Dewalt DWS779 vs DWS780 – Which One Should You Get?

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Dewalt has no shortage of solid miter saw offerings but, without a doubt, the DWS779 is on top of the list. It continues to be a Best Seller on Amazon with the DWS715 and DWS780 as its sole close competitors. The latter is particularly noteworthy because it actually appears to be very similar to the DWS779 when we take a cursory glance at what it has to offer.

It won’t even be farfetched to say that they are precisely the same. But that’s not really the case. There’s obviously more to these two models than they appear to be, especially since Dewalt wouldn’t have made a separate model if there’s no difference. Notice that the two have subsequent model numbers, though, emphasizing their clear connection. Let’s take a closer look.






3,800 RPM

3,800 RPM


56 pounds

56 pounds


0 volts

120 volts

Saw Size

12 inches

12 inches


2 x 23 x 18.5 inches

21.5 x 17.7. X 17.1 inches


As you can see, there are obvious differences between the two when we look at how their specs. They are both alike in performance, though, as they have the same power, cutting capacity, and speed. If you’d like to see more about each, click here.

The DWS780’s XPS Crosscut Positioning System

The main feature that sets the DWS780 apart from its brother model is its LED Cutline Worklight. It’s what balloons the model’s price significantly as well. It is not easy to dismiss, though, because it serves as a better marker compared to lasers.

The system uses a LED technology that casts a shadow instead. With this setup, it does not have any chance of being misaligned, unlike laser markers.

If you’re willing a couple more bucks for a high-quality marker or can’t make without it (for the added precision and safety), then it’s definitely worth getting the DWS780. Otherwise, most users actually find that they don’t need it to get their projects done with the DWS779 (take note that the light can be added to it).

A Note About the Weight

While both models are listed as weighing 56 pounds, the DWS779 is heavier. It’s unclear why this is the case, but it’s already been established by many user reviews that the DWS780 is relatively lighter.

How do both perform in terms of safety and durability?

Both are generally safe to use, but the DWS780 enjoys the spotlight as far as this factor is concerned. The absence of clamp in the lacking mechanism arguably reduces the safety of both, though. Otherwise, you can’t fault the durability of these two models. They’re obviously designed to last a long time.


Clearly, the DWS780 has a more definitive aspect (the LED guiding light) than the DWS779. The simple addition of the cutline lights makes it suitable for more serious woodworkers and hobbyists.

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