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Need an instant desk or a table? Grab two trestles and a flat piece of wood to make a sawhorse desk. A sawhorse desk is easy to make and requires minimal woodworking skills.

And if you're planning to make your own sawhorse table or desk, let us help you with some of the best hand-picked sawhorse desk plans and woodworking guides.

A sawhorse desk is made of two sawhorses (or more) as legs for the desk and a flat piece made of wood or other material for the tabletop. A sawhorse desk can be portable, with the legs detachable from the tabletop piece. This design allows you to move the desk anywhere inside your room or home.

This kind of desk could be easily improved to construct a larger desk, a more expansive table, or even a dining table with just a few simple materials.

Most sawhorse desk plans are made from scratch, but with the ingenuity of homeowners, these have transformed from simple tables and desks to a rustic-chic piece of furniture.

What Is a Sawhorse Desk For?

A sawhorse desk has many uses. Here are just a few of them.

  • Computer desk
  • Crafts table
  • Drafting table
  • Sewing table (where you can make and cut patterns)
  • Hallway table or a welcoming foyer table
  • Gaming table
  • Picnic or patio table
  • Console table
  • Large dining table

Some Good Sawhorse Desk Plans to Check Out

Here are some sawhorse desk plans we want you to check out.

1. A Basic Sawhorse Desk

This sawhorse table has a chic industrial design. You can use any salvaged wood, but make sure to check all the materials thoroughly before use.

You will need –

  • Two sawhorses
  • Plywood 4 x 8 ¾"
  • 2" wood screws
  • Sandpaper 180 and 220 grits
  • Drill or driver
  • Measuring tape
  • Ultimate Wood Care Rust-Oleum
  1. Use sandpaper and sanding blocks to smooth out the table surface (plywood) and sawhorses.
  2. Paint all individual pieces of wood and let these dry.
  3. Measure the areas on the plywood where the sawhorses will be attached and mark them.
  4. Attach the sawhorses on the marked areas using a drill or driver.
  5. Make sure that the sawhorse desk or table is balanced.

2. Making a Sawhorse Double Desk

A sawhorse double desk is not just a desk, but the sawhorses can be transformed into small shelves using planks of wood. It's easy to make a double desk, and you can create new sawhorses or recycle used ones instead.

You will need –

  • Two sawhorses or more depending on the size of the table
  • Plywood or long planks of wood
  • Shorter planks of wood to make shelves
  • 2" wood screws
  • Sandpaper 180 and 220 grits
  • Tape measure
  • Drill or driver
  • Paint

For pressure and joint angle, use woodworking clamps to get the finest touch

  1. Use sandpaper and sanding blocks or a plane to smooth out all the wooden surfaces.
  2. Paint all individual pieces of wood and allow them to dry at least for a day altogether.
  3. Install shelves by cutting and attaching planks of wood on the sawhorses.
  4. Measure the areas on the plywood table or desktop where the sawhorses will be attached.
  5. Use a drill or driver to attach the tabletop to the sawhorses.
  6. Make sure that the sawhorse desk or table is balanced before use.

3. An Upcycled Sawhorse Desk

If you're not into the rustic chic or country style motif in your home, you can transform ordinary sawhorses to an upcycled table or desk. Here are some ideas to upcycle this piece of furniture.

  • Use a piece of galvanized steel as a table surface.
  • Paint the wooden components with a different, modern, bold, and bright color (black, white, yellow, red, etc.).
  • Use metal components like lead pipes, metal plumbing fixtures, and more.
  • Use a thick glass top as a tabletop.
  • Add wooden drawers under the table to store personal items.

4. Sawhorse Desks with a Glass Top

To enhance the appearance of a sawhorse desk, use a glass top instead of plywood. And use a thick piece of glass regardless of the size and weight of the items you want to place on the table like books, vases, clocks, tableware, and more.

You may also have a sawhorse desk with a wooden top while a piece of glass is installed on top of the table. This design not just enhances the style of the desk, but the glass also protects the tabletop from scratches, moisture, and marks.

To install a glass stop, measure the tabletop, and get the glass piece from a shop. Again, select the thickest piece of glass. There's no hardware or tools needed to install the glass on the sawhorse desk or table.

5. Sawhorse Desk Dining Table

A dining table may be a table for two, or a rectangular piece for six, eight, or more people. It's very expensive to buy a large dining table, so if you have large, thick plywood and some sawhorses on your shed, you can make your own cheap dining table. Remember the following.

  1. The number of sawhorses to use as table legs depends on the size of the dining table.
  2. Sand all the wooden surfaces and paint these according to the paint color you wish. You may also apply varnish or stain if you're using natural wood. This will preserve the natural surface of the sawhorse table.
  3. Install the legs with a drill.
  4. Make sure that the dining table is smooth and level before use. Use sandpaper and sand blocks to smooth the surface. And use a wood plane if needed.

Final Words

A sawhorse desk is a type of desk you can use at home, in a home office, or in your work office. The most important thing about constructing a sawhorse desk is safety. Never overlook safety, and always test your table or desk before use.

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