How to Cut a Log Lengthwise with a Chainsaw Only

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Those who are happily spending their best times in their own wood wonderland will tend to adjust the time for some occasional tree logs to lumber milling projects since these are pretty essential parts of so many DIY projects.

Cutting them in one particular shape or size is never the case. It’s always going to vary depending on what project you’re working on. However, today we will talk about a specific event that sometimes makes it hard for novice woodworkers to understand. And it’s about how to cut a log lengthwise with a chainsaw.

According to WoodworkAdvice, not just those who work for wood included DIY projects, but also homeowners are now interested in cutting logs for their home’s enhancement. And so, I’ll try to keep the process universal and simple to understand so that even a person who has no absolute clue of these chores can also try it for themselves.

Prepare for The Cut

The first thing you want to do is ensure that your chainsaw is actually capable of cutting log lengthwise. Since it will take some time, any chainsaw that lacks power might not be able to provide sufficient results.

You want to check the sharpness of your chainsaw as well. Have a look at the fuel level and chain tightening element as well. Once you are done with the sawing preparation with checking your machine, time to work on some personal protection. Make sure you are wearing some heavy-duty gloves and a good quality goggle. Working with blades and in an environment where wood chips are supposed to fly all over, you must never skip these protective wears.

Another thing you need to care for is a blunt and loose chain. You should never engage in such hardcore works with a blunt or loose chain.

Making a Lengthwise Cut with Chainsaw

Usually, when people want to have some firewood, they like to cut down logs lengthwise. In such cases, the truck size may vary from one to one-and-a-half feet. Depending on how much and frequent one is supposed to use them, the size can vary. However, no matter the size, cutting it lengthwise is relatively straightforward.

First of all, you need to create a stable surface for working. The area where you choose to cut the log lengthwise must be clear from any type of obstacle. Make sure you don’t get disturbed because the spot is full of people or children making noises. Since that will not let you focus right, and it will also end up getting not-so-straight cuts.

Pick a support bottom on the log as well. This is what will make blank space. You can also consider it as an early sawing step for the whole process. Place the log lengthwise and make sure it is not moving too much. You can also add some support on top of the log. So that it stays secure with the ground, and there’s no chance of any tipping over.

Now you want to bring your chainsaw and place to right on the top of the log. This is from where you should start sawing all the way to bottom. In case you are absolutely a beginner with sawing, make sure to create some sort of mark. You can simply drag a margin where you’ll make the cut using a pencil or marker. This will help you to know where on the plane surface the cut needs to continue.

When cutting with a chainsaw, you should maintain a 90-degree angle with the log’s surface. Don’t try to be harsh or rushing. Be firm-handed to hold the chainsaw and let it move gently. Or else there’s a good chance of creating impact over chainsaw machine and backfire the whole process.

Maintaining Balance with Bar Size is Key

People have this assumption that the huger their chainsaw is, the better it will be at cutting logs. However, that’s not always true, and sometimes the opposite is actual reality. Handling a chainsaw with a big bar might be a very efficient idea for those who are pro with using a chainsaw. People who have been using it constantly do know how to handle the huge bar weight.

But for regular homeowners or someone new to the task, managing the weight of the bar can be really exhausting. And it’s more likely to waste your energy. So, the number of logs you were supposed to cut might not be able to achieve. Since you’re short on energy due to handling that bar’s bulk. That’s why make sure you are not going with a chainsaw that is too hard to handle and eventually decreases your productivity.

Wrap Up

And now you have a pretty good idea on how to cut a log lengthwise with a chainsaw. Make sure you keep all the necessary points in mind in case it’s something you’ll need to do quite frequently. If it is for the first time, then maybe this whole process will seem tiresome and hard to do.

But with doing it again and again, you will somehow manage to adapt to the struggle, and it’ll become a lot easier. Till then, just have some patience, Good Luck!

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