Reduced vibration
  • Not suitable for more significant materials.
  • Quite expensive

GALAX PRO Compact Saber Saw 5 Amp Mini Reciprocating Saw

This tool is compact and comfortable, one weighing about 5 pounds. It is a handy tool because controlling it is very easy through the speed trigger. Due to its weight, overhead cutting and changing of position are comfortable.

GALAX PRO Compact Saber Saw 5 Amp Mini is ergonomically designed to reduce fatigue. Besides, the tool has a soft grip for upgraded handling and comfortability.

GALAX PRO Compact Saber Saw 5 Amp Mini has a powerful motor of 5 Amp that can handle either plastic, saw branches, metal materials, etc. with this tool, trust me, the task will be handled faster.

It has the ability to stroke at 13mm and delivers up to 3000 strokes in one minute. This is easy to use the machine because you can decide to lock the witch to maintain maximum speed. You can even use one hand when the speed is locked.

More so, the machine comes with an extra wood blade for woodwork and cutting of branches. Changing the blades is made easier by switches to release and lock the saw.

The strokes depend on what you are handling; low speed is recommendable to some material like plastic.



  • Handy tool
  • Easy to use
  • Versatile
  • Ergonomically designed
  • Lightweight for maneuverability
  • Speed trigger for locking speed
  • Soft grip reduces fatigue
  • Changing of blades is easy
  • Cannot function without electricity
  • Could deliver more than 3000 strokes

Best for Rust Removal: Berkling Tools 7102 Compact Low Vibration Air Saw

Best Mini Air Reciprocating Saw

Owning Berkling Tools 7102 Compact prevents you from buying a separate air file and air saw. This tool is multi-purpose because apart from sawing, it can also be utilized for filing, grinding, sawing debarring, making it the best.

It has reduced the noise and vibration of 88dBA and 3m/s2, respectively. More so, the tool can deliver up to 9500 strokes in one minute when cutting a 3mm metal sheet.

Don't worry about fatigue because the machine's grip is rubberized for cold air insulation and comfortability.

Furthermore, Berkling Tools 7102 Compact has a flexible rear exhaust for driving the air from your workplace. It also comes with two blades for air saw, 1 saw blade for reciprocating, an Allen wrench for repairs, and five files of different sizes and shapes for sharpening.

Don't worry about where to get blades because they are compatible with other air saws like a pneumatic saw. With this tool, you can work on fabrication, woodworking, and sculpturing.



  • 1-year warranty
  • This is a compact tool
  • This tool is easy to use and control
  • Rubberized grip reduces fatigue
  • Versatile
  • Deliver up to 9500 strokes in one minute
  • Allen screws may fall as a result of vibration
  • A dead machine without electricity

Best for Small Objects: NEIKO 30065A 1/4" Air Saber Body Saw

This is a faster and powerful machine delivering 10,000 strokes with a minute based on what material you are handling. Like other high-class reciprocating saws, Neiko RIDGE30065A can cut fine shapes and work on both curved and flat surfaces.

Furthermore, the machine's connectivity to the air compressor is easy. However, its blades are fragile and can easily break when working. Therefore, it is suitable for either hobby tasks or bodyworks for keeping aside delicate edges. Besides, changing and replacing them is hectic compared to other reciprocating saws.

But let not this small complication hinder you from buying Neiko RIDGE30065A because, with the time, you will be fixing the issues for yourself. This is a trustworthy saw for the firm and domestic projects. Don't worry about breakages because getting its spare parts is very easy.

This saw is an affordable and valuable tool to consider.



  • Less expensive
  • Easy to use
  • It is flexible. It handles a variety of tasks
  • Can deliver up 10, 000 strokes within a minute
  • It has fragile blades
  • Changing the blade is not easy

Buyers Guide When Choosing an Air Reciprocating Saw

Best Air Reciprocating Saw

It is my hope the above information should help you make the right choice. Sometimes making the right decision becomes is not easy. Don't worry because this is normal, and the below guides should help you have an air saw of your choice.


Price is always the cost of the product, and the quality and type of work determine it. For our case, air reciprocating saws are the most recommended because they are less priced.

These are saws that I can recommend because they can deliver above 9000 strokes in one minute. From the above article, Berkling Tools 7102 Compact Low Vibration Air Saw and GALAX PRO Compact Saber Saw can do better when it comes to performance and price.

But if you wish to go for a pricier saw, you can buy Ingersoll Rand 479, Neiko Ridge30065A, Astro Pneumatic tool 930, and VonHaus 5 Amp Compact Reciprocating Saw. Therefore before purchasing a product, apart from the quality, try to compare its price to other saws.

Above all, remember to go for reciprocating saws that are pocket friendly.


This is the speed of the tool you wish to buy. Try to inspect the speed of various saws to direct you to which one is suitable for you. Under this factor, you should consider the speed of the stroke and the length of the stroke.

For example, reciprocating saws like Ingersoll Rand 479 can deliver up to 10000 strokes in one minute while others like VonHaus 5 Amp Compact Reciprocating Saw can only deliver up to 3000 strokes within a minute.

Therefore, before choosing a reciprocating saw, try to look at their performance speed so that you get your perfect choice. More so, the rate of a reciprocating saw is determined by the material you are handling.

If you are limited to plastics, GALAX PRO Compact Saber Saw is recommended for you.


These are usually other essential tools that a reciprocating saw comes with from the company. There are some with many accessories, while others don't have. Therefore before making a decision, try to check on their number of accessories.

Reciprocating saws like VonHaus 5 Amp Compact comes with 8 steel blades of different sizes to handle a variety of tasks. Despite its performance, the tool should be considered because of versatility.

On the other hand, if you need a reciprocating saw, go for Ingersoll Rand 479, Neiko Ridge30065A, Astro Pneumatic tool 930, and VonHaus 5 Amp Compact tools.

Ease of operation and use

This is an essential factor to consider before buying a reciprocating saw. Don't buy a complicated tool that will give a hard time when operating. However, this problem can be fixed but with time. Therefore choose a tool-free machine that you can handle easily.

For example, operating a machine like GALAX PRO Compact Saber Saw 5 Amp is straightforward because of the safety and trigger locks than operating a Neiko RIDGE30065A 1/4" Npt Air Inlet Pneumatic air saw.

Another issue is the changing of blades. Try to consider how easily you can change a blade because some may give you a headache. For example, Neiko RIDGE30065A 1/4" Npt Air Inlet Pneumatic air saw. Changing its blade is not an easy task but with GALAX PRO Compact Saber Saw 5 Amp, changing blades is very simple.

Reciprocating saw or Air Reciprocating saw

Air reciprocating saws are popularly known because of their compressed air power source. These tools are powerful, delivering up to 10000 strokes in one minute; for example, Ingersoll Rand 429 Heavy Duty Air Reciprocating Saw with six different sizes of blades enables you to handle a variety of tasks.

However, they produce a lot of heat and cannot be used continuously for more than ten minutes; it is recommended that you cool them down after every 6-8 minutes of continuous use.

The most powerful reciprocating saw, for instance, SKILSAW SPT44A-00, can only deliver up to 3200 strokes in one minute, and they are ideal for cutting thick heavy material whereas air reciprocating saws are best when cutting thin material.

Air reciprocating saws are lightweight and can be taken care of with one hand and are best when working in narrow spaced areas where a reciprocating saw can't reach.

In addition, air reciprocating saws have a reduced vibration rate. They are ergonomically designed to prevent you from fatigue. Reciprocating saws are known for their high vibration; however, this can be solved by adequately supporting the workpiece and making sure that the adjustable shoe of the saw is firmly in contact with the material being cut.

Air Saw - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What are the maximum number of strokes in air reciprocating saws and reciprocating saws?

Here it depends on what type of saw you are using. Some can deliver up to 10000, while others can only deliver up to 3000 strokes within a minute.

What is an air reciprocating saw/pneumatic?

An air reciprocating saws is a machine that uses compressed air to aid in pushing and pulling cutting blades forth and back. A good number of these saws have a mechanism to reduce vibration impacts. Vibration reduction reduces fatigue.

Is there any benefit of ergonomically designed air reciprocating saw?

Those machines that are ergonomically designed reduce the direct impact of vibration. This prevents you from fatigue and becoming sorer.

How beneficial is an Allen wrench?

This is a tool used to tighten Allen screws. Many of air reciprocating saws come with this tool

What is the maximum thickness of material that air saw can cut?

Most air reciprocating saws can cut a maximum of 1.4mm piece of material.

What is the use of air tool oil into air reciprocating saw?

The oil is used to prevent corrosion, rust, varnish, and gum accumulation while getting rid of deposits.

Does air reciprocating saw have variable speed trigger?

Almost all modern air saws have a variable speed trigger either through a dial or trigger sensitivity.

How tough process is it to change the blade in air saw?

You have to regularly replace the blades if you consistently work on rough or dense materials,

Can we use air saw for meat/bone cutting?

Most of this job can be done with a knife, but when more power is needed, air saws can save you.

Why does a reciprocating saw not feature the same stroke per minute of the air reciprocating saw?

The difference in strokes per minute is because of their difference in weight. Air saws are lighter than reciprocating air saws.

Final words

I know sometimes you don't have enough time to carry out your research, but this article is full of everything you would wish to know about reciprocating saws. There are many other reciprocating saws, but I have only sampled the best seven in this article. Please look at them and compare their prices, performance, accessories, and safety before making a step.

If you have any questions regarding the best air reciprocating saw and other related products, do not hesitate to visit our website. Our site is a one-stop solution for you. Please spare some time and scroll through our website.

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