Best Reciprocating Saw Blades in 2020 | Guide and Reviews

Knowing what is the best reciprocating saw blades is quite important. The term reciprocating means alternate movements of forward and backward. A reciprocating saw is called such because the cutting action is received through the push and pull of the blade. This happens so fast that it is hard for you to note. So people search for Best Reciprocating Saw Blades alongside with reciprocating saw.


The reciprocating saws are also referred as sabre saws, recipro saw, or Sawzall. There are very many different reciprocating saws on the market.

Whatever it is called, the main purpose of a Reciprocating saw is demolishing and cutting materials. Without blade reciprocating saw is of no use. So it is necessary for you to know which blade is used for which purpose.

Some of the saws have a large blade that is ideal for demolition and other hard cutting jobs. Reciprocating saws that have large blades are large and are very powerful, thus suitable for large projects.

However, other reciprocating saw is smaller and lightweight. With these smaller saws, it is possible for you to work in tight spaces where the other full-length saws could not have reached. These saws are also lightweight, compact and come with a smaller blade.

Today, Many tool companies produce one or more blades designed for this kind of work. Everyone usually wants to mean that they have the best reciprocating saw blades. To see how the various choices stack up, we researched on various blades suitable for cutting nail-embedded wood and doing general demolition. Firstly, we will know the best tool companies that offer good quality or indeed best reciprocating saw blades.

It is not good to say that Milwaukee produces the best reciprocating saw blades in the market. But Milwaukee reciprocating saw blades are some of the best blades on the market. They offer a wide selection of Sawzall blades for their reciprocating saws.

The blades cut through most types of materials fast and efficiently. For you to select the best blade from this company you must know the length you want and what type of material you want to use the blade cutting.

This company offer blades in different length, including 6″, 8″, 9″, and 12″ as their most common lengths. Teeth per inch are also another thing you need to consider. A blade with fewer teeth per inch is ideal for cutting wood while that with many teeth is ideal for cutting metals.

  • Milwaukee 48-00-5713 Sawzall Blade
  • 10 TPI, 9 in. Length, Bi-Metal Construction
  • 1/2 in. Universal Tang fits all Sawzalls.
  • 5 blades per pouch.
  • Ideal for demolition, and general metal cutting.
  • Milwaukee 49-22-1129 Sawzall Blade Set
  • Thick blades - .042-inch and .062-inch for extreme applications.
  • 1-Inch height for added strength.
  • 12-Piece demolition Blade Set.
  • Wide, allowing it to fit in tight spaces.
  • Milwaukee 48-00-5026 Saw Blades
  • Unique heat-treating process hardens the blade for incredible durability.
  • .062 inches thick and 9 inches in length.
  • 5-pack; 5-year limited manufacturer's warranty.
  • Ideal for heavy demolition work.

  • Milwaukee 48-00-1301 Sawzall Pruning Blade
  • 5 TPI, 9-Inch Length, High Carbon Steel Construction.
  • 1/2-Inch Universal Tang fits all Sawzalls
  • 5-Blades per box.
  • For pruning trees, smooth sawing of green wood.
  • Milwaukee 49-22-1145 Sawzall Blade
  • Bi-metal construction with 8% Cobalt.
  • Increased tooth strength.
  • 9pc Sawzall Blade Kit.
  • Two - 5/8 TPI blades for cutting nail embedded wood, One - 8/12 TPI general purpose blade, Three - 14 TPI metal cutting blades, Three - 18 TPI metal cutting blades
  • Milwaukee 49-22-0220 Hackzall Blade Set
  • Thin kerf for up to 35% more cuts per charge vs. leading reciprocating saw blades.
  • Short blade length for cutting in tight locations.
  • 10-Piece General Purpose Hackzall Blade Set.
  • Bi-metal construction for increased tooth durability and long blade life.

Bosch reciprocating saw blades are also a good choice for your saw. These blades are constructed using different materials to ensure that they give you the best service you need. The most important thing in selecting any blade is to know what you want to use the blade to cut.

The company makes different blades designed for cutting harder materials and other for cutting lighter materials. You can find quality blades that are ice hardened, metal cutting blades, wood cutting, and general purpose cutting blades.

The blades also come in different sizes for you to select the best size that suits your needs.

  • 5 Blades in Pack.
  • Wood blades are color-coded gray for easy identification.
  • 5° tilt angle for faster cuts, longer life and overall improved performance
  • Made by Steel alloy.
  • All purpose Bi-Metal blades
  • Includes: (2) RDM6X2, (1) RDM9X2, (2) RDN6V, (2) RDN9V, (3) RD6V, (2) RSW93
  • Pair-setting tooth geometry optimized for fast cuts and long life in metal
  • 3-Degree tilt angle for faster cuts, longer life and overall improved performance.
  • Pruning Reciprocating Saw Blade.
  • Used for Power Tool Accessories, Blades - Other.
  • Wood blades are color-coded gray for easy identification.
  • 5° tilt angle for faster cuts, longer life and overall improved performance.
  • The product is manufactured in Switzerland.
  • Demolition blades feature an extra thick kerf for maximum control, less vibration and straighter cuts.
  • Demolition blades are color-coded dark blue for easy identification.
  • Taper back for easier starts in tough to reach applications.
  • Variable gullet depth for faster chip removal and smoother cuts.
  • 5° tilt angle for faster cuts, longer life and overall improved performance.

Dewalt Company has been in the business of manufacturing quality reciprocating saws and accessories for a long time. The company manufactures quality reciprocating saw blades that will assist in all your cutting needs.

The blades come in different sizes that include four, 6, 9 and 12-inch blades that can assist in your demolition or remodeling projects.

The company also offers blades that are made of different materials that help you in cutting soft materials such as timber or plastics and other blades that mainly deals with harder tasks of cutting metals or concrete.

  • Proprietary coating and preparation process provides 2X longer life
  • 14/18 TPI unique back angle geometry provides the most efficient cutting performance
  • 1" tall blade body and .042" blade thickness added durability and prevents bending and breakage
  • Ideal for cutting rebar, angle iron, black pipe, conduit, cold rolled steel and other metals
  • Combination set provides a selection of blades for common applications.
  • Compatible with all reciprocating saw brands
  • Ideal for use with metal, plastic, wood, and drywall
  • Set includes six (6) reciprocating saw blades.
  • Tough case hold 6-inch blades and designed to fit in tool kit box for quick storage.
  • Eight-percent cobalt reinforced teeth and flexible code for durability and dependability.
  • Five each of 6-TPI wood blades, 14-TPI metal blades, and 18-TPI metal blades for versatility.
  • Includes rugged, plastic storage case for safe storage and transport.
  • Combination sets provide a selection of blades for common applications.
  • Adjustable Tough case holds blades and is designed to fit in power tool kit box safe blade storage.
  • Provides blades for wood and metal cutting applications.
  • Includes DW4802 (x4), DW4811 (x4), DW4809 (x1), DW4803 (x1).
  • Bi-Metal 2X Reciprocating Saw Blade Set
  • Aggressive shank angle increases tooth contact, maintaining cutting speed as blade wears for longer blade life.
  • Patented tooth design utilizes sharper tooth geometry for faster cut rates.
  • Specially formulated anti-stick coating minimizes friction and gum-up for smoother cuts.
  • Tough case is designed to fit in power tool kit box for quick blade storage.
  • Included case expands to hold 9-inch blades.
  • Case fits in DEWALT power tool kit boxes for easy blade storage.
  • Set includes 12 blades, Bi-Metal Reciprocating Saw Blade Set with Case.

If you work in the construction company or in any kind of profession that require reciprocating saws or their accessories, you must have used products made by Makita company.

This company does not only offer high quality reciprocating saw, but also a wide variety of reciprocating saw blades that cut through most of the materials available.

The manufacturer’s make blades that use the cryogenic hardening process and other using the traditional steel forming process.

The company also offers the rare tungsten reciprocating blades that are of very high quality. This company has been in this business for long offer high-quality blades to use in both simple cutting task and the most complicated cutting tasks you can think of.

The blades also come in different sizes for you to select the one that suits your needs.

  • Includes 6T, 10T 18T, and progressive teeth.
  • Versatile pack for any workshop.
  • Quality construction.
  • Long lasting.
  • Bi-Metal Ultra-Hardened cutting edge.
  • Cuts pipe, conduit, channels and metal from 1/8 in. to 3/16 in. thickness.
  • (5) 6 in. x 3/4 in. 24 TPI Metal Cutting Reciprocating Saw - 723067-A-5
  • Cut through metal in a short period of time
  • Fast cutting nail.
  • Teeth on these blades are much more aggressive.
  • 8" diameter easily able to cut soft tree wood.
  • Wood, insulating board, plywood, plastic pipe from 1-10-Inch.
  • For use with mild steel, plastics, Masonite, and Formica.
  • Ideal blade for use with Makita 4390DW, 4390DZ.
  • Excellent, cuts with thin and smooth kerf.
  • Designed to cut Mild steel, copper, brass, plywood, soft woods, thin hard woods, plastic and aluminum.

Porter cable has also been a successful company that offers quality-reciprocating saws and saw blades for some time. The company offers quality and inexpensive blades in sets. You can decide to select a set that contains six or nine blades that you can use to perform different tasks.

The blades are constructed using different materials and hardened to provide you with quality services. You can find bimetal blades that you can use in cutting different metals and concrete in your demolition or remodeling works.

You can use these blades in cutting timber or to prune your trees. The blades also come in different sizes for you to select.

  • 9-Inch 4/5 TPI, high carbon steel blade.
  • For fast, rough wood cutting and pruning.
  • Fast cutting long lasting blade with pruning ability.
  • Very sturdy and sharp & best in class pruning ability.
  • Combination sets provide a selection of blades for common applications.
  • Expandable case holds blades and is designed to fit in tool kit box storage.
  • Sets provide blades for wood and metal cutting applications.
  • Good variety of commonly used blades.
  • Porter Cable PCA4865 9 Inch Blade
    Not available right now.
  • Demolition Blades
  • 5 Pack
  • 9" Long.
  • Fits Most Major Brands.
  • 9 Inch 3 TPI Aggressive Wood Cutting Reciprocating Saw Blades.
  • Long Lasting.
  • Quality at a decent price.
  • Used to to cut major size tree roots, limbs, etc.

Craftsman is a renowned brand for producing a wide selection of high quality reciprocating blades for quite some times now. You can find quality blades that have different teeth per inch (TPI) that you can use to cut different kinds of materials.

The company has different saw blades with different teeth per inch that include 18TPI saws that are ideal for cutting hard metals, 14TPI for softer metals and concrete, 6TPI as well as 3TPI that are suitable for cutting wood and other softer materials such as plastics.

The blades are also constructed using different kinds of materials and hardened to offer the best surface.

  • 12 in. Bi-metal Reciprocating Saw Blades for Wood & Nails.
  • Set of 5 blades 6 teeth per Inch.
  • Made in Switzerland.
  • Craftsman Warranty
  • For treated lumber, wood with nails, pruning, metal and multipurpose applications.
  • Includes two each of five different commonly used blades that cover the materials you're most use.
  • Aggressive tooth patterns work efficiently on tough jobs without bending/breaking.
  • Bimetal construction offers the strength of both metals for a powerful blade
  • Made in Switzerland, Professional series.
  • Two 9 in. 6TPI wood/nail-cutting blades (#64492).
  • Two 6 in. 10-14TPI multi-purpose blades (#64494), one 6 in. 7-18TPI metal-cutting blade (#64498).
  • Two 6 in. 6TPI wood/nail-cutting blades (#64491), one 8 in. 10TPI metal-cutting blade (#64490.

Choose the Right Reciprocating Saw Blade

Each reciprocating saw blade is designed for a specific group of task. When selecting the type of the blade you want to use you must have a clear picture what you want to do with your saw. A blade that cuts softwood perfectly would not do the same when cutting steel metal.

It is important to select the saw blades with an emphasis on the tasks they perform. Another consideration to make is the size of the blade. If you need a blade for a full-length reciprocating saw for much-complicated work, you need a longer blade. If you are working in tight spaces get a smaller blade. Quality versus cost is another very important consideration.

Some jobs like cutting softwood materials may require inexpensive blades, but always remember that getting a high-quality blade is an investment that will last for long and save you a lot of money in the end.

Best reciprocating saw blades for wood

The best reciprocating saw blades for wood come with specific features that make them ideal for cutting wood smoothly with ease. These blades must come with reinforced teeth for increased durability when cutting through nails and other foreign objects.

The blades must also feature six or more degree angle for fast and aggressive cuts as well as the specially formulated anti-stick coating that will minimize the friction and gum-up for a smoother cut.

A DEWALT DW4856 Woodcutting Reciprocating Saw Blade is an example of the best reciprocating blade for straight and quick cutting of wood. This blade also comes with a raker tooth design to increase the tooth contact area for faster cuts.

Best reciprocating saw blades for metal

If you are looking for the best reciprocating saw blades for metal, you must consider some factors. One of the most important features to consider is the material that is used in contacting the blade.

The blade must also be hardened well to ensure that it does not break when cutting metals.

Teeth per inch are another feature that you must consider. The best reciprocating blade for cutting metal should have at least 18 teeth per inch. This will make sure that you get a smooth cut in almost all types of metals that you need to cut.

Bosch RM618 6-Inch 18T Metal Cutting reciprocating Saw Blades is an extra heavy-duty bi-metal blade that comes with coarse teeth that are ideal for cutting metal and concrete.

Best reciprocating saw blade for fiberglass

For fiberglass use a carbide-grit blade for that. DeWalt reciprocating saw blades best blades to use in cutting fiberglass and glazed tiles.

These blades are designed for cutting hard materials with precision and efficiency, providing you with a smooth cut. With this blade, you can cut through the fiberglass, stone, bricks, cast iron, ceramic marble, and plaster.

LENOX has some special blade for cutting fiberglass. LENOX 20576-800RG 8″ Medium Carbide Grit Reciprocating Saw Blade is an example.

These blades are specifically designed to cut the materials with conveniently and allow the non-experts to choose the right blade for the job without being mired with details.

Best reciprocating saw blades for stainless steel

When selecting the best reciprocating saw blades for stainless steel you need to select a crosscutting blade that has a small gullet and many strong teeth to assist you in cutting the hard steel metal easily.

This saw blade must also feature many teeth per inch to help you in cutting the steel metal with accuracy and speed. A bi-metal hardened blade is an ideal choice to perform this kind of cutting. An example of this blade is DEWALT DW4892 Bi-Metal Reciprocating Saw Blade.

Best reciprocating saw blade for concrete

If you are looking for a high-quality blade that you can use in cutting concrete as well as block and brick, you might consider selecting a dry diamond saw blade. This blade is designed to deliver a smoother finish than all the other segmented blades.

This is an abrasive blade that is coated with a coarse material that allows you to cut through concrete, tile, and steel. The blade also comes with a high number of teeth per inch to allow for a smooth finish.

Best reciprocating saw for home use

When selecting for the best reciprocating saw for home use, you need to choose best reciprocating saw blades that have the ability to complete the basic task. This includes pruning your trees, simple demolition projects, cutting plastic pipes and to assist in other simple DIY projects.

An example of such a saw is Milwaukee 49-22-0220 10-Piece General Purpose Hackzall Blade Set. With this blade, you can perform all these tasks easily and efficiently.

Experts Opinion

Best reciprocating saw blades do not stand for the ingredients the blade is made with. Rather choosing right blade for the right job.

Whether you are selecting a blade to cut metal, concrete, wood or for general purpose, there are some features that can be of great help to you. Some of these features include a variable pitch blade that has a different TPI at various points along the blade. This feature allows you to cut metals faster with reduced vibration. You can select specialty blades that are designed for cutting specific materials.

A good example of this blade is the Plywood blades. Lastly, we have the bidirectional blade that has teeth that cuts in both directions. A bi-directional blade may become very handy in cutting some materials such as plaster.


In conclusion, reciprocating saw blades have many characteristics that can make choosing the perfect one a bit difficult. However, as a consumer, you have a number of options that can help you in selecting best reciprocating saw blades that suit your need.

For instance, when you select a combination and specialty blades you will get both of the worlds. These blades combine and have special features that will enable you to use one blade that has different combinations. And that gives you a smooth cut in a wide range of materials.

In addition, when you want to purchase a blade that is meant to last, pay the premium for the highest quality. You can also opt for bulk deals if you to purchase blades to perform light tasks in your daily routine.

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