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Before Buying Please Check Out Our List of Best Miter Saw Stand

Are you looking for the best miter saw stand and all the options are leaving you confused? I know what it feels like given the huge number of options available online. I also know that if you choose the wrong one it makes working with a miter saw difficult or downright impossible.

That is why I made sure to pick only the top miter saw products you can buy. I have years of experience using these stands and I used that to my advantage in picking them. In writing these reviews, I have tried to include as much practical and useful information as possible.

Top 10 Best Miter Saw Stand Comparison and Reviews

Product Image

Product Name

Weight Capacity


DEWALT DWX726 Rolling Miter Saw Stand

300 Pounds

DEWALT DWX725B Miter Saw Stand

1000 Pounds

HTC Folding PM-4000 Miter Saw Stand

500 Pounds

POWERTEC MT4004 Aluminum Miter Saw Stand

330 Pounds

Bosch T4B Gravity-Rise Miter Saw Stand

500 Pounds

Craftsman 9-16491 Miter Saw Stand

330 Pounds

Makita WST06 Compact Miter Saw Stand

500 Pounds

WEN MSA750 Miter Saw Stand

750 Pounds

Milwaukee 40-08-0551 Universal Miter Saw Stand

500 Pounds

Delta 36-267 Foldable Miter Saw Stand

350 Pounds

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The DWX726 is a versatile miter saw stand designed for mobility and durability. You can easily fold and unfold the stand so you can set it up and store away as needed. It is also equipped with smooth wheels so you can move it around as needed anywhere you have to go.

Its lowering and raising have pneumatic 3-position assistance, and the assembly process does not take a lot of time. The weight capacity is 300 lbs so it can handle just about anything you throw at it. The DWX726 weighs only 67 lbs so it is not too heavy to move around.


  • Adjustable outfeed and infeed
  • Rubber grip for easy movement
  • High weight capacity
  • Easy to raise and lower
  • Durable built


  • Not compatible with a quick connect system
  • Shipping package could be better

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Miter saw reviews have given the DWX725B positive feedback and I can understand why. It is built for heavy-duty use and the transport latch simplifies transportation of stands. This is an important feature especially if you do a lot of mobile work.

Its legs are sturdy and provide the kind of support you need for extended work, and it also helps when folding the unit. Another benefit of the DWX725B is it only weighs 15.4 lbs so you can move it along without slowing you down.

Another good thing about the DWX725B is that the handles have a 1000 pound capacity each, which is more than enough for most types of miter saw tasks. And with its compact design, you don’t have to worry about where to store the unit when you are done.


  • Easy to store
  • Efficient transport mechanism
  • 1000 lb capacity handles
  • Durable legs
  • Miter saw mounting brackets included


  • No extension kit available
  • Brackets are a bit small

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The Portmate is built with contractor type miter saws in mind, and it shows in the quality. It has support for up to 500 lbs and yet is lightweight enough to carry around. Setting up is easy as its pins secure the folding legs and keep the unit balanced.

With supports on both sides it can handle up to 10 ft of material, plus the rapid mount tool provides lots of flexibility. The stand is 36 inches so it is ergonomic and will keep you feeling comfortable while working.

Collapsing the stand is just as easy so in just a few moments you can set the stand-up or fold it as required. Being portable also makes it ideal for mobile work.


  • Adjustable
  • Portable
  • 500 lb capacity
  • With quick attach mount
  • Easy to use


  • Outward legs eat up some space
  • Extension support could be better

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The best miter saw stand must have a high-end feature set and the MT4004 does not disappoint. It is equipped with rapid mounting lock brackets so you can use the stand with different types of bench utilities, ideal for the carpenter, contractor and DIY buff.

The MT4004 has a 330 lb weight support so there should be no problem when it comes to material support. Because it is made of lightweight aluminum, the stand is easier to transport, portable and doesn’t compromise when it comes to performance.

The MT4004 collapses more efficiently than other stands so storing is more convenient, its feet won’t damage the flooring. With its spring-loaded legs and adjustability, you can do a lot with the stand and be more productive. Built-in handles are provided as well.


  • Made from heavy duty aluminum
  • Setup is easy
  • Works with most types of bench tools
  • Weight capacity is 330 lbs
  • Lightweight


  • Extension lengths could be longer
  • Cannot be vertically stored

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The T48 has a lot of useful features, but the highlight here is definitely the Gravity-Rise System that allows for rapid setting up and folding. This is essential when you do a lot of work and always on the go.

The T48 leveling feet are easy to adjust so you can work with confidence even if the surface is not even. Its tool mounts are of the rapid release type and work with different types of miter saws. Even if the saw is made by other brands the stand works with it.

The T48 comes with eight-inch pneumatic wheels that make it easy to move the stand on different surfaces. Its material capacity is 16 feet, making this bigger than those of the average miter saw stand. Lastly, the stand is solidly made and should last a long time.


  • Easy to configure
  • Taking down is quick
  • Leveling feet is adjustable
  • Stable
  • Tool mounts release quickly


  • Instructions could be better

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The 9-16491 lives up to its name of being a universal saw stand as it works with a wide range of miter saws, including those made by popular brands. Its main feature is a couple of steel rollers that have been designed for large workpieces.

Weight support is key for any miter saw stand and the 9-16491 can handle up to 330 lbs so it’s good enough for a lot of miter saw projects. Given its weight capacity, the stand weighs only 25 lbs so you can move where it needs to go.

The 9-16491 also has high-quality support arms that you can extend up to 80 inches, just what you need when working with different kinds of pieces. With its brackets, you can use 12 inches miter saw and 10-inch miter saws.


  • Steel rollers are adjustable
  • Compatible with long work pieces
  • Has a 330 pound capacity
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to move around


  • Does not have any advanced features

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Miter saw stand reviews have given the WST06 a lot of good feedback and that is not surprising. With its adjustable material and aluminum feed roller, you can perform precise cutting tasks.

Its tool-less miter saw bracket enables you to utilize remove, adjust and install saws with ease. It has a 500 lb support so it is very capable of handling miter saw tasks. You can also extend the support extension to 100 1/2 inches for greater flexibility.

When you do need to move the WST06, you can rely on its rubber wheels to move it where you have to put it. With its comfortable handle, you will have an easier time holding and using the stand. And because the stand weighs less than 33.7 lbs it is portable.


  • Weighs just 33.7 lbs
  • Smooth rubber wheels
  • Well made aluminium feed roller
  • Adjustable miter saw bracket
  • 5000 lb support


  • Setting up gets some getting used to

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The MSA750 miter saw stand has a lot of good things going for it, not the least of which is its universal design so no matter what miter saw you have, the stand can work with it. Its weight support is good for 750 pounds; almost double that of the usual capacity of other stands.

The MSA750 can handle 10 ft boards and has solidly made brackets as well. Setting up is quick and collapsing is fast too. The support arms are extendable up to 69 inches, allowing you to work with various boards.

The bottom line is the MSA750 provides excellent support for your board and miter saw. It is made of durable parts so it is going to last a lot longer than the average miter saw stand. It is also adjustable so you can work with a great deal of versatility.


  • Brackets release quickly
  • Easy to store and transport
  • Durable steel components
  • Quality support arms
  • Universal miter saw compatibility


  • Shipping could be better

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The 48-08-0551 is built with focus on convenience and performance. With its support up to 500 lbs, you can use this for heavy duty cutting that other stands cannot handle. It is built of aluminum, making the stand easier to move around where you have to put it.

The 48-08-0551 is also compatible with the various Milwaukee so you’ll be able to use this in different ways. Because the stand is lightweight and portable, you can take the 48-08-0551 and position it properly.

With its carry strap you will also be able to go into the job site with ease, plus it has numerous adjustment options so you can take it down or bring it up quickly. With extension good for up to 100 inches, a must for heavy workpieces. Mounting brackets are provided too.


  • Easy to fold
  • Compatible with Milwaukee tabletop accessories
  • 500 lb weight support
  • Built from durable aluminium
  • Comes with a carry strap


  • Folding could be easier

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The Delta Power has a weight support limit of 350 lbs, and with its metal tubing is built for heavy cutting work. The stand is larger than others in its range, but the large rubber wheels make transportation easy.

The rubber wheels are semi-pneumatic so you can move around with ease. The wheels are versatile enough to handle even steps, something that a lot of stands cannot deal with. The clamp on is well-designed too so it’s convenient for you to set up.

The biggest advantage of the Delta Power over other stands is that it has universal miter compatibility. Now you can just concentrate on sawing and not on compatibility issues. Its foot actuated pedal allows you to set up the stand in just one step.

When it comes to mobility and handling, few stands are able to deliver the goods, but the Delta Power is an exception.


  • Easy to fold
  • 350 lb support
  • Compatible with different kinds of miter saws
  • Clamp on is easy to mount
  • Large smooth wheels


Assembly takes a bit of time


Now that I have given you the top ten miter saw stands, hopefully it will help you make the right choice when it comes to making a purchase. As long as you have the right stand, you will be able to make the most out of your miter saw and get the results you are looking for.

All of these ten products qualify as the best miter saw stand so it is up to you to pick out the one you think is best. If you are having trouble with your old stand or just looking for an upgrade, any of the products here will do.

Before Buying Please Check Out Our List of Best Miter Saw Blade

This review guide takes a look at the best miter saw blade brand and the top product from each one. We will also take a detailed look at miter saw blades, the materials, size and other things you as a buyer need to know about.



Titanium Carbide



80 and 32 teeth

80 teeth

100 teeth

24 teeth

80 teeth

Cutting Diameter:
12 inches

Cutting Diameter:
10 inches

Cutting Diameter:
10 inches

Cutting Diameter:
10 inches

Cutting Diameter:
10 inches

Dewalt Miter Saw Blade

Dewalt is one of the leading power tool manufacturers in the US. Their miter blades are made from tungsten carbide and built to last. Dewalt also uses proprietary blade technology and thin kerf to toughen the blade.

Dewalt miter blades have a unique body slot that allows it to cut smoothly. These miter blades also have a wedge shoulder construction that improves accuracy and stability.

These miter blades undergo extensive tests to ensure they’re good enough for precision cutting. Many of these miter blades also have a positioning mechanism so you can install the miter blade with ease.

DEWALT DW3128P5 80 Tooth and 32T ATB Thin Kerf 12-inch Miter Saw Blade

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  • This blade is suitable for hardwood, softwood and plywood
  • Its computer enhanced plate provides a better finish
  • Tungsten carbide blade
  • Comes with 80 and 32 teeth blades
  • Thin kerf for fast and consistent cutting
  • Anti-vibration built in
  • Stays sharp for a long time

Freud or Diablo Miter Saw Blade

Freud miter saw blades come in different styles and shapes, but they share some common characteristics. These blades are made of carbide and have been processed to make sure they’re built for heavy duty use.

All Freud Diablo miter saw blades use a patented technology that’s designed to optimize performance. These saw blades also use a narrow kerf so you can cut with more efficiency.

Freud Diablo also put emphasis on compatibility and versatility. While built for miter saws primarily, these can be used with table saws as well.

Freud D1080X Diablo 10-Inch 80-tooth ATB Finish Saw Blade with 5/8-Inch Arbor and PermaShield Coating

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  • For cutting oak, veneer plywood, pine, metal, multi, corss and more
  • Laser cut 80 Hi-ATB teeth for precision
  • Noise and vibration reduction systems built in
  • Blade is made of carbide for durability
  • The miter blade saw is shock resistant
  • Good for precision cuts

Concord Miter Saw Blades

Concord Blades are built for heavy duty use, with most using TCG technology to cut various types of steel. Thanks to this technology these blades can handle a lot more than the typical abrasive disc.

Each Concord blade uses the proprietary technology to ensure it lasts. These are made from high grade titanium carbide teeth to cut quickly and efficiently. The 2.6 mm kerf used on the blade add to its power.

Concord manufactures a wide range of blades, but they are mostly for mild steel. All of them have also been designed to make working with a miter saw easier.

Concord Blades ACB1000T100HP 10-Inch 100 Teeth TCT Non-Ferrous Metal Saw Blade

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  • Designed to cut plastic metal, multi, corss and different types of mild steel
  • Made from titanium carbide
  • Has a 5 degree hook
  • 3.2 mm kerf
  • Compatible with miter saw and table saw

Irwin Miter Saw Blades

Irwin manufactures a wide range of miter saw blades to cut wood and other materials. The company uses proprietary technology to make each blade corrosion resistant so it lasts.

Using a special processing technique, Irwin applies rust resistant coating on each blade as well as powerful teeth for smooth cuts. Each blade is shaped so you can cut wood with precision.

Carbide is applied to the teeth so your saw is capable of cutting all types of wood. Their streamlined design also means they can sell the blades at an affordable price without giving anything in terms of quality.

IRWIN Tools Classic Series Steel Table / Miter / Circular Saw Blade, 10-Inch 180T (11870)

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  • Built for precision wood, metal, multi, corss cutting
  • 180 teeth
  • Fortified hardened plate for long life
  • Uses high carbon steel
  • 0.09 kerf

Makita Miter Saw Blade

Makita is an established name in the power tool business, and their miter blades are among the best. The company manufactures a wide array of blades but specialized wood cutting blades for plywood, softwood and hardwood.

Makita uses Deep and Exact Cutting Technology (DKT) to improve cutting capacity and performance. This tech is built into Makita miter saws and enhances the blade’s cutting power.

These blades have been processed for full compatibility with Makita miter saws. They’re also equipped with steel components that aid in cutting. These are built to withstand heavy use, perfect for DIY buffs.

Makita A-93681 10-Inch 80 Tooth Micro Polished Miter saw Blade

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  • Cuts different types of wood, metal, multi, corss
  • Very thin kerf for improved performance
  • Excellent crosscutting
  • Integrated steel saw plates for accurate cuts
  • Steel saw plates are hand tensioned

Guide to Miter Saw Blade

Saw Blade Features

1. Woodcutting

Some of these blades are built for plywood, hardwood, softwood and different types of wood. they’re ideal for cabinet and furniture making.

2. Multipurpose Cutting

As the name implies, these are built to cut different types of wood and metals. The best ones are compatible with different saws.

3. Blade Sets

The sets refer to how many blades are included in the pack. Many blades are sold individually but some of them come with 2 or more. Usually the blades have different numbers of teeth so you can use it on different applications.

4. Metal Cutting

If you do a lot of metalwork, look for miter saw blades which are built to do just that. These blades can be used for different types of metals.

5. Diameter

Check the blade’s diameter and make sure it’s compatible with your miter saw before buying.

Miter Saw Blade Material

1. Carbide

Carbide is one of the most widely used materials to cut wood and different types of metal. Manufacturers use proprietary processes to enhance the technology they use.

2. Iron

Iron was the popular choice for miter saws until steel took its place.

3. Steel Alloy

Steel alloy is used in almost all miter saw blades for superior cutting performance. They’re often used to cut wood and mild steel.

4. Cobalt

Cobalt is not widely used by miter saws, though they’re found in some brands.

5. Diamond

These are used to create diamond saw blades. These are used to cut very hard, abrasive materials like glass, ceramics, bricks, asphalt and so on.

6. Tungsten Carbide

Carbide tipped saw blades have tungsten carbide on the teeth. They’re used to cut aluminum plastic, laminated board, plywood and more. Solid carbide saw blades are harder than carbide tipped but not as tough.

Size of Miter Saw Blade

Blade sizes come in three sizes: 12, 10 and 8 inches. The bigger the diameter the more cuts it can do.

Keep in mind the blade diameter you can use depends on what type of miter saw you have. Also, the narrower the kerf the better the blade will be able to perform.

It’s better to buy a blade set of varying sizes so you’ll be able to use it on different applications. But if you just work with one size and don’t plan to change it anytime soon, it’s best to use just one size.

Teeth Count

Miter saw blades have anywhere from 14 to 120 teeth.

  • 14 teeth: they cut thick stock easily but it’s rough and unsuitable for thin materials.
  • 24 teeth: rough crosscut but the rip is clean. Good for 2x stock framing.
  • 40 teeth: great for plywood.
  • 60 and 80 teeth: for melamine and veneered plywood.
  • 90 to 120 teeth: these are useful for MDF.

The general rule is the cleaner the cut needs to be, the more teeth the blade must have. For rough cuts, just a few teeth will do.

If you do rough and smooth cuts it’s best to have different blades.


Now that you know the best miter saws blade brand, it should be easier to find one that is appropriate for projects. As we have shown here there are a lot of factors that you need to consider before buying one. Hopefully this guide was able to provide the information you need.

Before Buying Please Check Out Our List of Best 12 Inch Miter Saw

Have you been looking for the best 12 inch miter saw and getting confused with so many products? Well it can be overwhelming with so many brands all claiming to be the best.

I know how frustrating that is and I don’t want you to have to go through any of that. So what I’ve done the work for you and picked out the top 5.

I have a lot of experience with miter saws and I used that in picking out the 5 here. I have tried to be as detailed as possible to make your choice easy.

Short Reviews of Best 12 inch Miter Saw


Product Name




DEWALT DWS779 12" Sliding Compound Miter Saw



Hitachi C12RSH2 15-Amp 12-Inch Dual Bevel Sliding Compound Miter Saw



Doitpower 15-Amp 10-Inch Sliding Compound Miter Saw



Bosch GCM12SD 120-Volt 12-Inch DB Glide Miter Saw



DEWALT DWS709 Slide Compound Miter Saw



DEWALT DWS779 12" Sliding Compound Miter Saw

Built with power and precision in mind, the DWS779 makes my list of the top rated miter saw. With its innovative design and superior built, this is the kind of miter saw you can use for years.


The DWS779 is equipped with a 3800 RPM motor that delivers fast, accurate cuts, and it also has double metal rails with linear ball bearings and a clamping system for greater durability.

The DWS779 has the CUTLINE blade positioning system that offers line indicators without any adjustment needed.

The 15 amp DWS779 is made of durable parts and meant for extensive use. The miter saw also has a back fence built to cut 2 x 12 lumber at 45 degrees and 2 x 16 lumber at 90 degrees. Finally it is equipped with a dust collector that traps 75% of dust produced by the machine.



  • Easy to operate
  • Long lasting power
  • Durable built
  • Effective dust collection
  • Accurate cuts
  • Very slight blade wobbling
  • A bit heavy

Hitachi C12RSH2 15-Amp 12-Inch Dual Bevel Sliding Compound Miter Saw

The C12RSH2 deserves to be on any best miter saw list, as it is packed with a lot of features. This is a versatile miter saw that can get things done quickly without compromising quality.


The C12RSH2 runs on a powerful 15 amp motor which allows for more cutting, and it has a slide mechanism lets the saw move on fixed rails.

Its vertical handle grip is ergonomic and reduces vibration even with extended work. With its indicators and positive stops on the bevel scale, the miter makes measurement reading easy.

The miter saw offers 0-45 degrees on the left and 0-45 degrees on the right for versatility and the C12RSH2 comes with a sliding fence that allows you to cut to a maximum of 7 1/2” of vertical crown molding.



  • Allows zero clearance cutting
  • Comfortable grip
  • Easy to control
  • Measurements are easy to read
  • Numerous cutting options
  • No instant switch from full cut depth to dialed in
  • Dust collector is just average

Doitpower 12-Inch Dual Bevel Sliding Compound Miter Saw

The Doitpower is one of the best 12 inch miter saw products available today. Built for the serious user, it’s also easy to operate.


The Doitpower runs on a 10 amp motor that enables it to cut with speed and precision, and the fencing can be adjusted to accommodate large moldings.

The unit comes with a dust bag to collect dust and debris. There is also a trigger switch is built in and a lock so it does not open by accident.

The built in LED light allows you to work in dimly lit environments, and the Doitpower has sliding rails designed for miter cutting and cross cutting applications.

The miter saw comes with stops for precise and rapid bevel cuts without sacrificing accuracy, and you also get a laser option available. Finally the ergonomic carry handle makes the Doitpower easy to handle.



  • Has a comfortable carry handle
  • LED work light is bright
  • Easy to use
  • Made from heavy duty materials
  • Solidly made dust collector
  • The instructions could have been better
  • Adjustments take some getting used to

Bosch GCM12SD 120-Volt 12-Inch DB Glide Miter Saw

Bosch makes a lot of high quality power tools and the GCM12SD showcases what the brand is capable of. With its compact built and powerful features, it’s suitable for new and long time DIY buffs.


The GCM12SD has a large, comfortable handle so you can use it for extended periods You can also adjust the miter dents in 0, 60, 45, 22.5, 31.6 and 15 degrees.

The miter saw comes with an accurate square lock fence which is set 90 degrees on the worktable, and it has a one touch lock for fence adjustment and support.

The GCM12SD comes with stainless steel miter scales, uniform bevel, roof pitch angles and the cutting capacity is 6 1/2” for the crown.



  • Proprietary axial glide system allows for precision cutting
  • Extended cutting capacity
  • Scales are easy to read
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Detents are easy to adjust
  • Packaging could be better
  • Height capacity is a bit limited

DEWALT DWS709 Slide Compound Miter Saw

The DWS709 is powerful miter saw that combines flexibility with precision cutting power. Like their miter saws the DWS709 is suite for the new DIYer as well as the more experienced ones.


The DWS709 is equipped with a 3800 RPM, 15 amp motor that makes it possible to cut with accuracy and its proprietary sliding fence leads more precise cutting.

The compact design makes the DWS709 easy to carry and the miter saw has support for base molding up 4 1/2”.

You can use the DWS709 on crown molding to 5 1/2” nestled and its detent plate comes with 13 stops for efficient work.

Its back fence configuration allows it to cut 2 x 10 at 45 degrees and 2 x 14 at 90 degrees of lumber and a dust bag is included to keep your workplace clean.



  • Powerful motor
  • Lightweight design
  • 3800 RPM
  • Comfortable to use
  • Stainless steel miter is adjustable
  • May need squaring in some cases
  • A bit wider than other Dewalt miter saws


So there you have it, 5 of the finest 12 inch miter saws today. If you ask me which is number one, they’re all exceptionally good and well designed. Hopefully by reading these reviews you’ll be able to choose which is the best 12 inch miter saw to match your current and future requirements.

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Best 5 Finish Nailer Reviews in 2019 with Comparison Chart

If you are still using a hammer to drive nails into wood, then you are still living in the Stone Age era. Using a nailer will not only keep your hands safe but also allow you to complete woodworking projects quickly.

Remember, precision is paramount especially when doing the final touches of your project.

Of course, you wouldn’t want to ruin your work when you are almost done. This is where a finish nailer comes in. This tool is designed to offer you with the precision that enables you to complete your woodworking project effortlessly.

Specific function of Finish nailer

best Finish NailerAs the name suggests, finish nailers are used to do the final touch-ups of projects.

These include things like fastening baseboards, trims molding as well as paneling. These nailers are also be used for building furniture and cabinetry.

Unlike the framing nailer, the finish nailer is used with shorter and thinner nails from 14 to 16-gauge and length of between 1-2.5 inch.

Some finish nailers come with a rubber tip that is slipped over the noise to minimize any damage to molding or wood.

Additionally, the finish nailer also features a safety hose, which can be depressed before engaging the trigger.

Ifyou are still using a hammer to drive nails into wood, then you are stillliving in the Stone Age era. Using a nailer will not only keep your hands safebut also allow you to complete woodworking projects quickly. Remember,precision is paramount especially when doing the final touches of your project.Of course, you wouldn’t want to ruin your work when you are almost done. Thisis where a finish nailer comes in. This tool is designed to offer you with theprecision that enables you to complete your woodworking projecteffortlessly. 

Choosing the best finish nailer

Makita AF635 15 Gauge, 2-1/2" Angled Finish Nailer, 34⁰,BOSTITCH BTFP71917 Smart Point 16GA Finish Nailer KitPowRyte Basic 16 Gauge Straight Air Finish Nailer - 3/4-Inch to 2-InchPaslode 902400 Cordless 16g Angled Lithium Ion Finish Nailer


Your Best Choice

Senco 4G0001N FinishPro 42XP 15-Gauge 1-1/4-Inch to 2-1/2-Inch Finish Nailer with Case

To assist you in narrowing down your choice we have listed and reviewed some of the best selling products on the market. Going through each of these products and comparing the features may assist you in making an informed decision on exactly what you want.

Toassist you in narrowing down your choice we have listed and reviewed some ofthe best selling products on the market. Going through each of these productsand comparing the features may assist you in making an informed decision onexactly what you want. 

Makita AF635 15 Gauge 2.5-inch Angled Finish Nailer

Makita AF635 finish nailer is from a well-recognized and trusted brand.

This nailer offers you with a performance you can depend on and is an ideal choice for individuals who are looking for perfect nailer for installing chair rails, door casing, closets, staircases, as well as exterior trim.

One of the reasons we have included this model in our list of the best finish nailer is the solid construction that features a magnesium body as well as the aluminum magazine that ensure high performance and durability.

Additionally, this unit has a tool-less depth adjustment that allows for a more precise flush as well as countersink nailing.


  • Sturdy constructionSturdyconstruction
  • Powerful motor
  • Nail lockout mechanism


  • A bit expensive

BOSTITCH BTFP71917 Smart Point 16GA Finish Nailer

If you are looking for a finish nailer that utilizes advanced technology to boost its performance, then you do not need to look further.

The BOSTITCH BTFP71917 utilizes smart point innovation that allows for easy nail positioning as it has a compact nose. This means that you do not need to compress the contact trip for you to make an accurate fitting.

For ease of use and easy nail removal, this tool features a tool-less jam release feature as well as a depth control element that ensures accurate countersinking of nails.


  • Advanced technology that boosts precisionSturdyconstruction
  • Affordable
  • Lightweight


  • Not great for heavy duty use

Senco 4G0001N FinishPro 42XP Finish Nailer

Although Senco is not one of the most popular finish nailers on the market, this unit has included high-end features that make it stand out amongst the competition.

To start with, we love the magnesium housing that keeps its light low while ensuring that you will have something you can use for many years to come.

This nailer also features a thumb wheel adjustment feature that enables you to adjust the depth of the drive.

Some of the other features we love about this finish nailer include the EZ clear latch that clears jams fast, Neverlube technology that doesn’t require any lubrication as well as 360 degrees adjustable exhaust.


  • Solid constructionSturdyconstruction
  • Easy to clear jams
  • Ergonomic handle


  • A bit heavy

PowRyte Basic 16 Gauge Straight Air Finish Nailer

This finish nailer is useful for various applications. We love its low price making it a great choice for any individual with a tight budget.

In terms of price, this is probably amongst the cheapest models available. Despite the low price, this unit is designed to offer you with a reliable service.

We love the Zero nail lockout that ensures no dry firing and indicates when to reload the magazine.

This model also comes with a split nose design that makes it easy to remove the jammed staples. Additionally, this unit features a no-mar tip that eliminates instances of scarring or denting the work surface.


  • Easy to operateSturdyconstruction
  • Includes a no-mar tip to prevent denting the working surface
  • Very affordable


  • Only handle nails of up to 2 inches in length

Paslode 902400 Cordless 16g Angled Lithium Ion Finish Nailer

This is a perfect choice for experienced users who are looking for a professional grade finish nailer.

Although it comes with a high price, this unit has advanced features that are hard to find on any other model. It’s new in can fuel system is not only easy to use but can also be used with Paslode’s ol.

This unit also features a lighter design that enables you to work on longer projects with minimal user fatigue.

Some of the other features that make this model unique include the pro-grade depth drive adjustment, improved handle ergonomics, as well as heavy-duty belt hook.


  • Lighter designSturdyconstruction
  • Comfortable handle
  • Professional grade


  • Expensive


Having the best finish nailer in your toolbox is crucial for every avid and professional woodworker. This tool will give you the joy of completing various projects on yourself without having to seek help elsewhere.

Similar to brad nailers as well as framing nailers, the best finish nailers are easy to use and enable you to complete various woodworking project with half the effort when compared to manual tools.

Best Chainsaw Chain: Woodworker’s Guide 2018

Are you think I’m a fool that after buying the chainsaw I’m going to look for the best chainsaw chain! Not at all.

Picture this; you are busy cutting wood for kitchen cabinet that you would like to install in your new kitchen.

After using the chainsaw for some time, you find that it no longer works because the chain is broken. So what do you do? Do you take the machine back to the manufacturer and wait for days before it is repaired? No, today you do not have to deal with this inconvenience.

Long are gone the days that you could throw away or return your chainsaw to the manufacturer just because of a dull or broken chain. Thanks to technology advancement, you can simply purchase a replacement chain and get your favorite chainsaw working efficiently.

Unlike our grandfathers who would have to deal with the agony of sending the chainsaw back to the manufacturer and waiting for months to get it back, you can do the repair in the comfort of your home. This article is going to help you on how you can pick the best chainsaw chains and install them with ease.

Which are the leading Best Chainsaw Chain?

  • Husqvarna 531300439 Saw Chain​
  • Pitch
  • Gauge
    0.050 Inch
  • Length
    18 Inch
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  • Kickback
  • Oregon 14-Inch Chain Saw Chain
  • Pitch
    0.375 Inch
  • Gauge
    0.050 Inch
  • Length
    14 Inch
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  • Kickback
  • STIHL 61PMMC3-55 Oilomatic Saw Chain
  • Pitch
    0.375 Inch
  • Gauge
    0.043 Inch
  • Length
    16 Inch
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  • Kickback
  • Black & Decker Chainsaw Chain RC800
  • Pitch
    0.375 Inch
  • Gauge
    0.050 Inch
  • Length
    8 Inch
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  • Kickback

Top 4 best chainsaw chain reviews

Husqvarna product are designed to offer their users with satisfactory services. This replacement saw is no different. Having been constructed suing high-quality materials, you can depend on its service.

This is a great choice if you are looking for the best chainsaw to use in demanding condition.

This fits professional users as well as Avid DIYers who would use their tools more often. Another great feature that comes with this model is it low vibration chain that does not only enhance your accuracy but also makes it easy to use especially for prolonged periods.

When you are used to it, you will enjoy the smooth experience as it minimizes vibration allows you to use your saw without causing kickbacks.

Besides impressive performance, this chain will remain sharp for very long time, provided you keep it oiled, and off the ground.

Another reason why you may consider purchasing this model is that it does not only fit models from Husqvarna but also other brands.


  • The performance is smooth
  • Low vibration
  • Fit many 18-inch chainsaw brands


  • May become loose after prolonged use

Top 4 Best Rated Husqvarna Chainsaw Chain

Stihl Chainsaw Chain with advanced features that allow for enhanced performance and durability.

Some of the features that make this model stand out are the oilmatic oil-channeling groove that allows for better lubrication.

We also love the laser engraved markings on the groove that lets you fill it correctly.

The chain comes pre-stretched allowing for less adjustment. Besides this chain is designed to go through all wood types easily allowing you to finish your tasks quickly.

Additionally, this chain comes with a low kickback rate that enhances your safety. It is also very durable and features high-quality teeth that stay sharper for longer.


  • Rapid cutting design
  • Oil channeling grove
  • Affordable


  • Fits only 20-inch models

Top 4 Best Rated Stihl Chainsaw Chain

Oregon 14-Inch Chainsaw Chain

If you have a 14-inch chainsaw and you would want to get high-quality chainsaw chain, this product might be what you need. 

This model is designed to offer with impressive cutting accuracy making it ideal for a wide variety of uses without worrying about damaging it.

The saw will not only allow for enhanced precision but also remain sharp for a long time.

The saw is hard chromed, ensuring high performance and quality service that you can rely on.

Another great feature that comes with this model included minimum kickback as well as a unique cutter design that allows for a smooth cutting experience.


  • Engineered for safety
  • High performance
  • Features advanced technology that ensures sharp cutters


  • Fits fewer brands

Top 5 Best Rated Oregon Chainsaw Chain

This model from Black and Decker is not only affordable but also come with impressive features that make it ideal for multiple uses.

This replacement chain comes with a low price making it ideal for individuals who are on a budget.

If you have kept your best chainsaw in the toolbox because it has a dull chain, you can simply order this model and you will not regret its performance.

This model will handle a variety of cutting and clean up tasks effectively. The chain is also durable and has high quality teeth that stay sharp for a long time.

Another reason why you might consider purchasing this model is that it is compatible with alligator lopper including the NLP1800 and LP1000 models.


  • High-quality construction.
  • Remains sharp for a long time.
  • Smooth performance.


  • Not great on very hard wood.

Best Rated Black & Decker Chainsaw Chain

How to find best chainsaw chain?

If you would want to get the best chainsaw replacement chain, you need to take some time and do proper research. To help you in picking the best model we have listed some points that may assist you, in making an appropriate choice.

Let's check these 3 fact of chainsaw chain.

#Fact 1- Consider the size of the chain

This is the first and crucial consideration. For you to find a chain that meets your needs, you must select the right size. Getting the wrong choice, will mean that you have to return it to the seller because it will be excessively loose. Here are some tips to help you to pick the best model to add to your tool cabinet.

#Fact 2- Consider the vibration

Choosing a model that has high vibration makes the task tedious. Just like when it comes to picking the best Sawzall, a chainsaw that has less vibration increases both your precision and safety.

#Fact 3- Kickback

Choosing a model that has high vibration makes the task tedious. Just like when it comes to picking the best Sawzall, a chainsaw that has less vibration increases both your precision and safety.

Type of chainsaw chain

Not all the chainsaw chains are the same. There are three types of chainsaw chains namely the chisel, semi chisel as well as the skip chisel. Each of the chain has specific uses and applications.

So, What are they ?

Chisel chain

This chain comes with a square cornered tooth that does cuts soft wood fast and efficiently. This is the fastest chainsaw of the other types. It is also the most often used chain.

Semi Chisel chain

This chain comes with a rounded cornered tooth that is, created by a radius between the side and the top plate. Although this chain is about ten percent slower than the chisel chain, it is great when it comes to retaining its sharpness. This great choice to use when cutting wood is covered with dust, hard wood, stump work, as well as cutting frozen wood.

Skip and Semi skip chain

These chains come with fewer teeth than the standard chain. These models are often used in chainsaws that are longer than 24 inches. They can also be used when the bar is longer that the recommended size. Since they come with lesser teeth, they take require less power to operate.

Material Used in chainsaw chain

This is the part of the chain that will be touching wood. Ensure that it is constructed tough materials but also a material that stays sharp for long. This will minimize the tedious work of sharpening it regularly.

Other factors : What you should also keep in mind!

#Fact 4- Types of tooth

When selecting the best chainsaws, you should also consider the type of the teeth. Some of the common tooth types include the full chisel teeth as well as semi chisel teeth. The full chisel teeth are faster than the semi chisel teeth. However, the semi chisel teeth are best to use when cutting hard wood.

#Fact 5- Depth

This refers to how the teeth can cut deep into the wood. If you are cutting tough and hard wood, opt for the model that comes with deeper gauges as they tend to offer bigger bites, facilitating faster cutting.

Anatomy of a Chainsaw Chain

#Fact 6- The gauge

This is the thickness of the chain, links on the Chain saw. The gauges come with different sizes varying from .05 to .063. Ensure that you have selected a chainsaw that matches the guide bar of your chainsaw.

Best chainsaw brand


Stihl is well recognizing for making high quality and dependable chainsaws. Their chainsaw replacement chain is no different. These chains are well constructed to boost the performance of your chainsaw.

Another great feature that comes with these chains is that they are always sharp and come with minimal vibrations. This allows you to use the chainsaw for long without much hand fatigue.


There are many reasons why you might consider purchasing chainsaw replacement chains from Oregon. These chains are not only harder than most of the other varieties on the market but also tends to stay sharper. This saves you a lot of time when it comes to sharpening the chains, Besides, unlike other models, this chain is a simple to install and does not become loose after running hot..


If your chainsaw has a factory chain that does not give you with the performance you desire, it is high time you need to consider replacing it with a model from Husqvarna.

As you probably know, Husqvarna is one of the well-established companies that offer you with high-quality chainsaws. Their products are high end and have a high price than another model as they are tested.

However, the replacement chains are reasonably priced. Therefore, if you would want to boost the performance of your chainsaw, this might be your best pick.


Black and Decker is another reputable company that manufactures high-quality power tools at an affordable price.

If you are on a budget but would still want a high quality a replacement chain for your chainsaw, we would recommend this model. The chain is durable, easy to install and stays sharp for quite longer.

How to change chainsaw chain?

Follow the following steps to change your chainsaw chain:

  1. The first step is to remove the guide bar side panel. If the chain is already broken, make sure that it is unlocked before removing the cover.
  2. Back the chain tension screw off to release the chain’s tension.
  3. After releasing the tension, the old chain will come out easily.
  4. Use a Teflon cleaning pad or cloth to clean off any corrosion or residue on the guide bar of the chainsaw.
  5. Install the new chain. Here you need to pay attention to the manual and ensure that the chain faces the right direction. Installing the new chain will simply involve reversing the first three steps.
  6. Finally, adjust the chain tension, and you are good to go.

Chainsaw Guide Bar Anatomy

How to care your chainsaw chain?

The first and the most crucial care that keeps your chain of your chainsaw in top condition is to clean it after using. Ensure that you have removed all the sawdust and dirt on the chain. Next is to oil. Oiling the chain will keep it lubricated reducing the friction which is the main cause of wear and tear. Keeping the chain well lubricated will also prevent rusting. Additionally, you should also make sure that the chain is sharp before using the chainsaw. Additionally, avoid using the chain on dusty wood as this cause it to dull faster.

Another great maintenance tip to keep the chain in top performance is to follow the operator manual. The manual has all the maintenance and care tips that allow you to keep the chain in top shape. Besides, the manual gives detailed information on how to go about sharpening the teeth, lubricating the chain, as well as replacing the chain once it breaks.

So What You Judge?

If you do not pick the right chain for your chainsaw, you will not only waste a lot of time but also experience unnecessary stress and fatigue while working on a wood cutting project. However, using our detailed guide will help you to pick a chain that suits your needs. If you are not, yet sure of the best brand to pick, go through our list of the top four Best Chainsaw chain and pick the chain that meets your demands. Best of Luck!