6 Advanced Flooring Tools | Handyman Should Have

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The flooring of a house is one of the prominent aspects of a house’s design and can completely change the whole look of a home. There are plenty of flooring options consumers have nowadays with all kinds of different products on the market that come from all over the world. Even with the best materials, the work must be done by someone who knows what they are doing and has all the right tools.

There are a lot of basic tools that a handyman working on flooring needs to have, but what about the more advanced tools that can help in flooring?

 We will look at 6 advanced flooring tools that are a must-have for any aspiring handyman looking to improve their trade.

6 Advanced Flooring Tools That Every Aspiring Handyman Should Have

Handyman's Tool

Klindex’s Minitimba

When it comes to advanced flooring tools for aspiring or new handypersons, the MiniTimba is a fantastic tool to have, as it gets the work done excellently and uniquely. Sanding machines are essential for flooring, but they can be annoying to use as they require a lot of work for the user to use. This machine makes it very easy for the user to work on the floor from a comfortable standing position and not need to bend down and work their back. The manufacturer says the product is perfect for people with little to no experience with this tool.

RIDGID The Beast R4093

A wet tile saw is very important when working with tiles, as shaping and cutting tiles is necessary on different floors. As its name states, the RIDGID Beast is a beast when it comes to cutting tiles as it improves upon its former tile cutters and brings a product that is used by plenty of different workers and companies everywhere.

Already a market leader, RIDGID’s latest tile cutter takes things to the next level.

The Quikbrace floor clamp

Sold by Better Timber flooring Australia, the Quikbrace floor clamp is a convenient tool to have as it can clamp together multiple planks of wood, making it very easy if you are looking to glue them down to the floor.

The device is anchored to the ground and using air pressure; it pulls the planks close together. A device like this makes it very easy and convenient for you when working on flooring. Being able to glue down multiple planks quickly can save a ton of time.

Cordless 390 PC paint sprayer

Adding the finishing touches of paint is made much easier with some paint sprayers, and the cordless 390 PC paint sprayer by Graco does just that. It provides impressive performance in a cordless package eliminating the need to have a wire connected to a socket.

Paint sprayers like this one can not only save you time but also make it easier to apply finishing touches. Most people expect lower performance from cordless devices, but with this paint sprayer, that is different.

The Blastrac BG-250RS

This tool is another innovative time saver that can deliver fantastic performance, a single-head grinding machine for concrete floors. It can meet all your grinding needs on concrete, but one of the unique things about this tool is that it can be completely automated and used remotely. The programming in the device can deliver results on its own without any human operating the machine.

The Dipless brush

A hybrid paintbrush enables the user to paint a surface with either paint or anything else, like varnish, without constantly dipping the brush into the liquid. The brush is an innovation by the Dipless Brush company out of Massachusetts and is very unique in how it works as the liquid comes through the brush.

A brush can also be connected to a wooden pole to make the user’s life even more accessible and help them brush the floor or a surface above like they would be using a broom.

Constant innovations in flooring

As an aspiring handyman, it’s good to always look out for what is going on in the market, as people always bring new and handy innovations all the time. Innovative tools and flooring essentials can take your trade up and make you even better at your work.

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