How Do You Care for a Circular Saw Blade

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Circular saw is a powerful and versatile tool that can contribute immensely to your workshop. Therefore circular saw blade is also necessary for a woodworker. They can face tough flack from hard metals and rough surfaces without losing a tooth.

However, it is important that they be properly cared for and maintained to increase the longevity of the blade edge and the quality of the metal so that they can withstand tough tasks and do not succumb to weakness.

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Tips to Care for Your Circular Saw Blade

Following a proper, regular cleaning routine can help you do just that. However, that may not always be enough. Here are some things you should keep in mind to make sure that you take excellent care of your circular saw blades.

Choose the right kind of blade

This goes without saying. Circular saw blades are designed differently to suit different jobs and materials. Using a blade on a surface that it is not meant for, can damage its teeth and even render it unusable.

Focus on the Storage

Storage is an essential requisite to maintain the quality of blades. Circular saw blades should be stored such that they do not bump into each other or any other surface. This will prevent them from getting scratched or dented.

Keep Away from Moisture

Moisture is the worst enemy of your circular saw blades. It can cause them to rust or pit, deteriorating their performance and eventually making them unusable. An increased presence of moisture can reduce the shelf life of your saw blade and you wouldn’t really want that.

Keep Away from High Temperatures

To prevent a thermal crack in the carbide surface of the blade, avoid using it in high temperatures that can be caused by the blade being used too low on hard or rough wood. This can even cause fragments to fly out due to the crack and pose an imminent health hazard.

Use Proper Cleaning Methods

Use a nylon or brass brush along with some WD-40, ammonia or Formula 409 cleaner to clean your circular saw blades. Avoid using wire brushes. This shall exponentially increase the life of your blades.

Keep the Blades Clean

Do not let grit, grime or sap accumulate and dry on the blade. Clean away the residue from the blade as soon as you get done with the hob,
lest it should compromise the quality of the blade by blunting the edge.

Working with a blunt blade is not only tougher but also it generates a lot of heat, which is harmful to the health of the blade as is aforementioned.

Know Where to Put the Blade On

When setting your blade down before or after a job make sure that it is not a cement or metal surface that you keep your blade on. This is because metal to metal or metal to cement contact chips away the top grind of the blade, which is essential for its sharpness.

If you need to set your blade down, make sure that it is in a clean plastic or wood surface.

Keep in mind these simple rules and your circular saw blades should be able to serve you a long, happy tenure of work.

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