The 6 Best Thickness Planer Reviews of 2023 (With FAQs)

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Wood is naturally rough and uneven. In order to work with it, you must flatten it out on all sides. Without planing, the end product will be unsuitable for use. However, this is extremely tricky to do on your own. This is why you need to get a thickness planer. It’s fun, simple, and extremely efficient.

To save yourself from this trouble of planing wood, get the best thickness planer from the market.

We don’t want you to buy any random planer because it will break down very soon.

A good planer will get rid of the excess wood from uneven surfaces and make it easy to work with. Thus, you will get satisfactory results in all your projects.

After analyzing the product description, seller’s feedback, and customer reviews on,,,, and others, we have found the following products as best. They are also cutting a good sale on the market. Please check out our list-

‘The extra-large turret depth stop allows users to return to most frequently used thicknesses with ease’

‘Delivers portability and productivity with a compact design, quieter operation, and faster, easier blade changes’

‘The four-column design of this tool provides excellent stability for smooth, accurate planning’

‘Each quarter rotation adjusts the height of the cutter head 1/64 of an inch for maximum precision during operation’

‘Detachable heavy-duty steel stand provides more convenient user operation’

‘Plane board up to 12.5” wide and 6” thick’

Best Thickness Planers Comparison

Benefits of a Thickness Planer

The best thickness planer reviews are the ones that will give you a brief rundown on all the good planers in the market. However, we’ll go a step further than that.

We know that many of you are just starting to learn about these machines. So, we’ll tell you why getting a planer is a better idea than trying other planing methods.

Aside from the fact that this will let you have a more professional stance on carpentry business, there are three main benefits of using a good planer.

Trims Fast

The planers trim out the extra wood from the surface, so as to give the same degree of planeness to all wooden boards that are placed parallel to each other.

Smoothens the Surface

It smoothens up the rough sides on the surfaces by rubbing on the grains until they lay completely flat. Thus, it gives the wood a smooth and polished appearance.

Gives Uniformity

The tools get all the wooden panels to be of the same thickness level so that the furniture has a more uniform look to it. This, in turn, also helps the weight distribution between different sides of the furniture piece and helps to make the end product more stable and uniform in all aspects.

6 Best Thickness Planer Reviews

If you are serious about this, you need to have a quality thickness planer. We’ll help you do that right here. Check out the list we have made for you.

Best Overall: DEWALT Thickness Planer, Two Speed, 13-Inch (DW735X)

If you aren’t new in the world of power tools, then Dewalt is a brand that you have seen everywhere already. Now comes the Dewalt planer that lives up to the name of its company. It has all the features to make this the best wood thickness planer for any professional.

First of all, it has a triple knife setup. In the realm of planers with paralleling knives, a three-knife setup is always preferred over the two-knife setup because they give a cleaner cut, and they also polish up the product to quite some extent before feeding it out of the system.

So, the wooden panels that this machine cuts will require very little sanding, and thus you will be able to save a lot of time here.

Then there is the speed gearbox that doesn’t come with all planers but does with this one in particular. It is an extra feature of convenience that will help you to manage the speed of the cutter head according to what your projects demand.

You can alter the speed of the feed between 96 and 179 CPI. This feature will give you the versatility to cover many different kinds of projects.

However, just like the previous planers, this one also has a motor of 15 amp. But this motor is capable of running a cutter head at the speed of 10,000 RPM and thus enabling it to get wider cuts into wooden panels with buttery ease.

Highlighted Features-

  • Powerful motor and an even powerful cutter head driving speed
  • The tool is not compatible with a Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connection
  • Has a triple-knife system that makes very smooth cuts into the wood
  • Built-in gearbox that will let you choose between different speeds
  • Comes with infeed and outfeed tables that stabilize the tool during operations

Our Second Choice: Makita 2012NB 12-Inch Planer with Interna-Lok Automated Head Clamp

Even if you skip the first one, please don’t skip this one. Pay for something that’s well built. 2012NB 12-Inch Planer from Makita has an above-average 6-3/32 inches maximum thickness capacity, which could help you avoid running back and forth to the bandsaw. The 2012NB has a feed rate of 28 feet-per-minute, with an easily-adjusted cutting depth setting for precision planning. The shortest piece to run through the planer is 5 1/16 inches.

2012NB 12-Inch Planer from Makita features a 15 AMP motor with a no-load speed of 8,500 RPM. This machine works like an animal when planing dense woods like rosewood. Though it says, the model features the quietest (83 dB) operation in its class but still be sure to have your ear protector (headphone style) on. Otherwise, it’ll wear down your hearing in no time.

For appropriate grit settings with a wide belt sander, you can start with 150, change to 220, then, depending upon what kind of finish you want, on to 400.

It has a two-knife cutter head and a depth of cut of up to 1/8-inch. Yes, we know this is probably not great for the blades, but it works wonders for cleaning up excess glue.

Best for Beginners: Delta Power Tools 22-555 13 In Portable Thickness Planer

We are starting our list with this simple but elegant design from Delta. When talking about power tools, the motor is the life force. And on this capable little tool, you are going to get a powerful motor of 15 amperes. Even the most demanding of projects will be tackled with ease by this device.

One look at the body of this tool, you will see that there are four different panels here. Infeed and outfeed tables come built into this planer, and owing to these, your wooden boards will get an incredible amount of support. The stable working panels will be a breath of fresh air, and planing wood will no longer be a frustrating task.

When you have used this tool for some time, and the blades have gotten a bit smushed out, you will have the freedom to take them out and instantaneously install a better one within seconds by using the quick knife-changing feature.

The jigs align very precisely, and they are also easy to pull off – thus, the whole system is quite efficient and encourages a pace of work that will give a boost to the number of projects you can complete with this.

Also, the ones that come with this planer are dual-edged. Due to being such, you can reuse one knife for a long, long period without needing to get new ones from the market.

Most conveniently, there is also a dust collection port here that will keep your work area very neat and clean. Overall, you will find the functions to run ever so smoothly on this tool, and you will really enjoy work with this quality product.

Highlighted Features-

  • Comes with a powerful 15-amp motor
  • Can handle the most demanding tasks without a mess
  • Has a four-columned design that gives stability to your work
  • Carries a built-in dust collecting system to keep the workspace clean
  • Change the knives easily without dealing with the hassle of alignment jigs

PORTER-CABLE Thickness Planer, 12-Inch (PC305TP)

This one also has a strong 15-amp motor, and you already know that this is a very powerful motor. So, it is quite evident that this tool will also be fast and quick at handling wooden boards without getting stuck in between loops of operation. It will also be able to feedstock in and out of the system neatly, without a hassle.

There are steel cutters in this tool – two knives sit parallel to each other and take the tough lumber into the system to shape it out elegantly within seconds. The ball bearings on the top of the blades make sure that the snipe damage is kept to a minimum. You will be very glad about the performance delivered by this tool.

When the time comes for a knife change, know that it will be a quick job. There is a quick knife-changing feature on this tool, and all the functions are designed to keep work snappy, yet produce results of quality.

The motor handles all the parts and the cutting with enough power to ensure that none of the parts get damaged under accumulated pressure. Also, the knives are double-edged; they will last you twice as long as a regular knife that comes with many other planers.

On top of that, the knives have been made with high-carbon steel, which is an element that is much sturdier and stronger than regular steel. Well, if you want quality, speed, and an enhanced quantity of completed projects, then this planer will serve you all that and for quite a long time.

You can trust this investment; it will make your work much easier.

Highlighted Features-

  • Powerful motor
  • Can cut wood of any level of toughness
  • High-quality steel blades used to enhance clean cutting
  • Very smooth operation assured by the parallel knife set up
  • Has four columns to keep the machine stable as the rollers start moving

Best Under $400: WEN 6552T 13 in. 15 Amp 3-Blade Benchtop Corded Thickness Planer

In terms of looks, we’ll say that this one will definitely catch a few glances. The ones we have discussed so far look quite plain, but this one will bring up the energy in your workshop with its orange hue that glows so loud and bright.

Other than the colors, you will also notice that there is a big planing board in it. The board measures about 6 inches in thickness, and about 13 inches in width. You will have a good amount of space to place wooden boards of decent sizes.

There is a material-removing gauge on the board that will tell you exactly how much of the wood is getting cut at every passing. Also, the cutting speed is quite alarming. Well, in the sense that this is a very quick machine.

The motor runs on 15 amperes of current, successfully enabling a rate of 25.5 thousand cuts at every minute. There is also a strong feeding rate of 26 feet of wood with every minute.

So, it’s quite reasonable to say that you will be alarmed at how fast all your projects get completed once you start employing this machine into use. It is arguably called the best benchtop thickness planer for pace and control.

Another point to note about the performance of this planer is its blade design. There are not two, but three sharp blades here that will really give your wood a much smoother finish than the planers that come with dual bladed construction.

This will save much of your time and effort, as you won’t have to do much sanding to the panels that are fed out by this planer. All the dust that comes out of the machine will be caught in the wind of the fans installed in the board and flown straight into the dust port conveniently.

Highlighted Features-

  • A very easy, convenient and neat machine to work with
  • The triple-bladed design smoothens up the trimmed wood
  • Built-in fans collect the dust and keep the workspace clean
  • Has a long enough board of 6 inches of thickness and 13 inches of width
  • A material removal gauge helps maintain the depth adjustment on the boards

Best With Table: Mophorn 12.5 inch 1800W Double Cutter Benchtop Thickness Planer

Another premium tool is coming your way here. This tool has a very elegant body of metal that comes with a stand, which keeps the whole thing stable when the wooden boards are fed into it.

A very high-powered planer runs the blades with a full capacity of 1800 watts. There are two knives in this blade setup, though. This is something that might put you a bit off because the wood will not be that smooth when it gets pulled out of the feed.

However, the point of this machine is to produce wooden panels faster and of a decent enough quality so that they can be quickly sanded into the perfect smoothness.

The speed of the blades is 9000 RPM, and the feed has a speed of about 315 revolutions per minute. Also, there is increased convenience with the infeed and outfeed tables as they can be folded in and out as per convenience. This helps to keep the machine compact and easy to store.

With this tool, you will also be able to adjust the height of the cutter head by a quick pull of the crank handle on the very top of the machine. And when all work is done, just turn on the exhaust fan on the dust collection port and have all the flying dust collect neatly into the dustpan.

This is a very safe machine to operate. It is built for mass production in factories, and the electromagnetic power switch comes really handy during emergencies regarding overloading.

Highlighted Features-

  • High-powered motor
  • Dual-bladed set up that cuts fast
  • Has a dust exhaust system that cleans up quick
  • Conveniently placed crank handle manages the cutter head to suit the task
  • All-metal body stands very sturdy atop the steelwork stand

Best Width Capacity: POWERTEC PL1252 15 Amp 2-Blade Benchtop Thickness Planer

If you are looking for the best portable thickness planer, then this one will make quite an impression on you. The color is a very elegant shade of deep blue and steel black. This is as effective a planer as any that we have discussed so far. However, due to its size, it is considered to be greatly suitable for DIYers as well as professionals.

You can do any type of essential wooden planing on this tool. It has a heavy base that is made to stand sturdy against all types of wood. This is a strong machine, but it can also be used for delicately old or worn-out wood as well.

The bench measures 12.5 in width and about 6 inches in thickness. So, make sure that you buy this planer only if you have small projects for it. Surprisingly enough, this one also has a motor of 15 amp. Due to this powerful motor in this small device, you can have a long run with it without damaging the machine in any manner.

And the cutter head has two blades that are sharp enough to cut deeply into hardwood like oak, walnut lumber, and etc. It will make about 18,800 precise cuts every minute, while the feeder makes rounds at 9400 RPM. So, as you can tell, you may not be able to do big projects with this tool, but you sure will be able to get quality stuff done.

Highlighted Features-

  • Very powerful motor
  • Easy to carry and safe to use
  • Perfect for DIY and small projects
  • Works quick at a feeder rate of 9400 RPM
  • Sturdy benchtop supports panels 12.5” wide and 6” thick

Thickness Planer: Buying Guide

Best Thickness Planer

Before we begin talking about what makes a thickness planer worth your money, we should talk about how it works. The most important parts of a thickness planer are the motor, the knife, and the cutter head.

So, the motor spins and gets the rollers moving. These rollers feed the wooden board into the cutter head. There are knives on the cutter head that cut off a section of the piece of wood according to preset measurements. That’s it.

However, in order to ensure that all this happens without resistance, you need to check out certain factors. Study them to find the best professional thickness planer out there.

Motor Power

This is the one component that can make or break a power tool. The motor is the heart of the planer. It is the part that will circulate and feed energy to all the other parts of the tool.

The motor of a planer, in particular, should be tough and strong enough to handle wood of any level of hardness. Otherwise, you may break the tool if you feed a wooden plank into the machine that is harder than the strength of the motor.

Power of a motor in such a tool as this is measured in RPM values, i.e., the number of revolutions that the motor wheel can make every minute. For a regular countertop planer, the motor should have an RPM of at least 8000.

If the motor shows anything below this number, do not buy it because its performance will be very limited. So, remember. Go above 8000 RPM, never below.

Cutter Head Efficiency

Another very important part of a power tool is the cutter head. As is evident from the name, this is the part of the machine that does the main job of cutting. In order for the cut to be neat and clean, it is not enough for the cutter to be sharp. It must also be of proper thickness and length.

There are two main types of cutter heads that come with wood planers. One has blades that are spiral, while another has blades that are straight. Choose the type of cutter head that best suits the types of projects you do.

Spiral or helical cutter heads are more expensive, and they also use up more power when taking the lumber in. However, they give a cleaner finish to the wood. So, if you are looking for a quality cut, then you should definitely choose this one.

And another plus point is that helical cutter heads produce very little noise, so you can work peacefully at any time of the day without pissing off your neighbors.

Then we have the cutter heads that come with straight-knives. With these, you will be able to get the work done without a problem, but the finish on the wood won’t be as smooth as with spiral cutters.

However, they are preferred by a great number of people because they are perfectly good at handling the job, they come at a much lower price, and they require less power to pull in the lumber into the system.

Moreover, the blades used with straight-knife cutters are most commonly made with high-speed steel, which is very durable, strong, and easily sharpened. So, you will be able to use these ones for long periods.

Also, please note that there are 2 different types of straight-knife cutters: double-bladed and triple-bladed. We would recommend you to get the triple-bladed one because they provide a better finish to the wood.

You can check the opinion of the experts from here also.

Planer Area

This is the part of the machine where you will place the wood you want to plane. So, you must make sure that there is an adequate amount of space for big wooden boards here.

The minimum width of your planer area should be 11 inches, while the minimum thickness should be at least 6 inches.

You can, of course, buy a planer with measurements above these figures as per necessity, but never choose a planer that goes below this minimum limit, because it won’t work with the wooden boards used in most carpentry projects.


Your tool must have a solid design that you can conveniently put to work. An effective machine should have parts that are all individually effective and properly functional. The parts must be powerful enough to handle the vibrations caused by the cutter head.

Before buying, check the sturdiness of the tool. Check the materials used in construction, and also the quality of the nuts and bolts that were used to assemble the tool as well. A steel base is ideal because it will have enough resistance to the vibrations, and will not get deformed or dislodged while the machine operates.

Depth Adjustment Feature

Check whether the scales, direction, and the gauges are all labeled properly. This is the feature where you will put in the measurements according to which your wood will be cut and shaped. So, this is quite an important aspect of the working process.


Okay, this is a problem that everyone working with a planer has struggled with. This happens when the planer trims off too much from the ends of the wooden plane that is fed into the system. The snipe leaves tiny marks on the wood, ruins the look of the end product, and is a very annoying problem to deal with.

It’s a problem that will happen with pretty much any planer you buy. This happens as the cutter head starts moving.

Some planers employ carriage locking systems to hold the cutter head down in place as it starts moving, whereas some have automated locking systems that pull the rollers and the cutter head down together as soon as the depth adjustment has been made.

If you want extra protection against sniping, then make sure that the planing table is long enough to hold up the wooden boards as they go in and even as they come out of the feeder.

Different types of planers employ different design features to minimize this problem. So, check what type of anti-sniping effect is built into your planer before you buy it.

Dust Collecting Space

If you don’t want your workshop to get buried in wood dust, then make sure that your planer has a dust collection system. Check that the dust collection set up is complete with a directing funnel that catches all the flying dust and channels it all into a dust collector box or basket.

There should be an ejection switch to the dust collector as well. It will help you to easily get rid of the accumulated dust without creating a mess at the last minute.

Overall Performance

A good planer will smoothen out the edges and the surfaces to quite a manageable extent so that the trimmed planks are easier to sand before further processing.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

If you have any questions, please ask us. Down here, we have answered some very common questions we get about wood planing.

How can I further minimize snipe?

You have to hold the wooden board down with your hand when the wooden board is entering the cutter head and even when it is getting out of the planer.

Can I sharpen the blades and reuse them?

Yes, you can.

Is a wood planer mandatory for a carpenter?

Yes, if you are doing it professionally, then you should definitely get one because it will help you to complete projects faster.

Do I need to sand the wood after planing?

Yes, the planer only trims wood to give it a level surface. Sanding is required for further smoothening. Check out our post "best belt sanders" to get the buying suggestion.

What size planer should I get?

This depends on the thickness of the wooden stocks that you will work with.

Final Words

Planing is one of the most fun aspects of carpentry. It’s very satisfying to see wood come out so cleanly shaped and ready to be worked on. So, choose the planer carefully to manage your projects better. We hope our article helped you find the best thickness planer, and that you were able to learn from us.

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