How to Change Circular Saw Blade

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A circular saw stands out as one of the most relied upon power tools across various industries. Its versatile capability to slice through nearly any material in a multitude of ways makes it one of the most universally indispensable tools worldwide. Consequently, due to the diverse range of projects or wear and tear on the blade, occasional replacements are inevitable.

Thankfully, the process of swapping out the blade on your circular saw is much simpler than anticipated. With just a few straightforward steps and an adjustable wrench, you can swiftly accomplish the blade replacement task.

Change Circular Saw Blade: Easiest Way

When initiating the replacement of your circular saw blade, begin by ensuring the tool is disengaged, either by turning it off and removing the battery or unplugging it while keeping the cord visible.

Place the saw on a stable surface, allowing the blade to extend slightly beyond the edge. Secure it with clamps if available; otherwise, apply pressure to hold it steady.

Raise the blade guard and hold it in position, possibly using your thumb while securing the saw. Rotate the blade manually to locate the offset hole, usually located behind the teeth.

Insert a 3/8″ drill bit into the offset hole to prevent the blade from moving during the procedure, even if a blade-locking mechanism is present in newer models.

Using an adjustable wrench, loosen the blade bolt, which may have a left-handed thread. Remove the bolt, the drill bit, and the old blade.

Place the new blade onto the saw’s hub and lightly thread the bolt by hand. Insert the drill bit into the offset hole and rotate the blade until it catches on the saw’s body.

Tighten the bolt by hand, then fully secure it with the wrench. Finally, power up the saw and ensure everything is functioning correctly.

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