Craftsman Reciprocating Saw Blades Reviews

Craftsman is a renowned brand for producing a wide selection of high quality reciprocating blades for quite some times now. Craftsman Reciprocating Saw Blades is one of the best choice of many reciprocating saw user today. You can find quality blades that have different teeth per inch (TPI) that you can use to cut different kinds of materials.

Craftsman 01The company has different saw blades with different teeth per inch. It includes 18TPI saws that are ideal for cutting hard metals, 14TPI for softer metals and concrete, 6TPI as well as 3TPI that are suitable for cutting wood and other softer materials such as plastics.

The Craftsman Reciprocating Saw blades are also constructed using different kinds of materials and hardened to offer the best surface.

Craftsman Reciprocating Saw Blades Features

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