Which Is Better Gas or Battery Pole Saw?

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Pole saws are small curved saw blades, having a supporting handle for pruning or trimming projects. It turns out a pole saw eliminates the need for stools or ladders during gardening. Some pole saws even go further, providing users with an extendable handle. But which is better, gas or battery pole saw? Let us discuss the topic and know which one works and which one you prefer the most.

You must find an alternative fast if you want to trim long branches. Using a saw and ladder combo is kinda dangerous and time-consuming. A gas-powered pole saw feels heavy and can deliver more power. On the other hand, a battery pole saw is lighter and eco-friendly. In short, no combustion fumes or harmful gases. Read more below.

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Cordless Pole Saw Types

Pole saws vary in size, shape, function, and many more. But, depending on the motor type, a cordless motor is of two kinds. One is battery-powered, and the other has gas powering it.

Gas Powered Pole Saw

Professionals who do the heavy lifting, cutting the vast forest, or just giving tree pruning services mostly prefer a gas pole saw. A Cordless pole saw is perfect, especially when it comes to versatility. The significant drawbacks of a gas-powered pole saw are its low humming sound and the combusting emission.

However, in a place where you won’t get any charging available, a gas-powered pole saw is your best option.

Battery-Powered Pole Saw

As the names suggest, a battery-powered pole saw has an electric battery powering the motor. These types of pole saw tend to be lighter and easy on the user. You can effortlessly chop through 8 to 9 inches thicker limbs or vines in your garden or yard. Once turned on, you can cut off twisted branches of the corners without damaging the whole tree.

Battery-powered pole saws are eco-friendly, which means no harmful gases or smoke. However, if your saw isn’t automatic, you need to oil the blades from time to time.

Which Is Better, Gas or Battery Pole Saw?

Gas or Battery Pole Saw

When it comes to which one is better, we will not judge based on what we think is true. It is up to you to decide on the better deal. So, let us dig in deeper.


Both the gas and battery pole saws are durable—however, the materials they have as core determines their durability. A gas pole saw makes a lot of vibration, sometimes leading to motor damage. Then again, once you have a vibration control attachment, you will hardly see any difference between them.

A battery-powered pole saw can have a negative effect on the battery over time. It is just how batteries are supposed to act.


The cost of a pole saw varies depending on the brand, size, motor, and so on. However, a gas pole saw is somewhat cheaper than a battery one. A gas pole saw has fuel and maintenance costs, which add up in the near future. In the case of a battery one, you pay once, which is the end of the deal.

Raw Power

A battery-powered pole saw is good at all, but a gas-powered one is the king of the castle. Gas-powered motors produce tremendous cutting power and can even slice through thick trunks or branches. Professionals prefer having a gas pole saw for its efficient cutting abilities and no cord experience. In short gas-powered ones is the best cordless pole saws that can help to cut trees easily.

But when you don’t see such raw power, a battery-powered pole saw can save money and is more reliable.


A gas pole saw weighs a little more than a battery-powered one. Try getting a battery pole saw if you want a low-weight pole saw and reduce arm fatigue.

Field of use

When it comes to professional thick timber cuts, a gas pole saw should be your prime option. Then again, a home gardener doesn’t need a heavy-duty pole saw on a regular basis. For pruning and trimming, a battery pole saw will do just great.

Table of Comparison Gas Vs. Battery Pole Saw

Features Gas Pole Saw Battery Pole Saw
Weight Weighs more. Weighs less.
Motor Power Generates more power. Generates less power.
Cordless Feature Yes Yes
Timber Cuts Yes No
Branch Pruning Yes Yes
Cost Costs less Costs more
External Fuel Cost Yes No

What Is the Best Stihl Pole Saw?

If you are a DIY gardener, the Stihl HT 56 C-E is one of the best for your needs. In fact, the HT 56 C-E is the best Stihl pole in the market. When it comes to trimming, pruning, or simple shrub cleanup, this pole saw will cope with any situation you go through at it.

End Note

Pruning or trimming trees can be a good thing for the tree’s overall health. However, finding which is better, a gas or battery pole saw, is a hard job for a newbie. A professional pruner would have a gas pole saw due to its performance boost in all situations.

If you are a DIYer and don’t need too much raw power, try getting a battery-powered one. Battery pole saws are eco-friendly, don’t need external fuel, and have no harmful gas emissions.

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