Best Pole Saw Review 2019 – New Trend and Features Analysis

We all know about chainsaws, circular saws, and etc. But when it comes to the Pole Saw, most of us don't have any idea what it is, or how does it perform. It is one of the most overlooked saws. For that reason, today, we will reveal what exactly it is and how one can benefit from using it for certain tasks.

In simple words, 'A Pole Saw Is Used for Tree Trimming.'

It is mainly used to cut the thick branch leaves which you can't reach from the ground. That's why, homeowners who are interested in gardening are often immensely interested in it as they don't have to count on the ladder, which is dangerous in a way or call the professional for tree trimming, which can also be expensive on a regular basis.

Some people call it 'Chainsaw on A Stick', as they don't know this special device for tree trimming is known as a pole saw.

For that reason, if you are buying it from a local store, you can struggle with the name. We understand it looks odd at first, but sadly this tool isn't so popular in the landscaping arsenal, and the main reason is it doesn't get the publicity it deserves.

Otherwise, it is very handy and can facilitate you in trimming trees in a lot less time than you can imagine. Plus, you will be able to trim like a professional tree trimmer.

Product Image

Product Name

Product Type

Cutting Range

Bar Length

Product Price


Up to 14 ft

8 in


More than10 ft

10 in

Electric Corded

10 feet overall

10 in


8 ft pole length

8 in



4 m

12 in

Gas Powered

12 feet

8 in 


10 to 15 feet

10 in


9.5 feet

8 in

Corded Electric

Pole extends to 8.6 ft.

8 in


7 to 10 feet with ease.

8 in

Best Pole Saw in The Market

We have revealed almost all the guidelines that you should read over and over before purchasing a pole saw. It doesn't matter whether you have a smaller garden with a few trees or you want to work in a national forest. Buying a pole saw without pondering your requirement won't work in your favor. It will stay inconvenient for you all the time.

Below are the top ten pole saws in the market. All of them have their own pros and cons, but the great thing is they are from reputable companies.

They offer better performance and have a longer life.

When it comes to accomplishing the main purpose, trimming trees, BLACK + DECKER LPP120 Pole Saw is one of the best options for you.

The main feature of this product is it has as 14' pole.

This length is more than enough to handle and cut the high tree branches. And, perhaps, that's why this is the best-selling of this model too. Consumers comprehend that it serves the main purpose. Even if some pole saw has the best blades or the best features that are hard to find in other models, but not the good length, it is nothing.

Because it won't be serving the main purpose. You will still have to stand on the stool or a ladder to reach the high branches of the tree.

Product Highlights (BLACK+DECKER LPP120)

  • It has a 14' pole length; it is more than enough to reach high branches.
  • This length can be broken down to three pieces for easy storage.
  • It is compatible with 20V MAX Lithium-Ion battery.
  • This pole saw in a lightweight design for easy usage.
  • It is better to tighten the chain on the bolt before each use to avoid looseness.

This pole saw is a new edition in the market.

It is tough to shed light on its overall quality and material. But the feature we have read about Earthwise Pole Saw look quite promising. 

The main advantage you have with this model is 'unlimited supply of power'. It is coded and you don't have to depend on the gas at all. In addition, it is rather lightweight. You can work for hours without feeling any stress on your arms. 

The main drawback we find in this product is it doesn't have enough length compared to the previous model.

Product Highlights (​Earthwise 6.5-Amp Pole Saw)

  • It offers 9'6" length.
  • You don't have to deal with a lack of power as it is corded.
  • No need to invest in gas again and again.
  • It is lightweight; won't cause any trouble in extreme kind of projects.
  • It is a new edition in the market.

The Craftsman 2-in-1 electric corded pole saw is auto bar oiler.

It is packed with super features that will make you fall in love with it. The most important feature, however, is the adjustable angle. You can adjust the movement of the head towards the desired direction for extending your approach.

This is also a 2-in-1 model as it is mentioned in the title. The extension pole is attached. Once you remove it, it starts working as a chain saw. The great thing of this best pole saw is the transitioning from a chainsaw to a pole saw, or pole saw to a chainsaw, is effortless.

Product Highlights (Craftsman 2-in-1 Electric Pole Saw)

  • It has a 9 amp motor.
  • This pole saw can be quite effective for landscaping and yard work.
  • It has an automatic oil pump with a live indicator.
  • It assists in light to medium duty trimming.
  • The total reach of Craftsman 2-in-1 is 10 feet.

Greenworks 8.5' 40V Cordless Pole Saw

We love this one.

If there is one pole saw in our list which we would love to recommend it is this one. The Greenworks 8.5' Cordless Pole Saw has everything you need to trim branches.

For example, the chain system can be easily adjusted for quick tightening. You don't have to struggle with it again and again. Other than that, there is a translucent oil tank. It provides a clear view of oil level. You can keep an eye on its overall performance.

We know, the bar length isn't up to the mark. But it is made of aluminium. If 8 feet is your requirement, we feel, you should opt for this model of Greenworks only.

Product Highlights (Greenworks 8.5' 40V Pole Saw)

  • The automatic oiler applies oil to the bar on its own.
  • It consists of a three-piece aluminum shaft.
  • This pole saw can be extended to eight feet.
  • It delivers more power and runtime.
  • The batter and charger are included in the package.

Husqvarna 967867901 115iP4 Battery Pole Saw

The maximum working height of Husqvarna 967867901 115iP4 Battery Pole Saw is almost 13 feet.

This can be considered as the best height in the industry, as pole saws are known for their heights. You won't have any trouble in trimming and cutting the higher branches of trees.

One thing which can surprise you about this product is it provides more power than expectations. It has lots of power, therefore, trimming branches is never an issue. This is probably due to the reason of its brushless high torque motor to weight ratio for increased efficiency. We hardly see any other manufacturer using this same kind of engine for the pole saw.

Lastly, Husqvarna's professional developers have used adjustable chain tensioner too. It is a good addition that increases its worth even more.


WARNING: This product can expose you to Lead, which is known to the State of California to cause Cancer and Birth Defect/Reproductive Harm. For more information go to

Product Highlights (Husqvarna 327P4)

  • It is equipped with easy starting PMDC 36V engine.
  • The tube has a telescopic function for quick cutting height adjustment
  • The low noise provides a comfortable work situation and low disturbance for others.
  • Total height for this pole saw is 13 feet.
  • The overall weight of this product is 13.4 pounds.

Poulan Pro PR28PS, 28cc 2-Cycle Gas 8 in. Pole Saw

If you are dealing with the heavy growth and the branches are bending to the ground, it is time to test the performance of Poulan Pro PR28PS.

It would be correct to claim that this product is without any flaw. We didn't find any specific drawback in it that can compel you to review your decision. It gives Effortless Pull Starting. It is equipped with a dual-line feed Tap'N Go head for a superior cutting result. We believe this is more than enough to clean your garden like a pro.

There are also some other minor additional benefits that matter.

For instance, It has a quiet operation. You won't disturb your family or neighbors. Moreover, it has an ergonomic design. You will stay comfortable and do your work quickly.

Product Highlights (Poulan Pro PPB40PS)

  • It has spring assisted starter system for ease of starting.
  • It is quite silent during the operation compared to other pole saws.
  • Comes with 28cc. 2 stroke engine.
  • It extends up to 12 feet.
  • Its air Purge removes air from carburetor and fuel system for easy starting

Remington RM1025SPS Ranger

This electric saw from Remington is also 2-in-1 - chainsaw and pole saw.

For reaching longer reach, the professionals from the Remington Company developed it with two aluminum booms. They kept the operator height in mind and allowed this product to extend at least 10 feet for high branches.

There is one thing you must bear in mind before investing in this saw.

With the help of flip and lock clamps, you can adjust the length of it without any trouble, but this feature isn't for giving a specific angle to the head, which is present in some other pole saws in our list. It has indeed an anti-rotation shaft so you might face some issues while operating in tough angles.

Product Highlights (Remington RM1025SPS)

  • The 8-amp electric motor is the actual power source.
  • It can easily cut the limbs 10-15 feet overhead.
  • You can also convert it into a chainsaw, as it is a 2-in-1 model.
  • It has an anti-rotation shaft.
  • The grip of the handle is exceptional that enhances comfort and stability.

Ryobi One+ 8 in. 18-Volt 9.5 ft. Cordless Electric Pole Saw

Give this best pole saw a shot... It is worth the money.

We know you might some negative reviews on the product page, but we believe they are mostly based on unrealistic expectations. One should assess the quality of the product by focusing on its description and features.

If something isn't mentioned on the product page, you can't expect it to work in that way too. All in all, whatever the manufacturers have displayed, it works accordingly.

It has adjustable 9.5 feet length and it is an electric model. Therefore, you are counted on the in-line motor for precise pruning. Also, in order to achieve extra length, the Ryobi experts have introduced extension pole for an extended length.

Product Highlights (Ryobi One+ 8 in. 18-Volt 9.5 ft. Cordless Electric Pole Saw)

  • It has an adjustable 9.5 length which can be extended more.
  • It is an electrical model; you are counted on the motor.
  • Automatic Oiler feature is there for comfortable operation.
  • It has an angled cutting feature, which is quite rare in these kinds of products.

It is a terrific electric pole saw.

If you don't know much about Sun Joe brand, test their manufacturing skills with this product. We highly recommend it.

This pole saw from the Sun Joe is ideal and exceptional for cutting overhanging limbs. The great thing is it works efficiently on thin logs too. You won't have any trouble, especially because the source of the power is the 8-amp motor.

The power motor facilitates in cutting the branches up to 7.5 inches thick. You also have the opportunity to turn it into a hand-held chain saw if you are working on loads of logs.

Product Highlights (Sun Joe SWJ806E)

  • You can easily reach hard-to-reach branches with Sun Joe SWJ806E.
  • It is powered by an 8-amp power motor.
  • You can convert it into a chain saw too, as it is a 2-in-1 model.
  • It can handle even the most stubborn limbs effectively.
  • There is a built-in safety switch to prevent accidental starting.

It is a hard-to-beat pole saw in the industry.

The overall build quality of the Oregon Cordless Pole Saw is great. It looks professional and sturdy. You can expect it to be your lifelong friend. Besides, the blade and chain combo are top-rated too. You can take down big limbs too rather comfortably.

Professional tree trimmers love this product too, as according to them, it is a fantastic saw that can work for a longer period. Plus, the vibration in it is a lot less than other models.

There is a special branch hook too that is used for easy limb removal.

Product Highlights (Oregon PS250-A6)

  • The adjustable collar helps in extending the length.
  • There is a mid-mount motor that reduces fatigue.
  • The developers have introduced the 4.0 Ah battery in it.
  • It has a superior weight distribution and balance.
  • It is four times quieter than the gas-powered pole saw.

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Types of Pole Saw

They look simple tools, but you can classify them in a number of different ways.

For example, from the power source to blade style, everything matters. Besides, different types of pole saws are used in different places too. So, it is imperative to know about them before investing your money.

Electric Pole Saw

If you are a person who is not into maintenance or work on your garden or trees occasionally, you should choose an Electric Pole Saw.

This is an advanced version of pole saws as you just need to plug it into an extension cord and start working on your project. The main reason why people prefer is over other models is electric models keep on running strongly, even after years of you. Besides they come with 6-10 inch blades which are ideal for small trimming work.

It doesn't mean this model doesn't have any drawbacks. Most of the time, it will be imperative to work near the electrical source. Usually, the length the electric pole saws provide is 100 feet.

So, if you are working in your backyard, it is perhaps a good choice. It isn't for people who work in the forest or like to build wood structures since it is used for cutting small branches only. You can't utilize it for hardwood cutting.

Gas-Powered Pole Saw

Best pole saw that Gas-Powered models are the heavy-duty pole saws. They are the most powerful, compared to other models in our list.

Perhaps, that's why they are chosen by the professional landscapers too.

Consumers who are planning to use it on a constant basis, and particularly in the distant places where electricity isn't available, they should buy this one. It is very mobile and gives a very high amount of power. One can use it even on the heavy branches of the forest.

In addition, the thing we like the most about gas-powered pole saws is they are easy to use. Yes, some can find it a bit heavier compared to the electrical model, but the main reason behind this is they gas-powered usually have the added weight of the battery that makes it cordless, which is also an advantage on its own.

Apart from this, in these models, you will often find a cord, instead of a button. You need to pull it to get the engine going. Also, the professional manufacturers present the trigger system in it. They control the power and speed of the blades at the end.

There is another reason to choose a gas-powered pole saw, you can work non-stop.

Yes, it is true. They can operate for a long period of times. The only delay you will have is between the fuel refills.

Is there any disadvantage?

There is a drawback, apart from being heavier, they are expensive. But we believe there is nothing wrong in paying $100 or $200 extra due to the features you are receiving in it.

Things to Remember

  • You can have the electric models in the cordless model also, but you'd be relying on the battery. It can hand you 1-2 hour of powerful cuts but you can't expect it to keep on running once the battery is low or require a recharge.
  • It doesn't matter whether you are buying a cordless model or a corded model, there won't be any special dissimilarity in the power or size. The only difference you will feel would be in the weight. The cordless models will have more weight than the corded ones. But there can be variations in the weight of corded pole saws too.
  • We know we have said earlier that there won't be a difference in both corded and cordless models. But after a few powers, the cordless models will start losing their power. On the contrary, with corded models, you will have the infinite power of supply. The disadvantage with corded ones is, as we have mentioned earlier, it restricts mobility.
  • This device is designed to cut the higher branches of trees. You shouldn't use it like a chainsaw. Otherwise, you can damage its machinery and won't get the desired results.
  • Believe it or not, but some companies are offering 2-in-1 models also. You can use those models as both chainsaw and pole saw. The chainsaw feature will help you in working on something on the ground in front of you. In case you are planning to cut something higher, you can use the pole saw attachment to it extend it.
  • Please remember 2-in-1 models can be a lot more expensive or perhaps miss 1-2 key features also. Since, the professional manufacturers sometimes try to offer everything, which is not possible always and make the machine miss its efficiency.

Are There Any Manual Pole Saws?

Of course, you can still get a manual pole saw.

Manual pole saws have their own unique properties. They are the oldest and most reliable saws which our ancestors have used also, with different shape and strength.

The main advantage of the manual model is it can be extendable to varying lengths. This is something you can't, sadly, achieve with the recent models, as they are more focused on the recent technology, power, and blade.

As they are manual, in order to make them more effective, professional manufacturers use curved blades with longer teeth. Since you saw the branch by hand.

There isn't any electric or battery-powered source behind it.

How to Choose a Best Pole Saw?

Types aren't the only things you should look for while buying a new pole saw. You should ponder your requirements and buy the model that suits you the most.

Here are some pole saw considerations for you.

  • Does it have enough power to cut the branches of a tree? What kind of branches are you planning to trim? Are they thin or thick?
  • What about the cutting blade? What's the quality and material of it? Can it work effectively even after years of use and won't get the corrosion?
  • Is it easy to maintain? Can you clean it on your own? In most cases, you will receive a full instruction manual regarding the cleaning of the product. In case it isn't present, you can contact the company and ask about its maintenance and cleaning methods.
  • What about the weight? Is it fine to hold it for a longer period of time? Since, if the weight is too much, you can't work comfortably.
  • What's the reach of it? Does it have enough length to give you the desired results? If it is small and can't reach the height properly, it is good for nothing.
  • Lastly, and most importantly, can you use it in a traditional chainsaw manner? If it is possible, it will be an added advantage.

Concluding Thoughts

All these above pole saws are from the professional and renowned companies.

You can use them for cutting branches, tree trimming, tree pruning, and brush clearing. They are in fact known for clearing out large brush and growths in the ways of the path. You can't just associate them with tree trimming or cutting branches.

So, buy one of these, plan the cut extensively, and make your garden beautiful again.