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Hilti WSR 36-A Cordless Reciprocating Saw 3.9Ah Kit Review

Hilti products, systems, and services offer innovative solutions with outstanding added value to customers in the construction and building maintenance industries. Hilti has once again introduced a new professional reciprocating saw to the Hilti line up. This is the Hilti WSR 36-A Cordless Reciprocating Saw 3.9Ah. This tool uses a 36 V 3.9 Ah CPC Lion battery that offers high power that you can rely on for heavy demolition applications. You can use this tool for a number of works ranging from cutting pipes, cutting struts, to cutting steel studs.

It goes without saying, if the tool can cut through harder materials easily it can cut through wood and other softer materials. It’s High-Efficiency Motor and Gear Combined with the Best Battery Technology Give You More Power and Work Per Charge.

Hilti WSR 36-A Cordless Reciprocating Saw 05It is costly and one of the best reciprocating saw otherwise.

Possible fields of use:

Rescue services, public authorities, agriculture and forestry, construction sites, workshops, renovation, conversion and new construction, metal construction, plumbing, heating and air conditioning system installation in which the types of cutting work listed above are carried out.


Rated input power900 W
Stroke length1-1/4 in
Stroke rate2850 strokes / minute
Variable speed switchYes
Blade clamp1/2″ keyless
Dimensions (LxWxH)17.3 x 3.6 x 8.8 in
Weight according to EPTA-Procedure 01/20039.6 lb.
Battery typeLi-Ion
Smart PowerNo

Important Feature of Hilti WSR 36-A Cordless Reciprocating Saw 3.9Ah Kit-

The WSR 36-A is a cordless reciprocating saw for professional use. The power tool is suitable for use by right or left-handed persons. Here are some of the features offered by the Hilti WSR 36-A Cordless Reciprocating Saw 3.9Ah Kit. Go through them and decide whether Hilti WSR 36-A Cordless Reciprocating Saw 3.9Ah Kit is the cordless reciprocating tool that you have been looking for!

Hilti active vibration reduction

Hilti WSR 36-A Cordless Reciprocating Saw 03The tool is backed by a Hilti active vibration reduction feature that has the ability to reduce the vibration up to two-thirds. If you have ever used a reciprocating tool, you would know that your hands feel exhausted because of the vibration those results when cutting the material. To make the cutting process easier the company has included the active vibration reduction. The feature also helps you to make precise cuts.

A speed trigger

Hilti WSR 36-A Cordless Reciprocating Saw 02The saw comes with a speed trigger that has six setting. This setting allows for variable stroke speed for more control in a variety of applications. For instance, you can use the setting when cutting through tough materials such as concrete or steel you can adjust the speed to high speed, this will allow you to cut easily and faster. While cutting through the softer materials such as wood, adjust it to slow speed for you to cut easily and accurately.

High-Efficiency Motor

Hilti WSR 36-A Cordless Reciprocating Saw 06
The Hilti WSR 36-A Cordless Reciprocating Saw comes with a high-efficiency motor as well as the best battery technology to give you more power and work per charge. This means that you will use the tool for longer periods before the battery is exhausted. In addition, the battery charges within an hour meaning that you can continue with your work within a very short time.

Compact size

Hilti WSR 36-A Cordless Reciprocating Saw 04

The tool weighs about 9.1 Lbs and has a one and a quarter inch long stroke. This makes it an ideal tool to use in tight spaces where you can never use the corded saws. In addition, its cordless feature allows you to use the tool in areas where the power grid is not near. This means you can use the tool in ceilings as well as in  cabinets. Its blade changing system is also easy.

Hilti WSR 36-A Cordless Reciprocating Saw 01

Drop resistant housing

Most of the reciprocating saws are manufactured with low-quality materials that break easily in case the saw falls. However, the Hilti WSR 36-A Cordless Reciprocating Saw 3.9Ah Kit is made with superior materials that are tough will withstand short drops. This makes the tool superior and extends it durability.

Ergonomic handle

Unlike other reciprocating saws that come with a hard plastic handle, the Hilti WSR 36-A Cordless Reciprocating Saw comes with an ergonomic handle, which is covered with a soft coating. This coating absorbs the excess vibrations giving your hands a lot of relief. In addition, the handle allows for a firm grip. This makes sure that your tool is secure and comfortable, meaning that you can use it for extended periods without getting tired easily.

Robust battery cells for longer battery life

Another important feature that comes with this saw is the robust cells that offer longer battery life. You can charge the cells in less than one hour so that you can continue with your work. The cells allow you to work for a long time without exhausting the battery.


  • Comes with a drop resistant housing that makes it durable
  • Has a high capacity battery that gives longer battery life
  • Compact in size making them ideal to use in space tight areas
  • Has ergonomic handle that allows for a firm grip


  • Some customers feel that the company could have done more on the active vibration reduction
  • There are some issues while adjusting the shoe

Frequently Asked Question

Look at our conversation with Hilti-

Sawrev: Hi I am the owner of a professional saw review site. Recently I come in contact with Hilti and found it most costly. I found only a single noticeable feature that makes it different from other available saws in the market. That is 36/3.9 Li-Ion Battery. Could you please describe it and tell me how long the battery last on a single charge?

Hilti: There really is no way to Intelligently answer that question.  There are so many factors to determine how long a battery will last ( weather, how it is being used, skill of the user, age of battery…).  We will, however, put our batteries against other brands. I have included a link to youtube videos about our cordless tools.



When testing all the tools that came in Hilti WSR 36-A Cordless Reciprocating Saw kit, we found that they were easy to work with and all of them worked well. In fact, all the tools available exceeded our expectations. We think that Hilti did a very good job on power generation when it comes to keeping the tools running. We would recommend this tool to the hobbyist, people who do remodeling, construction workers, and any other individual who would need a simple tool to do cut through various materials.

Bosch PS60 102 12-Volt Max Lithium-Ion Reciprocating Saw Kit Review

Bosch PS60 102 12-Volt Max 04

Bosch PS60 102 12-Volt Max Lithium-Ion Reciprocating Saw Kit

Are you a DIY fan and want the best Reciprocating saw? The Bosch PS60 102 12-Volt Max Lithium-Ion Reciprocating Saw Kit in the market.

The Bosch PS60-102 saw is compact for excellent handling and reaching those tight spaces. It is very robust and can handle different cutting tasks like cutting those hard materials like conduit and copper. The Bosch reciprocating saw is effective coming with a LED light that illuminates dark places when cutting.

The saw is ideal for one hand use and can be used above the head without any worries. It comes with multiple grip positions that help prevent fatigue. The long blade length is what you get in most expensive reciprocating saws. It is one of those class machines with good power to weight ratio.

This Bosch PS60 102 12-Volt Max Lithium-Ion Reciprocating Saw is right choice for-

The saw is designed for every person with small home improvement works and for light commercial tasks. The following group of people can greatly benefit from the Bosch PS60 -102:

  • Homeowners
  • DIY fanatics
  • Electricians
  • Plumbers



Product Depth (in.) 14.8 Product Width (in.) 7.2 
Product Height (in.) 8.8 


Batteries Included YesPower Tool Features Tool Less Blade Change, Variable Speed.
Battery Power Type Lithium-IonVariable Speed Yes
Voltage (volts) 12Product Weight (lb.) 2.6 lbs
Strokes per minute 3000Length Of Stroke.57 in
Color Family BlueBattery Charge Time30 min
Cordless/Corded CordlessTools Product Type Power Tool
OriginChinaShipping Weight6 lbs
Date First AvailableFebruary 1, 2013Manufacturer Warranty 1 Year

Main features in the Bosch PS60 102 12-Volt Max Lithium-Ion and their benefits to the users-


Bosch PS60 102 12-Volt Max 12Every buyer wants a reciprocating saw capable of handling all types of jobs. The Bosch PS60 102 can cut different types of materials giving users the much-needed versatility. It can easily cut some of the hardest materials like conduit and copper with easy. It is capable of cutting metal and wood without any problems.

The products from Bosch never disappoint, and this one is another excellent choice especially if you have a lot of DIY cutting tasks. It is excellent for cutting down trees and performing some trimming at your yard.

Comes with a complete protection system

Bosch PS60 102 12-Volt Max 13Protection is a key consideration when purchasing any machines. This reciprocating saw has taken into considerations the various risks associated with reciprocating saws and complete with a complete protection system to protect the users.

There is protection against overload of the current or the high temperatures when cutting.

Tool-Less Blade Changes

Bosch PS60 102 12-Volt Max 14When working with this kind of saws, all that the users want is less time in dealing with the accessories and more time cutting through the hardest materials.

The Bosch PS60-102 offers just that with tool-less blade changes. The saw allows for quick and easy changing of the blades helping save time when cutting through different materials.

Anti-Vibration Technology

Bosch PS60 102 12-Volt Max 07This is probably the best feature in this saw allowing its users to work freely without getting tired very fast. The anti-vibration technology is crucial when it comes to reciprocating saws and chainsaws is essential when cutting materials for long periods.

Bosch seems to beat its rivals by making the saw easy to use without those vibrations that make you tire faster. This is a must have benefit especially for demo works.

Another good example of a reciprocating saw with the anti-vibration technology is the Bosch RS428. This super smooth experience will keep your hands safe from tingling after an hour of cutting as seen in most saws. Using it with a glove will further protect your hands from getting injuries.

Great Ergonomics

Bosch PS60 102 12-Volt Max 15This is one of the easiest reciprocating saws on the market. The saw does not seem to be advertised a lot but comes with a soft trigger switch that brings the blade to full speed in a matter of a second or two.

The one hand use is an added advantage allowing users to cut materials above their head without any problems. The small size and great grip of the saw make this possible.

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Customer Review

Bosch seems to have done a great job on the PS60 102 and works as advertised. When you purchase the reciprocating saw, it comes with one metal blade, one all-purpose blade, Lithium Ion batteries and a 30-minute charger. The power might be an issue for most people, but they cannot question the ability of the saw to get the job done smooth and fast. The batteries can last up to 30-35 minutes of continuous cutting with solid materials. In actual sense, it will take 2-3 hours as one does not cut continuously.

Bosch PS60 102 12-Volt Max 16It is very efficient especially when you need to climb trees and cut the branches. If you have thick bamboo trees, then this saw will work marvelously. It is safe to handle high on the trees and will save you time. The saw is highly recommended with several positive customer reviews. It is a great value for money.

The Bosch PS60 102 12-Volt Max Lithium-Ion Reciprocating Saw Kit comes with everything you need to get the job started. It is small, compact and powerful capable of fitting in the tightest of places to cut. This is further enhanced by the LED illumination. The batteries can last for 2-3 hours before recharging. In most cases, the saw can complete all cutting tasks without the need for recharging unless you have a lot of cutting to do.

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  • Very versatile saw capable of handling all types of cutting jobs.
  • Has great ergonomics allowing one hand use and safe use above the head.
  • Small and compact allowing the saw to work in the tightest of places.
  • The LED illuminations help light uptight places.
  • Multiple grip positions and anti-vibration technology to prevent hand fatigue.
  • Easy battery management for continued work without disruption.
  • Excellent power to weight ratio.
  • Minimal vibrations can be felt despite the soft grip
  • Lack of orbiting and will most likely try your patience
  • Not enough power for the heaviest cutting jobs

Frequently Asked Question

Question: Will this saw cut 3″ pvc?

Answer: Yes with a long fine tooth blade.

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Final Verdict

For mid-range reciprocating saws, the Bosch PS60 102 12-Volt Max Lithium-Ion Reciprocating Saw Kit is an ideal choice capable of handling all cutting tasks. The saw stands up well for most of its competitors and users can be assured of getting value for the money spent. The multiple grip options offer the users smooth handling that allows them to go the distance without feeling fatigued.

Buyers will find the saw working efficiently and effectively in handling above head tasks. It compared well to most mid-range reciprocating saws and got some high rating from consumers. Go ahead and order this one today to experience the joy of safe above head cutting.

Ryobi P515 ONE plus 18V Cordless Lithium-Ion Reciprocating Saw Review

Ryobi P515 ONE Plus 18V cordless lithium-ion reciprocating saw

Ryobi P515 ONE Plus 18V cordless lithium-ion reciprocating saw

Is investing in the Ryobi P515 ONE Plus 18V cordless lithium-ion reciprocating saw with anti-vibe handle worth the time and money? You possibly are asking this question especially if you want to own or upgrade to a better tool. Like anyone else, your main desire is to get the best tool in the market. This saw provides ample power and speed to saw through variety items. This recip saw make the task at hand less of a task and more of a fun experience.

We analyzed the product and found the following features, pros & cons that are given below.

Who Should Use This Product?

There is various type of uses of a reciprocating saw. But this saw is special for-

  • Plumbers
  • Interior designers
  • Building constructors
  • Hobbyists



Product Depth (in.)15Product Width (in.)
Product Height (in.)6


Batteries IncludedNoVoltage (volts)18
Battery Amp Hours0.0 Power Tool FeaturesAnti-Vibration Handle & Adjustable Pivoting Shoe
Battery Power TypeLithium IonDust CollectionNo
Color FamilyGreenProduct Weight (lb.)4.2 lb. 
Charger IncludedNoStrokes per minute3100
Cordless/ CordedCordlessReturnable90-Day
Variable SpeedYesLength Of Stroke.875 in 
Keyless/keyed blade changeKeylessShipping Weight4.6 pounds
Date First AvailableAugust 29, 2013, Manufacturer’s Warranty90 days Exchange policy & 3 Year Warranty 

What Are the Top features of Ryobi P515 ONE Recip Saw?

When searching for a recip saw, you are guided by the various features. A good product should come with useful features that lead to productive and efficient sawing. Some of the features that should inspire you buying this Ryobi Sawzall are as follows:

Ample Power for Easy and Smooth Cutting

Ryobi P515 ONE plus -18Featuring a 3100 stroke per minute (SPM) motor that is powered by an 18-volt lithium-ion battery, the Ryobi reciprocating saw easily cuts through most materials. Its length of strokes is 7/8 in.

This is bettered by the no load speed trigger that minimizing too much impact, especially when starting to saw. Simply pulling the trigger will provide optimum power to cut wood, metal, plastic, ceramic, bushes, tree branches, PVC, masonry and other objects.

Good Ergonomic Design for Better Control

Ryobi P515 ONE plus -13Forget the aching fingers or hands, or having to pause more-often-than-not due to fatigue. The cordless 18-volt Ryobi P515 ONE lithium-ion battery operated reciprocating saw is ergonomically designed for comfort and minimal fatigue. This is seen in the smooth body construction, well-contoured curves, and the unique Anti-Vibe handle.

Courtesy of the good ergonomics, a user is able to use the tool continuously with minimal tiredness leading to better-looking results.

Grip Zone over mold Improves Grip and Comfort

Ryobi P515 ONE plus -19To avoid accidental slippage, numb fingers, or excessive sweating, the 18V Ryobi reciprocating saw features the renowned Grip Zone over the mold. This type of molding is suited for long use since the material is soft to the fingers and hands.

It also doesn’t lose shape or structural integrity even after continuous use. In addition to enhanced grip, the over-mold also improves comfort and handling.

Adjustable Pivoting Shoe Offers Better Depth Control

Ryobi P515 ONE plus -02To minimize vibrations and shocks that are experienced when cutting too deep, the 18V cordless recip saw from Ryobi comes with an adjustable pivoting shoe. An operator can easily adjust the depth of the shoe depending on the object at hand.

By adjusting to a better and sharper region of the saw, a user is able to use minimal effort, power as well as time. Besides improving depth control, the pivoting shoe also reduces wastage and improves efficiency.

Its lock-Off Button reduces the possibility of accidental starting.

Variable-speed Trigger for Optimal Performance

Ryobi P515 ONE plus -14Variable-speed trigger allows for a slow start which is vital when starting to cut. Once a cut has been established the variable trigger can be used to increase the speed of the saw.

Apart from reducing unnecessary vibration, the speed trigger also leads to a better cut.

Working hand-in-hand with the electronic brake, the variable –speed trigger also slows down or stops the blade easily and effortlessly.

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  • Variable-speed trigger for better control and safety
  • Good ergonomic design minimizes fatigue and discomfort
  • Good grip and minimal slippage courtesy of the Grip Zone mold
  • Compatible with several chargers (P113, P114, P117, P131, P125 and P126)
  • Easy and quick to change courtesy of the tool-less blade clamp
  • A bit under-powered compared to other tools in the same class or 110-volt tools
  • Heavy and continuous usage drain the batteries rather fast

Review of Ryobi P515 18V cordless reciprocating saw

Ryobi P515 ONE Plus 18V cordless lithium-ion reciprocating saw is the update version of Ryobi P514 reciprocating saw.

A user of Ryobi p514 Reciprocating saw said:

I’m 55-year-old female, small framed. This piece of equipment was easy to handle and easy to use. I cut a small tree that had fallen in my backyard. Was hesitant at first, so I delayed doing it. Once I began, I was pleased with the process. It did help to read all the directions. Was initially scared for no reason. Would recommend for women without a man around to help do such things.

Producing a maximum of 3100spm makes the Ryobi P515 ONE Plus 18V cordless lithium-ion reciprocating saw suitable for many applications. These include trimming bushes, cutting branches, sawing through drywall, cutting ceramics, plastic, and other products.

To avoid damaging the working area when beginning to saw, the recip saw features variable-speed trigger. Users will also appreciate the adjustable pivoting shoe that allows them to vary the depth of the blade. The Grip Zone Over mold offers good grip and lessens the odds of the tool accidentally falling or slipping. Stopping or slowing the blade is as easy as using the variable-speed trigger that works in conjunction with the electronic brake.

The variable speed trigger also adds to the tools control with slow starts to line up the best cut and an electronic brake to stop the cutting quickly. Its tool-less blade clamp simplifies for quick and easy blade changes.

Individuals who work for long periods or use the tool for heavy applications may be disappointed by the lithium-ion batteries that can easily get drained. Though powerful, it doesn’t top the list and the cutting potential and speed may be inadequate for tough materials.

This cordless lithium-ion powered recip saw comes as a bare tool and a buyer has to pay extra for the charger or battery.

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Special Note

The saw will work with both the Ni-Cd and the Li-Ion 18v batteries. However due to the high battery consumption of the saw, we recommend the high capacity Li-Ion batteries.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Will this saw work to cut a pipe post used for a chain link fence?

Answer: Yes. You might have to buy a longer hack saw blade. The blades come several different types in a package. Just make sure you have a lot of batteries on hand.

>>> See More Questions and Answers <<<

Final Verdict

Good ergonomics, ample power, variable –trigger mechanism, and comfortable non-slip grip are some reasons that make the Ryobi P515 18V cordless Lithium-ion recip saw a good option. It cuts fast through different surfaces such as drywall, branches, wood, plastic, PVC and more. It’s easy to handle and carry around, and since it’s cordless, there is no limitation on where it can be used. The cordless recip saw, however, isn’t the most powerful or most affordable, and its battery drains fast under heavy usage. Based on the above review, the Ryobi P515 ONE Plus reciprocating saw with anti-vibe handle is worth the price.

Milwaukee 2625 20 M18 18-Volt Hackzall Reciprocating Saw Review

Milwaukee 2625 20 18-Volt M18 Hackzall cordless recip saw

Milwaukee 2625 20 18-Volt M18 Hackzall cordless recip saw

Have you thought about investing in the Milwaukee 2625 20 18-Volt M18 Hackzall cordless recip saw? Whether a professional, a skilled handyman, or a newbie, one certain thing is that you desire efficiency and good productivity when demolishing walls or partitions, cutting wood, masonry, PVC pipes, metal surfaces, and other surfaces.

Also, you want to spend the least time possible as well as effort when doing so. This is possibly why you are thinking of acquiring a powerful, reliable, and handy saw. The batteries are very durable and tend to last quite a while under continual use. And they charge up pretty fast.

The Milwaukee 2625 20 HACKZALL M18 is a cordless, 18-volt battery-operated saw that will make your work easier. It is a one-handed tool that is designed for professionals as well as inexperienced users.

Reciprocating saw is also called hackzall saw when it accepts both Hackzall and Sawzall style blades. Therefore, It is called hackzall cordless reciprocating saw because it works with both SAWZALL and HACKZALL blades.

Who Is This Product Designed for?

People who will find the Milwaukee 2625 20 HACKZALL appropriate include:

  • Plumbers
  • Demolition and renovation experts
  • Carpenters
  • Hobbyists
  • Tree trimmers
  • Interior Designers



Product Depth (in.) 13 in Product Width (in.) 3.25 in 
Product Height (in.) 7 in 


Batteries Included NoPower Tool Features No Additional Features 
Battery Amp Hours 0.0 Battery Power Type Lithium-Ion 
Voltage (volts) 18Product Weight (lb.) 4.1 lb 
Color Family RedStrokes per minute 3000.0
Length Of Stroke 3/4 in Tools Product Type Power Tool 
Cordless/Corded CordlessVariable Speed Yes
Dust Collection No Keyless/keyed blade change Keyless
Shipping Weight4.4 pounds Date First Available March 31, 2010
Manufacturer Warranty5 Year Limited Tool Warranty  

Important Features of Milwaukee 2625 20

Some of the features and benefits that make this saw a top choice are as follows:

Powerful and Reliable 0-3000 Strokes per Minute MotorMilwaukee 2625-20 18

When splicing wooden partition, cutting marble, trimming twigs and bushes, or sawing plastic or PVC pipes, you want a saw that gets the work done. This is more reason you should invest in this cordless 18-volt Hackzall saw from Milwaukee.

Operating within a range of 0 to 3000 strokes power minute, the saws motor will easily cut through different objects. You also don’t have to worry about the motor overheating or its performance fading out.

Responsive 3 /4-inch stroke length For Speedy Performance

Milwaukee 2625-20 19Good performance is more than just having the work done. It also about saving time and using minimal effort.

Those are the best experienced in the Milwaukee 2625 20 M18 18-Volt Hackzall cordless reciprocating saw as it comes with a 3 /4 –inch long stroke. This helps the tool cut through a range of materials easily and also effortlessly. Simply pull the trigger to saw soft objects such as rubber, foam, carpeting, or hard materials such as metal, hardwood, plastic, marble, PVC and more.

Dual Gear Anti-Vibration Mechanism for Better Accuracy and Control

Milwaukee 2625-20 20If you are tired of uncontrollable shaking or vibrations when using a cutting tool then you should consider the Milwaukee 2625 20 recip saw. Similar to other Milwaukee-branded saws, this tool also features the ground-breaking anti-vibration system. This technology minimizes unnecessary shaking or vibrations, especially when sawing tough objects.

In addition to better control, you also get accurate cuts. This goes a long way in avoiding mishaps such as tampering with built-in cabling, plumbing, circuitry, and more.

One-Handed Design Improves Handling

Milwaukee 2625-20 21Milwaukee 2625-20 15You may have noticed the simple and compact design of 2625 20. Measuring 17.72 inches length, 10.72 inches height, and a width of 4.65 inches, the saw is quite compact and easy to operate using one hand.

The portability and handling are further given a boost by the tools light weight of only 9.38 pounds. Not only does this make it easy to operate and handle, but also saves a user from excessive fatigue.

Moreover, the one-handed design provides superior control & versatility over a standard reciprocating saw.

Fast and Secure QUIK-LOK Blade Clamping Design

Milwaukee 2625-20 23Changing and securely clamping the cutting blade shouldn’t be a constant disturbance. Also, you don’t have to invest in special tools or possess great skills. The Milwaukee 2625 20 M18 18-Volt Hackzall cordless reciprocating saw comes with the innovative QUIK-LOK blade clamp design that simplifies the task of changing or adjusting the blade.

Once in place, the blade is held tightly and chances of it slipping away or becoming loose are unlikely.

Built-in LED Lamp Improves Illumination

Cutting objects in poorly-lit areas is no longer an issue with the Milwaukee 2625 20 18V M18 Hackzall reciprocating saw. The built-in LED lights are well-designed and placed on the tool allowing you to see where you are cutting. This reduces the chances of accidentally stripping the wires or damaging hidden pipes. Also, you don’t have to worry about missing a spot or wasting too much time simply because you can’t see what you are doing.

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  • Strong and powerful motor
  • High capacity Lithium-ion batteries
  • Light, compact, and portable
  • Easy to operate courtesy of its one-handed design
  • Durable and good design
  • No batteries and charger are included
  • A bit underpowered for heavy-duty operations
  • Batteries are expensive

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Special Note

Despite its small size and lightweight, the cordless 18-volt M18 Milwaukee 2625-20 delivers quite a punch. This is bettered by the improved High capacity XC 18-volt lithium-ion battery. Nonetheless, the battery gets drained fast especially if used continuously for long periods. To avoid the tool coming to a halt in the middle of a job, it helps to invest in an extra battery.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Is the saw ideal for professional undertakings?

Answer: Though it is much smaller and lighter than most reciprocating saws, it still delivers professional results.

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Final Verdict

The saw only comes as a bare tool (no battery, no charger, and no carrying bag). It’s compatible batteries are compact 1.5Ah (48-11-1815), compact 2.0Ah (48-11-1820), extra capacity 3.0Ah (48-11-1828), extended capacity 4.0Ah (48-11-1840).

Its compatible chargers are M18/M12 multi-voltage (48-59-1812), M18 AC/DC (2710-20). Although the batteries are expensive. This, however, doesn’t stop the saw from scoring an impressive 4.8 out of 5 on Amazon. The Milwaukee 2625 20 M18 18-Volt Hackzall cordless reciprocating saw is without-a-doubt worth investing in.

Looking at the issues listed in the above review, we can see that the reciprocating saw is not only light, and compact but also portable. Together with it’s long-lasting and high-capacity XC 18-volt lithium-ion battery, the saw can be used for extended periods without causing too much tiredness.

The built-in LED lamp plus the fuel gauge meter further improve the tool’s effectiveness and ease of use. Courtesy of the high-capacity battery and a sturdy 0-3000 strokes-per-minute motor, the saw will cut through many objects.

Makita BJR182Z 18-Volt Cordless Reciprocating Saw Review

Makita BJR182Z 18-Volt LXT Lithium-Ion Cordless Reciprocating Saw

Makita BJR182Z 18-Volt LXT Lithium-Ion Cordless Reciprocating Saw

Having a cordless saw gives you many wild ideas. These could range from building a new fence for your backyard or building a new set of cabinets for your new kitchen. The point is, as long as you are dealing with wood, you will need the Makita BJR182Z 18-Volt LXT Lithium-Ion Cordless Reciprocating Saw. This tool is among the pioneers of the cordless tool revolution.

The Makita BJR182Z 18-Volt LXT Lithium-Ion Cordless Reciprocating Saw is equipped with a D35 high-torque motor that is capable of delivering higher performance, as well as 2,900 strokes per minute that produce maximum productivity for any small scale project. Its LXT Lithium-Ion battery and Rapid Optimum Charger produces 430% total lifetime work with 3x more cycles.

Who Needs This Saw

  • A handyman
  • A professional wood cutter



Product Depth (in.)4 inProduct Width (in.)8.5 in
Product Height (in.)22 in


Batteries IncludedNoPower Tool FeaturesNo Tool Blade Change,Variable Speed
Length Of Stroke1.125 inProduct Weight (lb.)5 lbs
Battery Power TypeLXT Lithium-Ion
Charger IncludedNoStrokes per minute2900
Color FamilyTealVoltage (volts)18
Cordless/CordedCordlessShipping Weight7.7 pounds
Date First AvailableJuly 2, 2004Manufacturer


3-year warranty

Important Features

The Makita BJR182Z 18-Volt LXT Lithium-Ion Cordless Reciprocating saw is designed with a lot of useful features to provide maximum performance. This include:

Variable Speed Motor Improves Versatility

Makita BJR182Z- 06Coming with 0-2,900 strokes per minute, the Makita reciprocating saw enables a user to choose the best speed for cutting. For instance, to minimize wastage or damaging impact when starting to saw, it’s better to go for low speeds. But if speed is of the essence then higher speed is more appropriate.

Also, you will find higher speeds suitable when sawing through boards or partitions while low speeds are best for fine cutting PVC or steel pipes. Simply adjust the variable speed lever to choose the best speed that improves productivity as well as efficiency.

Easy Blade change system and 1 -1/8-inch Length Stroke for Faster Cutting

Makita BJR182Z- 18The goal of using a reciprocating saw is to make work easier and faster. This is best seen in the Makita BJR182Z 18-Volt LXT which comes with tool-less blade change system that allows for faster blade installation and removal for increased productivity. What’s more, you will find the adjustable shoe and changing blades not only easier but also quick courtesy of the tool-less blade changing the design.

Its 1-1 /8-inch length stroke is appropriate on light, medium-light, as well as thick objects. It works with different kinds of blades thus allowing you to switch to the best type whether cutting metal, plastic, wood, PVC, leather, rubber or any other. It has a maximum cutting depth of 5-1/8 inches for pipe, and 10 inches into wood (using a 12-inch blade).

Compact and Ergonomic Design Minimizes Fatigue

Makita BJR182Z- 01If you detest feeling tired after using a tool for a long time or continuously, you will find the Makita BJR182Z 18-Volt LXT Lithium-Ion Cordless Reciprocating saw the right choice. Weighing about 7.9 pounds and measuring 17-3/4 inches long, the tool is rated as one of the lightest and most compact tools in its range.

Using the tool continuously, on tough surfaces, or in tight angles is made much easier and comes with minimal discomfort. And thanks to its ergonomic design, chances of you getting numb fingers, sweaty hands, or blisters are minimal.

Soft Grip Handle for Optimum Comfort

Makita BJR182Z- 20The Makita BJR 182Z is designed with user comfort in mind. Forget about tired fingers due to the tool’s rough surface. Also, you don’t have to worry about too much vibrations or shocks being transmitted from the tool to your hands.

The tool manufacturer ensures you not only experience increased productivity but are also comfortable when using the tool through the use of soft and non-grip covering. The handle is well-contoured and comes in a size that is suitable for small, medium, and also large hands.

Other features that make the Makita reciprocating saw ideal include its cordless nature that allows it to be used anywhere, the quick charging and durable Rapid Optimum Charger, and 3-year warranty. Unfortunately, the tool comes as a bare tool and you need to buy the batteries separately. Also, you may need to invest in an extra battery if you aspire to work for long periods.

All-in-all, with an Amazon rating of 4.7 out of 5, anyone searching for the right tool on a budget will find the Makita BJR182Z 18-Volt LXT Lithium-Ion Cordless Reciprocating saw ideal.

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  • This saw is fast and efficient
  • It is easy to install and detach the blade
  • It is lightweight
  • It has a great design
  • It has 3-year warranty
  • Spares are readily available
  • The differences between this one and the Makita BJR 181 at twice the price.
  • The BJR182 doesn’t have the rafter hook that the BJR181 has.
  • It doesn’t have the LED lights.

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Review of Makita BJR182Z Cordless Reciprocating saw

Customers rate this saw highly. They feel the Makita is an amazing product. It works as it should and produces acceptable output. It is easy to change the blades of this saw.

Customers who have used it also praise the battery. The battery can last about an hour, depending on use before running out. It is also possible to add more battery to extend the power of the saw.

Additionally, it is a strong machine that cuts into thick trees. Most of them feel that it works well.

It is a great addition to the home tool set and comes in handy when needed for a number of tasks. It can cut from small to large trees, even on the muddy ground. It also cuts plastic and can be used to prune branches from trees. You can use it on the faucet and to tear down walls.

Special Note

The LXT lithium batteries come in two sizes, at last, look, and a small LXT battery will not plug into an 18 volt LXT circular saw. The circular saw requires the larger of the two. The smaller works on a drill. Take a good look at this recip saw on the Makita website and make sure which battery it requires. Fortunately, the charger will charge them both. According to the Makita website, and this recip saw requires a BL1830. That is the large one.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Does the Makita BJR182z here come with any blades or not? If so how many & what types?

Answer: The Makita BJR182Z saw does not come with blades.

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Final Verdict

As shown above, the Makita BJR182Z is perfectly suited for a great range of projects such as small-scale plumbing, flooring, electrical, as well as demolition projects. It offers high-speed cutting and low charging times as compared to other saws on sale.

Additionally, users are free to access the Makita LXT lithium-ion battery and the energy star rated 30-minute rapid optimum charger which produces 430% total lifetime work with 2.5 times more cycles and which as mentioned above, are available to buy separately. If you are looking for a best reciprocating saw to handle all your homestead projects, this will be a great choice.