5 Affordable Ways to Spice Up Your Home with Mirrors

Colorful and cozy living room with a round decorative mirror

Are you looking for a way to add some personality and style to your home without spending a fortune? Mirrors are the perfect solution! Not only do they make any room look open and airy, but they can also be used to create unique and interesting effects. From adding extra storage space to creating the … Read more

The Benefits of Personalized Agronomic Lawn Assessments

House frontyard and parking strip freshly mowed green grass lawn

An agronomic lawn assessment is an analysis of your lawn that takes into account the type of grass you have, the climate you live in, the amount of sun and shade your lawn gets, and the soil conditions in your yard. The assessment also looks at how much foot traffic your lawn gets, as well … Read more

Ideal Answers for Your Gloomy Nights

Kitchen island with gray and white colors staged for Tour

No one likes feeling like they’re living in a cave. But when the sun starts to set earlier and earlier, it can be hard to avoid that sense of gloom. Luckily, there are ways and solutions to brighten up your home and make those gloomy nights a little more bearable. And we happen to know … Read more

Residential Attic Insulation – How to Retrofit Your Home in (Omaha)

Craftsman putting insulation material to the attic.

If you live in an older home, chances are that the attic insulation is not up to today’s standards. In fact, many homes built before the 1970s have little or no insulation in the attic at all. This can lead to high energy bills and uncomfortable living conditions. Fortunately, it is relatively easy and inexpensive … Read more

Best Practices in Disposing of Old Saws

A person handling circular saw blades

Nothing lasts forever. Not our tools, not our repairs, and certainly not circular saws. Whether you plan on using your saws regularly or sporadically, you will inevitably have to dispose of them and get new ones. You can throw them away, but this is the most wasteful and the least eco-friendly option. Better options are … Read more