7 Ideas for Organizing Your Tool Shed

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There is hardly a homeowner out there that couldn’t make use of a tool shed. Whether you are maintaining your home or have a hobby requiring tools, it is in your best interest to keep them safe in a well-made shed. But, homeowners often fail to properly set up their shed so that it is easy to access and utilize. So, for this article, we will give you a couple of tips on organizing your tool shed. Hopefully, you will find a few that suit your needs.

Organizing your tool shed

7 Ideas for Organizing Your Tool Shed

A tool shed should keep all items you’ll use in home maintenance only. People often pile up things in their sheds and make them needlessly cluttered. The best course of action is to outline which tools you’ll need and store them and only them within your shed. It is also worth noting that your toolbox should be in your home, not your tool shed.

Prioritize tool use

Even among the tools, you’ll use, there is likely some prioritization to be done. While you will likely use all of your tools at some point, you will use some more often than others. You must make those tools more easily accessible than the rest. The more you use a tool, the easier it should be to access it.

This prioritization will also be helpful for when you need to relocate. Once you clean up your tools to prepare them for transport, you need first to pack the tools you use the least. On the other hand, the last tools that you pack will be those you most rely upon.

Add a makeshift shed “attic”

A likely problem you will run into when organizing your tool shed is that you will run out of storage space. As a rule, tool sheds aren’t huge. But, they can be tall. A decent amount of room is often empty, simply because it is above everything else. The smart way to use this is to install a platform in your shed and use it as a makeshift attic. In your tool shed “attic,” you can store the items at the bottom of the priority list. That way, they will still be safe and sound in your shed but not make it cluttered.

Adding extra storage

Another way to add a bit of extra storage is by installing a tool cabinet or a wooden box next to your tool shed. Namely, a single cabinet or a wooden box can be all you need to store your items safely. This extra storage is much easier to build than a tool shed. But, it still requires some skill and craftsmanship if you wish to provide the necessary protection. It is paramount that you protect it from water and that you can safely lock it.

Hang tools from walls

Arguably the most common solution for tool shed organization is to hang tools on the walls. Shovels, rakes, hammers, spades, shears, and even chainsaws can hang from something as simple as a nail. If you want to be more crafty, you can look to make and install wooden holders. These will hang your items and add extra room for smaller ones. You should keep priority in mind even when hanging tools, especially if you plan on hanging multiple tools from a single point.

Declutter as often as possible

As we mentioned before, tool sheds often get cluttered. Even if you solely use it for your tools, making your shed too messy for safe storage can still be easy. This is why one of the best tips for organizing your tool shed is to declutter it as often as possible. Ideally, you will have a garage in your home where you can store the extra tools. You should regularly go through your shed and pick out all the tools you won’t need in the foreseeable future.

Lumber rack

Be it for warmth or as a building material; homeowners often rely on wood. Unfortunately, storing wood is rarely easy, as you’ll have difficulty keeping it dry and safe. Fortunately, your tool shed can provide an answer to wood storage. You can place two solid wooden beans parallel to the side of your tool shed. By doing so, you’ve effectively created a lumber rack where you can easily store wood. All you need now is a protective wrap between the shed and the beams, and you’ll effectively protect your wood from any unwanted moisture.

Sliding doors

The final idea we have for you is to forgo standard doors when creating your tool shed. Sliding doors take up far less space than standard western ones. As such, they give you far more room to place items in your storage shed and outside of it. This extra storage room is nothing to scoff at, as it just might be space that you need to forgo other storage options. So, consider whether you need to use standard doors or sliding doors would do the trick on your tool shed.

Final thoughts

So far, we’ve given you broad tips for organizing your tool shed. Depending on your tools, you might find other, more niche recommendations for organizing. This is why we strongly encourage you to keep researching and learning as much as possible. The more homeowner tips you know, the more you will enjoy your home.

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