Chainsaw vs Pole Saw: Differences in Detail for Gardeners

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Trees protect the environment, harbor birds and other animals, and beautify the planet earth. We depend on trees for oxygen to breathe, wood to ignite fireplaces, and make furniture. These utilities of trees do not only make them so much necessary, but they also fuel the woodworking industry necessitating the woodworking tools like chainsaws, pole saws, and so on.

A chainsaw is one of those woodworking tools you need to use to cut down trees and twigs. However, a pole saw wouldn’t be a different kind of saw unless it had a long stick at the backend.

Read the article thoroughly to learn more about chainsaw vs pole saw: differences and functions of both the tools.

As the name suggests, a chain saw consists of a saw blade built in a chain. It is a cutting tool powered by gasoline or electricity, consisting of a saw blade connected to an endless chainsaw chain. An engine runs the endless chain, and the sharp blade does the rest of your project. Whether it is a gas-powered pruner or an electric chainsaw, they are useful for your woodworking project.

We can differentiate among the types of chain saws considering how they are powered or how they function. People depend on chain saws in order to carry out tasks such as felling trees, pruning, and bucking them.

Surprisingly, there are some chain saws specialized in cutting stone, brick, and concrete. However, usually, it’s a woodworking tool. Cutting trees and shaping woods are the main tasks for a chainsaw.

Types of Chain Saws

Typically, they are of two types. One is powered by gas, and the other is by electricity. You have to choose between the two depending on your project type.

Gas-powered chainsaws are smaller and lighter ones. They are fit for casual tasks or short-term projects. Usually, you can work with a gasoline chainsaw for two hours a day.

Electric chainsaws are befitting when you need to work for long hours. You can work with an electric chainsaw for more than 15 hours if you have extra charged-batteries.

What is a Pole Saw?

Pole saws are basically used in cutting remote branches of trees where we cannot easily reach without a ladder. One can describe a pole saw as ‘a chainsaw attached to a pole’.

You will see a chainsaw on one of its two ends. On the other end, there will be a powerful engine which powers and runs the chainsaw. You can use it for pruning and trimming works on high branches of trees where it is difficult for you to reach without a ladder.

A manual pole saw can prune and trim tree limbs, but if your project is large and likely to consume more time, you can use a pole saw that is powered by gas or electricity.

Types of Pole Saws

There are three different kinds of pole saws. Here are the types-

Manual: Manual pole saws are light-weight. Although they don’t have powered engines, you can use a longer stick to reach higher branches of trees. It’s very portable, but you need to toil more when working with a manual pole saw. However, you need to have special skills to work with it.

Electric Pole Saw: They are powered by electricity; thus, they don’t use any combustible fuel. However, they are of two different types; one is corded, and another is cordless. Each one has its pros and cons.

A corded electric pole saw can get use an unlimited power supply as it uses a plug to connect with the electricity.

Cordless electric pole saw uses charged batteries to get power supply. It limits the cordless one from working for long hours. But if you have spare charged-batteries, you are likely to be able to work for long.

Gas-powered pole saw: They are the most powerful and versatile pole saws. They are portable, easy to use, and can run for long hours. You can use the trigger to control the speed of the saw.

The Difference: Chainsaw vs Pole Saw

The main difference between a chainsaw and a pole saw is their length. A pole saw offers an extra length that facilitates you to do your task from a remote position.

A chain saw, on the other hand, is capable of everything that a pole saw does except for one thing, it does not reach the high branches of a tree. However, a chain saw is feasible to work in dense areas as well as indoor.

Pros of Using Chainsaws Compared To Pole Saws

  • Electric chainsaws are much more powerful. It saves you time and energy.
  • They can perform for a long time. For big projects, you would like to work with a chainsaw.
  • Gas chainsaws are highly reliable and robust.

Cons of Using Chainsaws Compared to Pole saws

  • Chainsaws make more noises than pole saws.
  • Gasoline equipment produces smoke, which has a harmful impact on the environment and health.
  • The vibration produced by gasoline tools can be challenging to manage.

Final words

As we have discussed about chainsaw vs pole saw, hopefully, you have got a clear idea about the similarities and differences among them. Each of them has a unique role, despite having a lot of similarities. You have to choose among them depending on your project and budget.

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