How Do You Care for a Circular Saw Blade

Circular saw is a powerful and versatile tool that can contribute immensely to your workshop. Therefore circular saw blade is also necessary for a woodworker. They can face tough flack from hard metals and rough surfaces without losing a tooth. However, it is important that they be properly cared for and maintained to increase the longevity of the … Read more

How to Change Circular Saw Blade

A circular saw stands out as one of the most relied upon power tools across various industries. Its versatile capability to slice through nearly any material in a multitude of ways makes it one of the most universally indispensable tools worldwide. Consequently, due to the diverse range of projects or wear and tear on the … Read more

Guide to Circular Saw – A Tradesman’s Guide

These days most professionals own more than one circular saw, and with good reason. Because circular saws usually last for a long period of time, often for 10 to 20 years, it is important to purchase the correct one. With this in mind, there are several items to consider when shopping for a circular saw. … Read more

Table Saw Workbench Plans- Woodworking Idea

The workbench is the big daddy of the plans you need a Table Saw Workbench Plans to figure out. While you can buy something that is prebuilt, it is never going to be perfectly right for what you need. What you need, what I need, and what that guy across the street needs are all different … Read more

Table Saw Fence Plans- Woodworking Idea

A fence for a table saw gives you plenty of options for a little creativity and the ability to add your own personality to your workspace. I’ve seen plenty of homemade fences, but some of my favorites are the ones that tell a story about the individual without impacting the performance of the fence. I’ve … Read more