The 11 Best Belt Sanders for Woodworking

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The best belt sanders will also help to smooth rough surface be it on wood, concrete, or metal easily. Does this interest you? I bet it does. Read on to find out all you need to know about Belt sanders and other types of sanders available.

It is unfortunate that many people still use old tools for sanding instead of using quick, efficient, and easy to use sanding tools such as belt sanders. If you have tried to clear paint or a nasty stain on your wall with sandpaper, you probably know how tiring it can be even if you are dealing with a small portion.

However, we are not in the Stone Age. Taking advantage of a belt sander can help you to get rid of a stain or remove old paint within a few minutes. 

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BLACK+DECKER DS321 Dragster Belt Sander

Makita 9903 Variable Speed Belt Sander

WEN 6502T 4.3-Amp 4 x 36 in. Belt and 6 in. Disc Sander

SKIL 7510-01 Sandcat 6 Amp 3-Inch x 18-Inch Belt Sander

Porter Cable PXRA2676 Multi Surface Restoration Tool Kit

SPTA Belt Sander

Hitachi SB8V2 Variable Speed Belt Sander/Metabo HPT Belt Sander (SB8V2)

Ridgid ZRR2740 Belt Sander


Ginour 2 in 1 Belt Sander and Bench Sander

Triton TA1200BS Belt Sander

To help you in making a conclusive decision, we will also review the best belt sanders on the market. Going through the information might help you in finding a model that has everything you need.

Moreover, selecting any of the listed product to ensure that you will find a machine that you can depend on when it comes to sanding different materials.

Makita 9903 Speed Belt Sander

Makita 9903 Speed Belt Sander powerful 8.8 AMP motor that has the capability of high speeds of up to 1,440 feet per minute.

This unit is equipped with a variable speed that allows you to change the speed easily to match your application.

The unit also is adjustable to accommodate pads that of different grits sizes. This helps you to tackle different application with ease. You will also love the durable construction, making it a great choice for those who are looking for a professional sander for tough application.

Some of the other great features that you will enjoy the dust collection system that assist you to clean all the dust leaving your workbench clean. Besides, the long power cord allows you the flexibility, enabling you to set your workshop in a convenient place.

Additionally, this unit features a comfortable grip design that reduces the user's fatigue while increasing the sanding efficiency.


  • High-quality construction
  • Long power cord
  • Dust collection system
  • A variable speed control


  • Only available as a 110V model limiting it to North American Market

Porter Cable PXRA2676 Multi Surface Restoration Tool Kit

We have included this model as one of the best sanders on the market for a number of reasons.

First, this unit has an affordable price and features advanced features that are hard to find on other high products.

With its redesigned shape, this unit has the ability to do more than sanding. It is a great choice to pick when looking for a tool that grinds, polish, scrubs and buffs metals, cement as well as wood. 

One of the other features that you will love about this product is that it works with multiple roller sleeves and wheels that allow you to work on the material easily. You will also enjoy the pistol grip design that lets the user to control it using one hand.


  • Affordable
  • Powerful motor
  • Ergonomic design
  • Easy to use


  • You need to connect a vacuum to collect the dust

Hitachi SB8V2 9.0 Amp Variable Speed Belt / Metabo HPT Belt Sander (SB8V2)

The Hitachi SB8V2 features a silent operation, making the best choice for those who live in a quiet neighborhood.

With a 9.0Amp motor, you can trust the performance of this model when dealing with any application.

The unit has a variable speed dial that offers you speed from 820 to 1475 feet per minute. This allows you to work on most of your projects with ease. The unit also has a soft elastomeric grip surface that gives you a comfortable and secure hold.

Sanding does not have to be stressful any longer as the sander also has a tracking window that improves the visibility of the sanding surface. This makes this model one of the best sanders for beginners and people who does not have much knowledge on using it.


  • Wear resistant V belt for durability
  • Silent operation
  • Mounted dust collection bag
  • Well-designed and comfortable handles


  • The power cord could be longer

Ridgid ZRR2740 6.5 Amp 3-in X 18-in Belt Sander

The Ridgid ZRR2740 will give you a balance between performance and affordability. In fact, this is one of the most affordable Sanders available on the market.

One of the reasons why we included this product in this best sander reviews is its lightweight and compact that makes it easy to work on tighter areas where other Sanders cannot reach.

The unit also features a futuristic and modern design that helps it to maintain a decent look. Another feature that makes these sanders unique is the twin fan dust collection that has efficient dust collection.

Besides the soft grip handles boost your comfort while at the same time decreasing the vibration. To enhance your convenience, this unit also has 12 feet long all rubber cord that is not only durable but also allows you flexibility when working on your project.


  • Lightweight
  • Automatic belt tracking
  • Twin fan dust collection
  • Soft grip handles


  • The sanding belt is not that durable

BLACK+DECKER DS321 Dragster Belt Sander with Clot

If you’re a fan of Formula 1 racing, you'll love this one. Why? Because its frontal design looks like an F1 racing car! Okay, let's talk more about utility now.

You have figured it out by now that this sander hands down wins maximum uniqueness points for its design. One of its vital distinctiveness is the front roller design.

Its innovative front roller can reach into the tightest spaces with ease. The tightest spaces here include curved surfaces and adjoining surfaces. And the benefit of this to a home improvement enthusiast is that it reduces the overall need for flush sanding, thereby saving time. This is one edge this sander has above the others.

Another useful design feature is its three-position handle. The handle makes it comparatively more comfortable for the sander to be guided safely. It also makes it easy for it to be used in different orientations - vertical orientations, horizontal orientations, and everything else in between.

Like the other sanders we reviewed, it has a dust collector for a cleaner workspace and improved visibility. Keep in mind though that this belt sander doesn’t have the variable speed option. So before choosing this, be sure that’s a feature you’re willing to forgo.

To summarize, the B-decker boasts of an extended reach for more versatile use, using medium-grit sandpaper and a dust collector to keep the workspace tidy.

Key Features and Specifications

  • Strictly a belt sander
  • Three-position handle for more effortless guiding
  • Detachable dust bag
  • Medium grit sanding belt
  • 7 Amp motor of 120 volts

Ginour [ 2 in 1 ] Belt Sander and Bench Sander

Ginour 2 in 1 Belt Sander and Bench Sander

As the name suggests, the G-Power Sander is a high-power sander. This makes it especially suitable for applications where high removal of material is required over large areas. It has a power of 600 Watts, and high rotation speed of up to 560 revolutions per minute.

The design of the G-power also takes into consideration the possible need for variable speed for different project situations.

You could call it a 2-in-1 sander in that it could be used not only as a belt sander but also as a sand platform (also called a bench sander). This feature increases its versatility, making it suitable for meeting different grinding needs.

The unique SDS belt system makes it simple and more straightforward (than usual) to do a belt change or replacement. This would prove great for extended work. Its soft rubber-coated grip makes for increased comfort – a useful feature during extended use again. The built-in lock switch also makes it perfect for prolonged usage.

Keep this in mind though; in order to avoid machine heat, the manufacturer recommends that it shouldn’t be used for more than an hour at a stretch. Nonetheless, we can conclude this simply a blend of high power, versatility, and comfort in one sander.

Key Features and Specifications

  • 2 in 1 Belt and Bench Sander
  • 5 Amp Motor, 120 volts
  • Dust collection system
  • Built-in Lock Switch
  • Comes with 6 pieces of 80 grit and five pieces of 120 grit Sanders
  • 600 Watts Power Rating
  • SDS Belt Change System
  • Adjustable Speed Option
  • 32 mm and 35 mm Vacuums Adapters

Triton TA1200BS Belt Sander

The, longer, wider and durable sanding belt is one of the main advantages that come with this unit.

Considering its price, the unit is fitted with a decent motor that can handle most medium and heavy-duty applications. The motor also has a variable speed control that enables you to work on different materials efficiently.

The unit is also easy to customize with the easy to adjust auxiliary handle, as well as the belt tracking adjustment. To make your work easier this best sander also comes with a rear dust port that you can connect to your vacuum system.

Additionally, you do not have to purchase additional tools to start using your sander as; the package includes a dust bag, inversion stand, and a 3x24 inch sanding belt.


  • Longer sanding belt
  • Belt tracking adjustment
  • Practical handle


  • A bit heavy


Several features make the Tackie Double a desirable sander, especially for tackling tough jobs. First, it is powered by a 5 Amperes motor. This high-power motor makes it highly effective in removing stains speedily and delivering high-quality finishes.

The design of the sander also takes into cognizance the possible need for variable speed. It has a variable speed knob that helps you select the pace that’s appropriate for each use. The speeds are available in 6 quantum dials ranging from 0 to 560 revolutions per minute (0-560rpm).

Here’s something else that makes this belt sander more appealing; it doubles as a bench sander! Metal G-clamps are included in the package. With those, you can attach this sander to your table and have your hands free while getting work done. The metal clamps also make it easier for you to do a belt change.

Also, the dust collecting system is another excellent feature. The dust box in this machine tool is designed and so can be easily detached to clean dust.

Sometimes, you want to achieve a cleaner workspace and so need a more powerful dust remover. The Tackie Double has that covered too. Two vacuum dust adapters are added to connect the sander to your vacuum cleaner. These adaptors make the clean workspace dream a reality.

Key Features and Specifications

  • 2-in-1 belt and bench sander
  • 5 Amp motor of 120volts
  • Dust collection system
  • 600 Watts power rating
  • Comes with seven pieces of 80 grit and six pieces of 120 grit sanders
  • Adjustable speed option

SPTA Belt Sander 3×18 Inch, Come With 14Pcs Sanding Belts

You may think of the S-Power as a twin to the Tackie double, which we have reviewed earlier. A lot of their features are identical. For instance, like the Tackie double, the S-Power sander is a 2-in-1 sander.

2-in-1 here means that it functions both as a belt sander and as a bench sander. All you have to do is flip over your sander and clamp it to a desk using metal clamps. Two metal clamps are added in the package, so you don’t have to worry about getting one.

Other similar features are the amperage of the added motor, the design of the dust collection system, adjustable speed option. Speaking about power, it’s powered by a 5 Amp motor, which makes them finely qualified to efficiently do removals not just on small projects but on big projects too.

It’s noteworthy to add that unlike the Tackie, this sander comes with only 80 grit sanders. So, if you need finer grits in your first use, you’re gonna have to purchase those. Or, you may find that a reason to choose the Tackie over the S-Power. The choice is yours.

Honestly, it’s hard to tell which is better between the two. We’ll ask you to check it out yourself. Perhaps you’ll find a feature that fits your bias. Altogether, if you consider yourself a convenience seeking, professional craftsman, this either would prove an excellent option.

Key Features and Specifications

  • 2-in-1 belt and bench sander
  • 5 Amp motor
  • Detachable dust box
  • Adjustable speed option
  • Comes with 14 pieces of 80 grit sanders


Craftsman is not only one of the renown brand that manufactures best reciprocating saws but also does a great job when it comes to producing belt sanders. It's angled belt design and 800 fpm speed makes it perfect for a quicker job with perfection.

With its tool-free belt release makes it easier to adjust with every belt replacement. Its lightweight design will assist you in handling stricter jobs with ease. This sander comes with a dust bag that will help you in leaving your workstation clean as you found it.

The 3position over-molded handle is to assist you in working on different elements comfortably. You can easily control the settings to get the desired results.

The 3position over-molded handle is to assist you in working on different elements comfortably. You can easily control the settings to get the desired results.

Overlooking other big size sanders if you put your hands on Craftsman tools, you won't be sorry.

Key Features and Specifications

  • Adjustable auxiliary handle for better control
  • Compatible with the VERSATRACK Wall Organization System
  • Easy belt installation
  • 3 Year Limited Warranty

Ideas About Belt Sanders

Sanding is one of the time consuming and tedious task in construction. Choosing the wrong belt sander may make this exercise more complicated. This is why you need to select the best belt sander that meets your needs.

If you have never used a belt sander, it is best to take your time and familiarize with one before purchasing. You can do by visiting a local workshop or taking to one of your friends who already have one.

Since this tool is bigger, and livelier than a pad sander mixer or a drill disc, familiarizing with it is crucial. Doing so, will also give an idea of what you really need depending on the project you have in mind?

What Is the Difference Between Palm Sander, Belt Sander, and Random Orbit Sander?

Before looking at the best belt sanders available on the market today, let us look at the types of the sanders and their application.

Belt sander

As the name indicates, this type of a sander comes with a sanding belt that is used in smoothing the rough materials.

This sander is a great choice for those who want a sander to help them in smoothing large, flat, and rougher surfaces. This unit has a powerful motor that drives the sanding belts and a tracking adjustment knob that boosts its efficiency. This sander is a great choice for removing varnish, paint, and stain.

Random orbital sander

This is a combination of a belt sander and an orbital finishing sander. This unit moves in random orbits, allowing it to vibrate in small circles.

This makes it a useful tool that can be used for both ultra smooth sanding as well as stock removal. Additionally, since this tool spins and vibrated at the same time, it will remove the swirl that is often left by ordinary orbital sanders.

Palm sanders

Palm sanders are ideal for handling final touch ups.

This sander, also referred as a finish sander moves in small circular orbits, taking care of any uneven surface. Unlike the belt sanders, these sanders are compact and allow you to get rid of small uneven patches on your material.

Important Tips for Buying Best Belt Sanders

When purchasing the best belt sanders, some considerations can help you in picking the right model. Let us look at some of the aspects that will help you in selecting a sander that fits your needs

1. Weight and power

This is probably the first thing you should look at. Depending on the projects you have in mind, make sure you have selected a belt sander that offers you with adequate power.

 The power of the sander is usually indicated in Amps. The higher the Amps the high the power. In addition, while choosing the best belt sanders look at the weight of the unit. The rule of the thumb is to select a model that is light in weight as it will be easier to work with.

2. Variable speed

Selecting a belt sander that has varying speed will help you to find a model that you can use for various applications.

Remember not all materials are the same, some will be hard to smoothen requiring more power while other might be damaged when using high power.

3. Dust collector

This is another feature that you should consider while picking the best belt sander.

A unit with a dust collector will help you in cleaning your working area as you continue with your work. This simplifies your work since you do not have to do the cleaning after you are done.

4. Belt changing

You should also pick a model that has a quick and easy belt changes. Selecting sanders with automated monitoring features will also make your belt changing easier

5. Design

Although the latest sanders feature a modern design that makes them ideal for multiple applications, some models are more compact and feature a more ergonomic design than the others feature. The best belt sander should have comfortable and soft grip handles that minimize user fatigue.

Types and Size of Belt

There are various types of sanding belting. The choice will depend on what you are sanding. The size of the sanding belt will also depend on the project at hand.

Aluminum oxide

One of the materials used to construct these sanding belts is the aluminum Oxide. This is one of the abrasive materials that you can use; it is used in removing stock to finish. It is available in 36-100 grits.


This is another tough, synthetic abrasive material that makes sander belts ideal for high stock removal application. It is available in 36-100 grits

Silicon carbide

Probably these sharpest and hardest abrasives allow for fast stock removal as well as a cool cut. The belts are available in 36, 24-180 and 220-600 grit.

Scotch Brite

Lastly, we have Scotch Brite, which is a surface conditioning belt that is useful in finishing, cleaning, deburring, as well as blending application.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the most commonly asked queries regarding belt sanders:

Can I use a belt Sander on metal surfaces?

Yes! Belt sanders are suitable for working on metal, wood, and even plastic surfaces. The key here is to ensure that you use the right grit for each surface. Also, when using grit on metal surfaces, there's a chance you'll create sparks.

If this comes in contact with sawdust in the dust collector, then you could have a full-blown fire situation. To deal with this, empty the dust collector before using the sander on a metal surface.

What are the safety precautions when using a belt sander?

First, wear a nose mask and safety goggles to avoid sawdust from being inhaled or getting into your eyes. Second, belt sanders are usually very loud! You would do well to wear hearing protection.

Third, resist the temptation to change the belt without unplugging the tool. This ought to go without saying, but it's a prevalent error.

How do I choose the right grit paper for my use?

The lower the grit of your sander, the more particles you’ll remove in one pass of the sander. So lower grits mean higher speed. For instance, an 80 grit sander will remove stains faster than say a 120-grit belt.

But lower grits also mean rougher surfaces, so if you choose to go by a higher grit, make sure you have plans to ensure smooth finishing of work.


The above-mentioned belt sanders are doing not only come with the features that you need in efficient sanders but are the most cost effective choices you can find on the market. Before making the final decision, you just need to have a clear picture of sanding projects you will be doing and using our detailed guide you will find exactly what you need.

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