Dewalt DWS779 vs DWS780 – Which One Should You Get?

Dewalt DWS779 vs DWS780

Dewalt has no shortage of solid miter saw offerings but, without a doubt, the DWS779 is on top of the list. It continues to be a Best Seller on Amazon with the DWS715 and DWS780 as its sole close competitors. The latter is particularly noteworthy because it actually appears to be very similar to the … Read more

How to Cut a Log Lengthwise with a Chainsaw Only

How to Cut a Log Lengthwise with a Chainsaw

Those who are happily spending their best times in their own wood wonderland will tend to adjust the time for some occasional tree logs to lumber milling projects since these are pretty essential parts of so many DIY projects. Cutting them in one particular shape or size is never the case. It’s always going to … Read more

Quality Garden Power Tools that Will Not Break the Bank

Quality Garden Power Tools

When it comes to taking care of your garden, the task should be enjoyable. You should feel free to take your time but not have to work so hard and long that you begin to resent the process. That’s where power tools can come in handy (pun intended), though the cost of some products can … Read more

Winter is Coming: Prepare Your Essential Tools to Survive

Winter often creeps up on us and finds us working in our garage one weekend, and huddling indoors the next. There is nothing wrong with getting in your last bit of work done before winter truly sets in. We often forget to plan for essential tool storage when we are working right until our last … Read more

Guide on How to Sharpen A Chainsaw

If your knife becomes dull it won’t hurt you cause you can regain the sharpness in a minute. on the contrary, if it is your chainsaw it will hurt you most. Because you can’t recover its sharpness easily if you don’t have some knowledge of it. Let’s check the details on how to sharpen a … Read more