The 12 Best Tool Box for Woodworker – Reviews and Comparison

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Anyone who uses tools regularly is faced with the need for a tool box. Although cardboard box may help you to store or carry a few hand tools, looking for a more rugged and easy to carry toolbox is a wise idea.

On the other hand, cardboard boxes are very hard to organize, thus the need of looking something that is specifically designed to make easy to carry and organize your tools. Here are some of the best tool boxes on the market. Go through each of these tool box reviews to find a model that suits your needs perfectly.

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DEWALT (DWST17814) Tstak Tool Box, Deep, Long Handle

DEWALT Tough System Tool Box, Small (DWST08201)

GANCHUN 14-inch Consumer Storage and Toolbox for Tool or Craft Storage

Goplus Portable Tool Box 19In Toolbox Lockable Cabinet Tool Storage Box

OEMTOOLS 22179 19" Tool Box with Removable Tool Tray

Milwaukee Electric Tool 48-22-8425 Pack out, Large Tool Box

Milwaukee 48-22-8426 Packout, 22", Rolling Tool Box

Stanley Consumer Tools STST14027 Sort Master Tool Organizer

Trusco ST-350-B 2-Level Toolbox

Homak Industrial 18-Inch Cantilever Steel Toolbox

Stanley Fatmax FMST14820 FatMax Deep Pro Organizer

Stanley FMST18001 FatMax 18-Inch Structural Foam Tool Box

Stanley STST14027 SortMaster Tool Organizer

This is a great choice for individuals who are looking for a model that is not only durable but also easy to carry along. This model comes with an ergonomically designed handle that provides you with a firm and comfortable grip. This tool box also comes with multi-layer storage that allows you to keep your tools in different compartments according to your specific requirements.

Another impressive feature in this model is the one hand latch opening that allows using one hand to open and close it. You will also love the large interior space that allows you to keep all your tools safely. The box is well constructed to ensure durability and high performance.

The Original Pink Box PB20MTB 20-Inch Steel Tool Box

This metal body portable toolbox is ideal for general home requirements for storing a wide variety of tools securely. The model is not only easy to carry around but also durable. This is made possible by the steel construction and a scratch free plastic base. The base is well insulated so that it does not scratch any of your tools. This means that they remain in top condition.

You will love the plastic trays that keep all your tools organized. To keep all your tools secure the model is lockable. Clients who have already purchased this model also love the easy grip handle that enhances their comfort when moving the tools from one place to another.

Pink Power 18” Aluminum Tool Box with Extra Storage Compartments

This toolbox has a large compartment making it great for carrying hand tools, power tools, as well as medium to large items. The box features several compartments to allow you to arrange your tools easily. It features a smooth plastic bottom that plays a major role when it comes to preventing wear and tear on the work surface.

You will also like the soft grip handles that allow you to carry it conveniently without hurting your hands. Additionally, this model also features with two metal latches that allow you to keep your tools secure. There is also an inbuilt padlock eye that allows you to lock it from the outside, increasing the security of your tools.

Trusco ST-350-B 2-Level Toolbox

This hand carried toolbox is suitable for both medium-sized and large list of tools. The model comes in an ergonomic design that allows you to lift and carry the box even when carrying heavy loads. The box is constructed with steel body for extra strength. This means that it will withstand repeated use for long without any problems.

Additionally, sturdy construction ensures that you can carry heavier equipment comfortably. Another excellent feature is the two armed as well as a double hinged opening that helps in keeping it both groovy and smooth. The lockable latches also help in keeping all your items secure.

Cat Premium Plastic Portable Tool Box

Cat Premium Plastic Portable Tool Box is a great choice for a professional contractors or home repair person who needs adequate storage as well as easy access to tools.

This model also includes a with removable tray organizers with clear lids, allowing you to access your tools easily. You are also provided with removable tote trays that play a great role when it comes to organizing small tools as well as fasteners.

The model also comes with comfort grip handles that allow you to carry the toolbox for a long distance without discomforts. The two latches lock the top lid securely meaning that your tools are secure.

Homak H2PRO BW00210220 Cantilever Steel Toolbox

One of the features that stand out in this box is the unique and professional design. This makes it a great choice for carpenters, remodel professional, and any other professionals who deal with construction work.

This toolbox comes with a solid industrial quality construction ensuring top performance. The four individual shelves will allow for more organization space, which is great as it allows you to access your tools easily.

The bottom storage space is spacious enough for you to store the larger tools and accessories. The other great feature in model is the triple clasp feature that allows keeping your item safe.

Waterloo Portable Series Tool Box

If you are on the lookout of a lightweight yet durable toolbox, this is a great choice. This model will also fit the needs of individuals who are on a tight budget but would still want to get a storage box that is durable and easy to use.

The model is constructed using lightweight yet sturdy materials to come up with a durable toolbox. It is suitable for storing small to medium duty hand as well as power tools.

The model also features a comfort grip handle that allows you to carry it using one hand. There is also a removable plastic tray that allows organizing all your tools for easy accessibility. You will also like the full-width piano hinges that allow for easy closing and opening.

Stack-On GMY-26RPS/4 Deluxe Professional Tool Box

This sturdy toolbox will allow you to transport all your heavy tools conveniently. This professionally designed toolbox comes in a design that is optimized both for durability. The model has the capacity to hold large tools and still provide more space where you can organize your smaller tools and accessories.

The rugged steel construction provides greater strength while the staked hinges ensure that your tools are secure. Another excellent feature is the epoxy finish that protects the product from rust and scratching. This means that it will stay in top condition for long. Additionally, this model comes with deluxe fit trays that allow you to arrange all your tools well.

Stanley Fatmax FMST14820 FatMax Deep Pro Organizer

You will fall in love with the design of this tool box almost instantly. The model features an ergonomic and sturdy design, making perfect for both professional and DIYers who needs to carry their tools regularly to a new job site. This toolbox comes with removable trays that assist you to arrange smaller items easily.

The model also comes with latches that are of high quality meaning that your tools are secure. Another impressive feature in this model is the water seal that ensures that all the contents in the box are protected from water.

Stanley FMST18001 FatMax Structural Foam Tool Box

This toolbox combines the structural foam of toughness together with cantilever organization to come up with a handy toolbox that is not only durable but also easy to use. The model is constructed using high-end materials to ensure high durability as well as performance.

The model also features a waterproof seal that ensures that all tools are dry. This means you do not have to worry when you are caught in the rain on the job site.

Another feature that makes this product one of the greatest toolboxes we have on the market is the ball bearing that allows it to slide easily. It is also an inexpensive option.

Best Tool Box Buying Guides

Picking the tool box that suits your needs will depend on a number of factors. Here are some of the considerations you have to have at the back of your mind.

The tools you have

The first consideration to have at the back of your mind is the number of tools you have. If you want to get a toolbox to transport a number of sizable tools to the job site, you need to select a model that comes with a roomy interior.

If you have tools like a circular saw and reciprocating saw and need to transport them to a job site, ensure that the tool box is spacious enough. The model should also have removable trays to help you to organize your tools as well as accessories.

Ease of use

Another consideration is how easy it is to use the toolbox you have selected. This will depend on your specific needs on how you want to use the product. Consider portability and storage space available.

Materials of construction

The next thing you need to consider is the construction materials. You would not want to purchase something that will last for only a few weeks. The best tool box is constructed with high-quality materials that last for a long time.


Ensure you go for a professionally designed toolbox, as it will be easier to carry along and still be easy to store.

Difference between tool bag and tool chest and tool pouch

A tool chest is a large toolbox that you can use to organize and carry your tools. A tool chest will also ensure that your tools well protected even after a long period storage. Tool chests come in different sizes such as hand carried models, stationary and portable drawer tool chest. The portable models often have wheels meaning that you can push them to your job site.

You can also find stationary tool chests, which are mainly used to store larger and heavier tools securely such as jig saw as well as a reciprocating saw. The tool pouch is hand carried tool box and is used to store or carry smaller tools such as screwdrivers, pliers, nuts, bolts and other smaller tools.

A tool bag will store and carry small to medium sized hand tools as well as power tools. The main difference between the tool chests and the tool box is that tool chest has a larger storage space.

Bottom line

Choosing the tool box is simple when you do proper research online as this will help you to find a model that fits your needs perfectly. Choosing any of our products listed above means that you will have a toolbox that you can depend on for many years to come. Go through each feature to find the model that is most appropriate for you. Good Luck!

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