Review of Bosch CM8S 8-1/2 Inch Single Bevel Sliding Compound Miter Saw

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The is portable, lightweight, and easy to control hardware with a lot of excellent features.

Whom this miter saw is designed for

Whether you are a remodeler, work in the refurnishing business, flip houses, or you’re simply into DIY projects; the CM8S is a perfect fit for your needs. Delivering several features the new and old Bosch customers will appreciate, along with an exclusive design and a top carry handle, the equipment is easy to use, easy to maneuver, quick, and accurate.


Blade Diameter  8-1/2 in  Product Width (in.)  17.25 
Product Depth (in.)  33.25  Table Length (in.)  31.75 
Product Height (in.)  18.75  Table Width (in.)  18 


45 Degree Crosscut Capacity Maximum  Maximum Cutting Thickness (in.)  2.75 
90 Degree Crosscut Capacity Maximum – Left  12.25  Maximum Degree Miter Cuts – Left  52 
90 Degree Crosscut Capacity Maximum – Right  12.25  Maximum Degree Miter Cuts – Right  60 
Amperage (amps)  12  Maximum Speed (rpm)  5600 
Arbor Size  0.625  Maximum miter capacity  60 
Bevel Type  Single  Miter Saw Type  Sliding Compound 
Color Family  Blue  No Tool Blade Change  No 
Cord Length (ft.)  6  Power Tool Features  Positive Stops 
Cordless/ Corded  Corded  Product Weight (lb.)  48 lb 
Dust Collection Method  Bag  Manufacturer Warranty  Limited 1 Year

Important Features of Bosch CM8S


One of the most important features of this miter saw is maneuverability. Weighing only 37 pounds, it’s one of the lightest miter saws out there. Furthermore, the Bosch CM8S also comes with a top carry handle which allows you to move it easily with only one hand during a job and outside of it. It has a flexible design to put it in your truck, or you can deposit it with ease.

Adjustable foot

The adjustable front stabilizing foot is another feature that dramatically helps you during a job. The miter tended to tip on you whenever you wanted to cut something on the sliding miter with other models. With Bosch CM8S, that’s no longer a problem because of the slide’s support at the end. Its support is also adjustable, so you can have it stabilized on many surfaces. This helps a lot with crosscuts and crowns.

Integrated expanding base

The integrated expanding base extension allows you to handle larger pieces since it can extend up to 29 inches from one side to the other for more workpiece support and stability. You no longer have to improvise or ask for someone’s help to work safely and fast. The only thing you need to do is extend one or both pieces, and you now have a lot of space.

Access Bevel Controls

The Easy Access Bevel Controls of the Bosch CM8S allow you to make your decisions easy, fast, and most important, safe. You don’t have to go over or behind the blade to access your controls. The bevel lock lever and the bevel turret stop buttons are placed on the side of the equipment, so you have easy and safe access to them. Using them allows you to make your adjustments in no time, so your job is finished quicker.

Ergonomic trigger handle

This being a Bosch tool, they show us that they know their buyers and their professions once again. The miter saw comes equipped with an ergonomic, ambidextrous trigger handle, so you can easily handle it with your left as well as your right. You don’t have to take so many breaks to rest this way. You can only change hands and continue your work. Let your efficiency be known to your clients or friends.


  • Lightweight – at 37 pounds, you can easily carry it with one hand.
  • Maneuverable – the top carry handle lets you maneuver it easily.
  • Accurate – capable of precise cuts.
  • Visible miter and bevel scales – allow you to make adjustments quickly.
  • Great capacity for its size – you can flip it like any other miter saw when it reaches its capacity.


  • No laser option is available for this saw. It is accurate but not laser-accurate. You need to make two cuts if you want to cut more comprehensively than 12”.
  • This saw creates a lot of dust and needs a hood to minimize the dust.

Frequently Asked Question

1. Does this tool come equipped for 220V, and does it also have an electric brake?

Ans: No, it does not. 110 V only. No, it does not have an electric brake.

2. Can you equip this saw with a laser line?

Ans: Unfortunately, no. You can’t equip it with a laser.

3. How can you override the miter?

Ans: The miter has an easy-to-access thumb-operated override.

Final Verdict

My conclusion is that the Bosch CM8S is a powerful, reliable tool. Because it’s lightweight and has a flexible design, you can take it anywhere with you for a job. It is a versatile and easy-to-use tool, and you can use it for general carpentry work and crown molding.

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