Best Tools to Cut Fiberglass- How to Cut Fiberglass

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Fiberglass is one of the useful materials used in different applications. Besides, its usefulness comes to its weaknesses. This composite is a complicated and frequently messy material to deal with, mainly because it is a mix of tiny fibers made of glass and different materials. Because the reinforcing fibers used in fiberglass are grids, they often collide with other grinding instruments, reducing the device's life expectancy in question and possibly destroying the material.

Numerous cutting strategies further increase the risk of overheating during the cutting process and lead to further damage. This is where it is recommended to use the correct tools when cutting fiberglass.


For Cutting Fiberglass

The jigsaw tops in our chats as the best tool for cutting fiberglass. It's one of the best tools a person can use to cut fiberglass since it is plenty powerful and has all the features to ensure accuracy and safety. It can cut your material in a second and without any breakages. However, you need to follow the steps below to ensure success.

  • Wear some special goggles and gloves
  • Put your fiberglass board on a safe working surface and clamp it down
  • Mark a line through the place you want to cut your fiberglass
  • Start your jigsaw and cut the fiberglass along the marked lines

Reciprocating saw

Best Tools to Cut Fiberglass

The second tool on our list for cutting fiberglass composites. The reciprocating saw has special and advanced features that allow users to cut fiberglass into any shape they want. What you need, however, is a special type of blade that can cut through fiberglass. These blades must be rigid and have sharp teeth with enough hooks to remove cut fiberglass chips.

It is recommended that you use triggers to control the blade speed, as this will help you manage your cut. Below is a process to follow to cut your fiberglass effectively

  • Eye, nose, hand, and hearing protection equipment should be worn when using these fiberglass tools to protect against injury from flying debris and fragments.
  • Wear clothing that will not adhere to your skin. It should be loose and long-sleeved to cover the body.
  • Place your fiberglass on a large, hard surface.
  • Highlight the area you want to cut.
  • Please select the correct saw blade for the fiberglass to be cut and insert it into the saw.
  • Start the saw and set it to a speed suitable for cutting fiberglass.
  • When the blade begins to move, cut off the scribed lines while using the triggers to control the blade speed.

Circular Saw

Best Tools to Cut Fiberglass

Some people refer circular saw as a skill saw. The circular saw works great and produces some fantastic results. It can cut your fiberglass as long as you use the right blade and adhere to the rules and steps.

How to cut fiberglass using a circular saw?

  • Use protective equipment such as safety glasses, masks, gloves, etc.
  • Place your fiber optic on a large work table. Avoid light work surfaces/tables.
  • Draw a line through the fiber that you want to cut into. This will help you navigate while cutting.
  • Hold the fiberglass with the clamp.
  • With the correct blades, place your saw at the beginning of the marked line. Cut fiberglass slowly, making sure the pressure and speed are constant.


An excellent tool to use to cut fiberglass, though it requires some patience to cut through. But if you have some long cuts to make, you are advised to use some other types of tools. This tool has some fine blades to help you cut through fiberglass with ease and accurately, and if you decided to use them, here are some procedures to follow.

  • Wear protective equipment
  • Place your board on a hard, stable work surface.
  • Draw a line where you want to cut. You can use dark inks.
  • Take your hacksaw and slowly cut the marked lines.


If you plan to make sharp edges on your fiberglass, we recommend that you use this tool. This tool can entirely cut and make fancy shapes. However, you are advised to use blades with a refined edge to get clean and smooth cuts on the edges.

How to use a router to cut fiberglass?

  • After putting on your protective equipment, place the fiberglass on a firm, stable work surface.
  • Tape around the section you want to cut.
  • Mark the tape with a cutting line.
  • With the right blade, take your router and slowly cut.

Cut-Off Wheel

Best Tools to Cut Fiberglass

This is another best fiberglass cutting tool. It is equipped with a thin grinding wheel or a metal disk with a smooth tooth edge. In fact, it's basically the same as a specialist's technique for cutting fiberglass shapes, only that it uses an angle processor instead of a smaller rotating tool.

Be cautious when using a cut-off wheel as you will need to apply pressure in the opposite direction on your cut to allow the wheel to more easily bond or drift off your cut mark.

How to cut fiberglass using a cut-off wheel.

  • Hold your fiberglass firmly on a firm, stable work surface
  • Take your cutting disc, cut your fiberglass slowly and evenly

Final Verdict

Cutting fiberglass boards isn't troublesome, but shielding them from fragmenting, chipping, or tossing unsafe fibers is.

Depending on your task and the available tools, some fiber optic cutting strategies can produce better, safer results. Refer to the guide above to see which cutting tool is best for you.

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